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EKDK Podcast #001

1) EKDK & Apollo´s Messenger - Changes [Dear Deer]
2) AB+ & Nakul C - Detritus (EKDK rmx) [Alpha Black]
3) EKDK & Apollo´s Messenger - Reset [Dear Deer]
4) EKDK - Santeria [Wood]
5) EKDK & Apollo´s Messenger - Modulo Tierra [Submarine Vibes]
6) Balcazar + Teruel - Medium (EKDK rmx) [Anathema]
7) Marco Bedini - Arbitrary (EKDK rmx) [Project XIII]
8) EKDK - Wolfpack [Alpha Black]
9) EKDK - Mamuman [Alpha Black]

An 80000 km journey, two ripped up summers, circle ritual dances around Antartica; ancient survival rites, the miracle that hatches out after winter, an accurate glare that pierces the solid darkness, the fertile intimacy, the deep love that finds its way in a shapeless world, the birth, life stating its order in the face of entropy, the shine of a smile: EKDK.


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