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MANFROP - Beach Sessions 12.11.22

Beach Radio welcomes one of France's finest DJ's

Catch him with his guest set today at 5pm UK 6pm CET

Track List TBC

French DJ, keyboardist and producer with an atypical background, ManfroP is a newcomer to the French electro scene. 
At 48, this inveterate fan of French Touch decided to get into production and quickly convinced the Riptide Records label to sign him on its House Riptide Originals label. 
ManfroP draws its inspiration from the Funk, Disco and New Wave sounds of the 80s. 
It now expresses at the rate of one title per month all the ideas and inspirations accumulated over the years. 
Noticed by Radio FG with Givin'Up (15th of the Top FG) and guest on several Club FG and Happy Hour, ManfroP promises us a year 2022 rich in House and Disco House productions.

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