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In the current issue of the Ibiza World Club Tour radio show, the duo Sugar & Daddy is responsible for the symbiosis of disco house classics and current dance vibes. Behind the "Sugar & Daddy" project are the producer Christian Hapich (Sugar) and the deejay Andreas Kautz (Daddy), who have been an integral part of the German club landscape for more than 20 years. Under the pseudonyms "Christian Liebeskind" and "Chris Avedon", Christian Happich regularly releases the finest dance sound on labels such as Embassy One and Traumarchiv. There is no genre that Christian Happich could be tied to, because his spectrum ranges from progressive house to house . Among others, the Berliner-by-choice has already worked with Kate Ryan, Jean Elan and the singer-songwriter Philipp Poisel. When "Sugar" is not in the music studio works on new projects, he takes care of the needs of "Crash Your Sound" as label manager, where VIZE and Da Hool, among others, release regularly. Andreas Kautz, also affectionately called "Der Kautz", has many years of experience as a deejay and organizer. He is a co-founder of the legendary "HouseKeeper" events network, which is known far beyond the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition, "Daddy" as a restaurateur has refined his feel for the musical preferences of his guests, he regularly incorporates this know-how into his DJ sets and thus ensures full dance floors. The passion for music connects Christian and Andreas and that's how the project "Sugar & Daddy" came about. In the meantime, the two have played at various parties and festivals such as the Ruhr in Love and can boast a number of singles in their discography. The single "Play with me" would even be released on the second disc of the compilation "PACHA IBIZA 2017" in 2017.

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