Taste Of Ibiza

mixed by Marcel Mendez

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Taste Of Ibiza

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Summer of Love edition - A Taste of Ibiza Vol 14

Shai – Hypnotic
Farouk Sendal – Outar
Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor – Todo Homen
#MarcelMendezMusic - MixDrop #IbizaDJ
Rosario Galati – I don’t need you (Holter & Mogyuro Remix)
Grant Nalder – Summer Haze
Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream ( Prive Mix )
Guy J – Brothers Vibe (Mario Montori)
#MarcelMendez- ReEdit
Yann Miller - California Dreamin’
Electric Jibe 101 – Talking with Myself ( Prive Mix )

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Taste Of Ibiza crew

Originally from Uruguay, Marcel Mendez is known for his soul awakening music that is uplifting. Having caught the DJ bug at 12 years old his father let him use his turntable with no pitch control; he learned to mix the hard way and made mix tapes for his friends. He broke into the scene as […]

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