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“Where the music is divine.”

A sanctuary where we are all relieved by the divinity of music, Holy Grail Music was emerged in the city of Saigon - Vietnam, carries the musical quintessence of electronic music which is meticulously crafted by local and international artists, defining musical nuances with a vibrant itinerancy that encloses melodious chants yet plentiful harmony permeate through the listeners' hearts.

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Truong Tham – Holy Grail Podcast crew

B.A.X. – Trần Hữu Tuấn Bách Music Composer / DJ / Pianist “Music from the mellow and euphonious perspective” Born in 1989 in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, Bach was taught to play the piano when he was eight years old. Later on he took academic piano lessons at the Ho Chi Minh City […]

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