Steve first started buying vinyl at the tender age of 12 in the late 80`s.You could find him every saturday digging through all the electronic sections that he could fit in. Inevitably, at such a tend age, you would find him hiding all the vinyl he found but didnt have the pocket money for that week in sections he thought no one else would look!
Influenced in those early days with Italian piano imports, and then the early 90`s rave scene, the soundtrack from those years filters through in his musical influences today with his sets littered with piano, strings and vocals.
Fast forward into the mid 90`s and the with the modern day club era in full swing, found himself totally imersed by the classics,noteably Sasha, Digweed, Warren & Quivver to name but a few of his insiparions. Infact to this day, Quivver`s Twist & Shout remains one of his top tracks, along with, of course Yeke Yeke Hardfloor mix which he probably owned more copies of than the actual record labels !
Present day he has added into the mix the carnival sounds of Afro house, and the long deep builds that Organic house throw into the mix, along with, of course his love still for Epic house(or what he would define as mid 90s progressive house)
Having played at Mind Your Head in 2023, along with warming up for Damian Pedrick`s Balearic beats & Street eats at Jocks Grill house, if theres a set of decks involved hes always happy to spread his love of house music to anyone he can.

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