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Monday 11th Sept 6pm UK - 7pm CET

December 21'st, 2016 was the day Matt Schut moved from Seattle USA to the place he now permanently resides, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Matt has dual citizenship of the USA and NL). Coming from a competitive athletics background and commercial hip-hop and culture/scene, Matt never thought twice about electronic music, he at the time still only listened to old school American Hip Hop. In fact, he hated it his first 2 weekends while his older sister, Marieke Schut, took him to world top venues in Amsterdam (Shelter, De School, De marktkantine, Elementenstraats "The Warehouse", Gashouder (Awakenings), and the list will never end now.

Matt Schut is a continuous self learner for sound. Since August 5, 2017, Matt began teaching himself how to produce electronic music with the musical platform, Ableton Live 10 suite while never taking a music lesson in his life. "Keep Going" is exactly what he is doing musically because of the pure love for sound. This artist has an impressive passion for evolving his sound.

He never wants to leave the music studio and he brings New and Fresh talent to today's Electronic's Music Scene.

Matt didn't start teaching himself how to mix/DJ until May 2021, which is when he mixed for the first time at his friends house. Since then, he's started gaining momentum on sets and tracks that he uploads continuously to Soundcloud

MUSIC JUNKY and always as thats the true foundation of this upcoming new artist

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