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INESSA is originally half Austrian / half Tunisian and since a very young age fell in love with electronic music. Primarily involved in the scene before as a dancer, and due to her Tunisian heritage, she emphasizes on groove, beats and a deep vibe often accompanied by mellow organic synths or other instruments. She started raving and breathing the sound in the late 90ies when Techno become a Movement with the Berlin Love Parade. INESSA sees herself as a world citizen, who is deeply inspired by her journeys and the people that come with it. She lived in Paris, London and New York City while finishing her studies. At the moment she resides in Vienna/Austria, where she founded the label Leisure Music Productions. She is an organizer of various electronic events and also a DJane. In terms of electronic genre she mostly is intrigued by organic vibes in: Organic House, Melodic Techno, Techno, Deep and Progressive House Her style can be described as very warm and deep but one thing is for sure.. making music for her is a means of expressing her love to dance and to enjoy life in its full beauty.



13.03.2021. FM4 Unlimited
04.04.2021 Techno Kitchen
26.06.2021 Paul & Vito
07.08.2021 Hotel Blu Bad Hofgastein
19:08. 2021 Private Party Vienna
03.09. 2021 View Point System / Meat and Beat
04.09.2021 Hotel Stern – Bad Hofgastein
25.09.2021 Leisure Music Productions Label Showcase Vienna
13.11.2021 Cella Vie, Vienna


13.05.2022 Cella Vie Club Vienna

28.05.2022 Yogatage Bad Hofgastein
03.06.2022 Stereo / Decoded Linz
02.07.2022 Aubeaurddelau Festival (CH)

Divine Music!
Daughter of the Soul of Love
Vase of bitterness and of Love
Dream of the human heart, fruit of sorrow
Flower of joy, fragrance and bloom of feeling
Tongue of lovers, revealer of secrets
Mother of the tears of hidden love
Inspirer of poets, composers, architects
Unity of thoughts within fragments of words.”

– Kahlil Gibran, Of Music, The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran

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