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Clay Van Dyjk

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Clay Van Dyjk - Music for Seekers

Friday 24th Nov 2023 4pm UK - 11am EST
01.Stage Van H - Avatar [Just Movement]

02.Nick Newman - Broken Keys (Original Mix) [Armadillo Records]

03.Nae:Tek, DeepNorth - City Lights [Superordinate Dub Waves]

04.SYNC24 - Feet in the Water [Leftfield Records]

05.Nick Newman - Nostalgia [Manual Music]

06.Leandro Silva - Envisage [Igual Records]

07.Tapasya (IND) - Inner Desires (Greg Tomaz Remix) [LAIKA Sounds]

08.Monvol - Aim [Kosa Records]

09.Fractal Architect - Aurora Borealis (Around Us remix) [Cinematique]

10.Alto Astral - Enchanted [Sound Avenue]

11.Francisco Basso - Dos Almas [3rd Avenue]

12.Nick Newman - Breathe in the Light feat. Alice Rose [3rd Avenue]

The mix is by Clay Van Dyjk

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