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Shaun James is a British Techno & House DJ and record producer hailing from the small city of Gloucester in the South West of England. ​ He is taking the world by storm and quickly becoming established in the underground dance music scene worldwide. His energetic DJ sets and records have spread globally like wildfire. […]

Deepest & AMHouse DJ / Producer come from Kosovo, Lipjan City. The music they make and play is the genre: House, Deep House, Nu Disco, Deep Oriental, etc. Music They have been playing as a DJ for several years in various clubs, pubs and radios, while as a producer they have started for 1 year […]

House of Seb is a French Electronic Music Producer located in South of France. Born near Belgium, he felt in love with music at a very young age. His journey evolved naturally, leading him to the House Music sound.Since then he developed himself and has been constantly working on innovative electronic music. End of 80’s, […]

It took but two weeks for 15-year-old Dylan Brown to master his very first DJ controller. A little over twelve months later his first self-promoted underground gig was a sell-out. The wheels were in motion. In the year that’s followed his musical explorations have deepened and his craft has sharpened beyond his years. His mesmerising […]

Andy is from Manchester, UK.  He has been a DJ for over 20 years and specialises in melodic progressive house. He is acclaimed for his mixing skills and ability to blend beats, percussion and synth vibes to create hypnotic and immersive musical journeys. He has performed live at high profile events throughout the UK including […]

Da Africa Deep is a versatile producer & Dj with his ambient Afro house music from Africa and a fusion of sound from around the world.

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