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Alex Gold and  Xtravaganza warm up for the Ibiza season 2022 with a bunch of forthcoming exclusives from the Xtravaganza label and a section of Alex Gold’s favourite tracks this month.    We also catch up with massively talented Vocalist Gid Sedgwick and Californian based producer John Grand pops in to say Hi !


1) Alex Gold “Stranded In Paradise”
2) Matt Fax “Remedy”
Ilan Bluestone “feat Gid Sedgwick “Paid For Love” PROFF Mix
4)Fehrplay “Just A Dream”
5) Agnelli and Nelson “Hudson Street” Paul Arcane Mix”
6)Parellel Voices “Running” Paul Thomas Mix
7) Ilan Bluestone feat Gid Sedgwick “Paid for Love” PROFF mix
8 Stranded in Paradise (Dirty Freqs Mix”
9) John Grand “ Ryze”
10) Robbie Nelson “People like us”
11) David Broaders “Pink Clouding

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