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Twilight Music Sculpture

Future Twilight - Beach Radio - Nov 19th/21
14 songs, 1.5 hours, 206.3 MB
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Name Time Album Artist
1 Steady (feat. Jaw) 7:53 Steady - EP Guy Gerber
2 Eyes 4:18 Eyes - Single TWO LANES
3 Chisto Pole (Night Version) 7:58 Chisto Pole - Single Modd
4 Die In The Dark (Extended Mix) 5:52 Die In The Dark Rashid Ajami, Drom
5 Secret Chest (Extended Mix) 6:22 Secret Chest - Single Felix Raphael & Yannek Maunz
6 Syna (Extended Mix) 5:40 Syna Hosini
7 Pathway 6:29 Out of the Woods - Single Bensus7
8 Precious 6:50 Precious - EP Malandra Jr
9 Xibalbá 5:34 Xibalba Blachord
10 Miracle of the Sun 7:06 Photon - Single Rinzen & Enamour
11 Be My Love (Whoriskey Remix) 6:52 Be My Love Zanjma, Atribut
12 Mirage 7:34 Mirage - Single Peter Makto
13 Dystopia (Original Mix) 7:20 Dystopia EP Fur Coat
14 You Near Me (feat. Velveta) [Extended Mix] 7:38 Anjunadeep Explorations 20 Giovanny Aparicio

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Twilight Music Sculpture crew






Always with his head phones on or blasting music, Sean O’Brien’s (aka Twilight Music Sculpture’s) involvement in music started from a young age. First with trumpet (15 years in a band) and then jumping to the stage as a singer in a Punk Rock group. You can say Sean’s taste in music is vast but, his love is melodic, organic and progressive house.

DJing in toronto for years and selling bootleg CDs on the side to make a living (Sean “DJ SOB” got to a point where his mixes were being played in most of the downtown sports clubs). Things were going well but, the high demands, all nighters and private party 4am pack-ups were taking their toll.

Twilight Music Sculpture was born as a new beginning. Bringing an early evening, pool party vibe. Taking you on a journey through melodic and organic beats. Creating mixes that slowly build… perfect for the pre-party scene or just chilling. Twilight Music Sculpture’s focus is more on the opener sets. The starting DJ that helps create the mood (bringer you that Twilight ambience).

Twilight Music Sculpture’s record releases vary in flavour from deep Progressive House to Darksynth Electronic…

Twilight Music Sculpture is the Co-Host of “The Life of Music” (a podcast that gives listeners an inside look into the life of House music)

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