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DJ Euey Dee (aka: Euan Donley) bio…. “Euey Dee (aka: Euan Donley) is a Melbourne-based club and radio DJ. He enjoys a range of styles from Nu disco, lounge and house. He has been a DJ around many clubs and radio stations both locally and internationally. More recently you may have heard him on Kiss […]

Taisuke Kurosumi first started DJ’ing in 1992 and now has 27 years of experience on the club scene in Japan. In the early years, he started out playing Body Music, New Beat, Techno, Euro Dance and Italo House, but his passion was always for the more soulful side of dance music. In the late 90s […]

Techno runs through his veins! After producing analogue music in various styles for several years, Peter decided to engineer a mix of analogue instruments with software, leading to an eclectic mixture of contemporary techno beats and breathtaking soundscapes. His Techno has a funky feeling with a superlative minimal groove, that flows through each track. By […]

House/Techno DJ since 1993 and Radio Host, DJ and Producer for more than 17 years on Radio FG in Paris. (Club FG , Paradise Session, MatinĂ©e House … ) A released numerous EPs and remixes on prestigious labels (KIF, Serial, EMI, DJ Center, Joy Productions, Instinctive, Purespace, Sony Japan, Karmic Power Records, Pumpz, S&S Records […]

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