“Music. Music. Music. Music has always been Vimal’s ‘calling’. Vimal exists because something called ‘music’ exists. His passion for music makes him the man he is. Vimal, an archetype of what happens when you have passion in what you do in life. He has not spent years of formal training to hone his skills in the world of music. It is his passion that makes him churn out the tunes he does.

Originally from Bangkok, now hailing from the paradise beach town known as Krabi, Vimal Pawa is more than an up and coming underground DJ, soon to be producer. Well known in Krabi and Koh Lanta, Phuket and HatYai, Vimal plays a wide range of beats from soft lounge, to hard/heavy Deep Tech. However, his speciality lies in deep, organic and emotional sounds. Vimal has a great sense of what tunes fit the mood of the crowd. Adding to that skill, his music makes sunsets look even more spectacular than they naturally are.

His philosophy, “You don’t have to always dance to enjoy the music”, rings true as his listeners are usually mesmerised by either just laying in the sun with content smiles pinned on, heads bobbing, or of course, dancing and cruising to Vimal’s enchanting tunes. An instant gratification for an artiste who wants to primarily create positive vibes through his art. His art, which is the sole purpose of his existence.

Having started in 2015, Vimal has been trying to push the underground music scene in mainland Krabi. Most venues in Vimal’s town focus heavily on mainstream pop music. Vimal has worked hard to create a keen following of people who appreciate the music he presents. His passion drives him to give a taste of what he ‘sees’, in sounds he hears, which many may not have ever been previously exposed to. He wants to spread the knowledge of music that he has cultivated over the years, purely due to his love for music. His mantra, ‘spread the love, spread the music far and wide’.

Vimal is no stranger to the scene, as he is regularly seen at festivals and heard on some of the most prominent online stations.”

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