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We welcome Glockenbach to the latest edition of the Ibiza World Club Tour radio show. It's always about the music - and Glockenbach take that literally, because the celebrated producer collective has built up a multi-talented team and vibrant network in the most important cities of the world in recent years - from Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris to Stockholm and Berlin. This should also make it clear why their song inspirations are collected globally and transformed into extraordinary sounds with international appeal. Glockenbach are producers, artists, sounds & beats innovators, storytellers and in short one of the most exciting new electro & pop projects in the country. Their last three singles all landed directly in the top 3 of the German airplay charts. On top of that, Glockenbach are already on the verge of the next streaming record, with only four singles to break the 200 million mark. Glockenbach are currently nominated together with Clock Clock for the single "Brooklyn" in the category Best Dance Song, the prize is awarded annually by Germany's biggest radio station WDR 1Live at the 1Live Krone Event. We're excited about Glockenbach's guest mix, which the producer collective keeps as secret as their identity.

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