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At the age of 4 years old, Sun waved a turned upside down toy machine gun with his hand, imagining a guitar. Now he’s a Dj.
More than 25 years of storming DJ career, 2 author’s radio shows on one of the leading Lithuanian radio stations, tones of organized events like “Mix Massive” in Lietuvininkai Square for massive crowd of 20K electronic music lovers or ethnic island Jono Kalnelis for 4K of pure ravers, parties on moving platforms, private boats or ferries, thousands of club performances in homeland Lithuania and abroad, active participation in youth leisure activities is just a drop in the ocean in terms of the work Sun does.
In 2006, for his merits in participating in the cultural life of Klaipeda city, he won the “Klaipeda Citizen of the Year” award in the “Artistic Soul” nomination.
Sun takes care of its own and its partner Skymate record label Ambivertal, founded in the Netherlands 5 years ago, actively producing and publishing electronic dance music and organizing original parties in Lithuania, as well as in Great Britain and the Netherlands.
Longer, but not boring. Sweet memories.
Sun started his career as a Dj in 1995 and has been developing rapidly since then. In 2000, he made an impressive debut in the Lithuanian DJ Championship, winning 5th place, and already next year he appeared in the final performances in 3rd place. His impeccable unique playing technique and ability to turn any track into an every party lover’s unforgettable spiritual vibration still amazes even the most skeptical connoisseurs of the craft.
When the music finally took over his body and soul, Sun immersed himself in production with his colleague, the talented Fyzo. After a few light vocals, such as “Feel free” and “Milky way”, the guys dived into the waters of dark progressive house music, where their debut album with “Tarabanda” and “Lortnoc”, released in 2005, was born in February at Tribo Recordings with the blessing of legendary DJ Chus and Pablo Ceballos.
Duo Chus & Ceballos, Dj Andry Nalin (Nalin & Kane), Piliavin & Zimbardo, Southpaw, Craig Demo, Feredico Guist, Hypno, Danny Graham and others have been charted Sun & Fyzo’s Tarabanda / Lortnoc. They have also performed on Kiss100 (UK) (Happening with host Dj Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo), Frisky Radio, Eccentric Beats Radio, European Hit Radio, RC Estonia and other radio stations.
In 2002 Sun founded the only progressive dance music radio show in in the west coast of Lithuania at that time, Mix, which was broadcast on Tuesday evenings by FM radio BUMSAS, one of the most popular radio stations in LT. In June 2004, Dj Sun launched a Saturday show, Dance Kitchen, for light dance music gourmets.
The ever-popular dance music radio show Mix, Sun together with the Mix Team (Dj Sun, Fyzo, Lynnie) have started organizing parties (the legendary parties at the restaurant Boogie Woogie (Palanga), the club Indigo, Dada , Global, Sachmatine, Galaxy, Sea Festival, etc.), which quickly attracted party animals from all over Lithuania due to their exceptional mood. Not only Lithuanian but also foreign stars such as Deepgroove, Flash Brothers, Chris Lake, Meat Katie, Anil Chawla Piliavin & Zimbardo, Barry Gilbey, Kingkade, Dan Welton, Alex Collings, Danny Graham, Rob Mooney, Jon Gurd, Chris Vaux, Simon Blann, Dave Storm, Bogdan Taran and many other where theirs organized events special guests.
After a hugely successful debut vinyl, Sun has met another young performer in Virus J.
Their first collaboration DJ Sun pres. Virus J – Cocain / Get Drunk, released by Distraektions ltd, owned by two global progressive giants, Piliavin and Zimbardo. Release was highly supported by Anthony Pappa, That Kid Chris, Peter Rauhofer, Chus & Ceballos, Maurel & Fauvrelle, Aldrin (Zouk), D-Formation and the legendary John Digweed.
Sun and Virus J release has been rated “amazingly deep-sounding EP” by many foreign music portals. It wasn’t the heavy and dark composition so favorite at Distraekt. Both tracks are deep and at the same time sound rich. Well, in the Dutch IDP dance chart, which is made up of 175 of the country’s most famous DJs, including Tiesto, S. Kleinenberg, Matthew Dekay, etc., the song “Cocain” managed to climb to 6th place.
Some top spots of Sun’s gig calendar:
LITHUANIA: (2000-2007: clubs: Indigo, Dada, Global, Galaxy, Metro, Yacht Club, Heaven, Activity Zone, Sachmatine etc .: open air: Uni: lingual festival @ Karpyne, “MIXTEAM PROGRESSIVE ARENA” @ Sea Festival 2004- 2006, Pure Culture (Halloween) 2007 @ Forum Palace);
LATVIA (2004: underground night @ Riga cinema, Nac Un Tuse @ Balvi, Baltic Grooves @ club Essential; 2008: Positivus Festival);
ESTONIA (2004-2006: Sun Dance Music Festival);
RUSSIA (2002-2007: club Amsterdam, summer season open-air @ Forto Ranta, Kinodance, club Zhara);
CHECK rep. (2002 Radost FX Club);
GERMANY (2001: club Tunnell, 2002: Summer Rotation Festival, 2008: Roof club);
UK (2006 08 18 “PACHA”, 2007 03 11 “TURNMILLS”, “The Gallery” 12TH B-DAY with Armin Van Buuren, Tall Paul, Remy, Tall Paul, Audiojack, Alex Collings etc., 2010 “3D Revolution Europe Tour” @ Bricks, London, 2019: Ambivertal Show Case @ Tunnel Club Birmingham)
IBIZA (2006 – 2007: EDEN, 2008: Amnesia)
Dj SUN played alongside:
Timo Maas, Pig & Dan, Les Schmitz, Armin Van Buuren, Audiojack, Tall Ball, Luke Fair, Omid 16B, Flash Brothers, Meat Katie, Deepgroove, Piliavin & Zimbardo, Chris Lake, Tomcraft, Barry Gilbey, Shoes, Dan Welton, Jon Gurd, Chris Vaux, Simon Blann, Rob Mooney, Danny Graham, Alex Collings, Dj P.Julm, Dave Storm, Cassim, Martin Ikin and many others …

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