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Welcome to my Bio page on Beach-Radio

Music for me started when I was a kid and I used to blast out my parents records on their turntable back in the 70’s. I moved onto making mixtapes in the 80’s on a tape deck, listening to the top 40 on the radio on Sundays evenings.

My passion for dance music started in the 90’s after I had moved to the South West and I entered into the hardcore rave scene. Bristol and the surrounding areas had plenty to offer in the way of DJ’s and venues – plus a lot of illegal raves and large festivals such as Tribal Gathering, Universe, Obsession etc. I soon found a love for Drum n’ Bass which took me into the world of owning 2 x 1210’s, a basic mixer and a bag of 12″ records. My bedroom was now my own DJ booth.

Move forwards to 2010 after being out of the scene for about a decade. I was in Italy on a carp fishing crusade around Europe. I was searching for some music to download and stumbled across my good friend Jody Wisternoff’s Sullivan room mix. I was launched back into the world of dance music.

I have known Jody since I was at Uni in the South West. He used to play at Sutra. The cult University rave from the 90’s with massive names such as Carl Cox, Sven Vath, and LTJ Bukem playing to a energetic and enthusiastic bunch of ravers. When I returned from living in Spain in 2013 I started accompanying him to his UK gigs. I enjoyed them so much I decided to begin International travel to extend my passion of travel and music outside of the UK.

2017 took me to Anjuandeep at Sea on the Hudson River in NYC, Anjunadeep in Hungary Budapest; and Toronto and Montreal to join the crew on part of the North American Anjunadeep tour.

It was then in 2018 that I decided to return to my passion from the 90’s. Mixing. I always used to enjoy doing lengthy transitions during my sets and I guess that is still very evident in my mixing style. My decks were sold way back in the late 90’s so my equipment I now use is Rekordbox and a Pioneer Nexus set up.

In 2019 I went on a few more international trips to do some event photography at Brooklyn Mirage Openair, the Gorge, Malkin Bowl Vancouver, Prague, Albania Explorations and of course went to Openair London. Moon Boots Bimini Road tour was sensational and Printworks closed off a great musical year for me for 2019.

My first upload to Soundcloud was in June 2019 which has naturally evolved into my EWOH series. EWOH has really helped me develop and hone my skills further as a DJ – playing tracks from talented, upcoming, and legendary producers in the deep house, trance, techno and house music scene. I hope you continue to enjoy them, as much as I enjoy putting them together.

2020 has been unprecedented. Everything has changed including the way we listen to music. Video streams have now become increasingly popular to satisfy the visual hunger for many diehard ravers. I have done a few streams myself, live on Twitch for EWOH, and a couple of streamed shows for the group of DJs I am involved with – The JVNC Collective. We were supposed to do our first club launch night in London in April which was cancelled along with every other event around the world. I was also booked to open for Jody on his Nightwhisper tour in early April on a boat party around Lake Washington. Another one that was obviously cancelled. (Fortunately it does seem that things might be slowly returning to normal.)

I have just started producing a weekly show called Deep Mondays.
I will be taking to the waves Monday evenings from 7-9pm British time to present a live streamed deep house show. It will be an audio stream only with a 2 hour mix of the latest in deep house including some old classics, and some unreleased material from up and coming producers. If you would like to send me some material to be played in my shows then get in touch.
And I have just come back to planet earth from supporting Jody W at Night Tales for two shows in one day. Opening and closing sets.

What an experience!

Best Wishes


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