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Miran Uysalel was born in 1996. He has been in the electronic music and entertainment industry for many years. He synthesizes his music and nightlife experience and makes his own sets to entertain people.

John Revox - Vois Sur Ton (Extended Mix) - Scorpio Music(FR)

Diamond Mouth - Stare at Me (Frankey & Sandrino Remix - Radikon

Damoon Jee & Demian - Ignisa - Critical Monday

The Organism - Jhana - Eklektisch

Indifferent Guy, Odyssay - Before You Go (Two Are Remix) 

Damon Jee - Hangar 77 - Dust Blood

Artbat - Planeta - Diynamic

Pig&Dan - Promised (Raxon Remix) - Truesoul

Monolink - Black Day(Adam Bayer Remix) - Embassy One

The Organism - Serotonin (Originial  Mix) - TAU

Jam Rumi - Oasis Midnights (Originial Mix) - Area Verde

Horisone - Lost In (Original Mix) - Freegrant Music

Plastic Robots - Memory - Craft Music

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Yeego was born in Istanbul in 1994. Life purpose is to constantly CATCH everything. He is someone who approaches everything with enthusiasm for this purpose. He wants to live every second to the fullest. He realized that he could enjoy every moment with electronic music. With the arrival of the best DJs of the world […]

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