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  My passion for electronic music, which started in high school, deepened as techno in my university years. After I started business life in Istanbul, I created a convenient studio of my own and besides performing as a DJ, I took my steps towards becoming a producer. One of my biggest dreams is to make […]

Roman (Dee Jay Andrejko) is an experienced DJ with a career starting in the early 90’s (89). In his twenties he has professionally worked for several prominent up coming Techno and HOUSE large scale clubs in Bratislava, Slovakia. This was during the times when the Berlin Wall came down and democracy swept the Eastern Bloc. […]

Born in Lisbon in 1963, this Portuguese DJ early began to present his work in the late 1970s, where he presented his dj sets at garage parties, birthdays parties and in small clubs. He suspend this project near the year 2000.   In 2017 Ulisse Dapa decided to take a chance and present himself to […]

An Australian of Italian descent based in the UK, Anthony Pappa is a true internationalist, with a self-imposed mission to share his music with people all around the world. And since gracing the cover of DJ Magazine in 2000 as part of the celebrated “N.. Described as “The DJs, DJ” Anthony Pappa truly is a […]

House DJ/Producer from Cheshire Uk,
Music on Subliminal | Armada | Soko Recordings |Loop Play Records | KooKee Records
Featured on BBC Radio | Kiss FM & more...

Santo Adriano Contact: Booking: Promos: Santo Adriano is a Progressive House Dj, Producer and Remixer born in Argentina. Drummer and percussionist since childhood, he has been interested in electronic music since he was 17 years old. Their productions and mixes combine the marked bass, the accentuated groove and the constant search […]

Sven Kuhlmann is a multi genre producer, remixer and dj from Germany. As a solo artist he works in the house genre and release his music on many big German Record Labels. He have been producing music for 20 years. This includes working together with various national and international artists for example Admiral C4C, NaGuG […]

Eddie Paradise. Electronic Music Lover, DJ, All About The Music Radio Host and Resident at DJs Inbox. Eddie believes that Music is passion. He also believes that music should tell a story. If you like your stories Deep, melodic and emotive then Eddie wants to share his music with you.

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