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1) People - Tuba Twooz
2) Modern structures, extended mix - Big Al, Moe Turk
3) Sun Seeds - Eli Nissan
4) Angel's share - Khen
5) Metta love - Roy Rosenfeld, Eli Nissan
6) Voices from Erevan - Lautaro Fernandez, Felipe Gonzalez (AR)
7) Back in my arms, Shai T remix - Sahar Z, Shai T
8) Levantine - Freedom Fighters, Khen
9) ID - Karan Ajmani
10) Deep in her blue eyes - Ernes Guevara
11) The Clear, Michael A remix - Kalyx, Michael A
12) See the light - Mark MacLeod
13) Sonic Dreams - Darren Bray
14) The Box - EMPHI
15) Luft - Mustafa Ismaeel, Dastan (US)
16) Setentrional - Tonaco
17) The Mask, Weird Sounding Dude remix - Dastan, Weird Sounding Dude
18) Tohil - Marway
19) Social dynamics - Gai Barone
20) Surface, Sebastian Haas - Dmitry Molosh, Sebastian Haas
21) Twilight run - Ric Niels
22) Pluvia - Alex O'Rion
23) Arun - Analog Jungs


Deep Down is an electronic music label founded by @markmacleodmusic. We focus on deep electronic music: Deep house and deep progressive house.

Our mission is to showcase amazing people and music to help our community live deep and get down.

What does this mean?

Live deep – be real, be honest, be positive, be open, be awake, have a purpose, make the world better

Get down – Have fun, move your body, dance like nobody’s watching, relax, be yourself

We are inspired by labels such as Anjunadeep, Lost & Found, Mango Alley, Meanwhile, Moments, Proton, Replug, Soundgarden and Sudbeat. If you are a fan and love those labels, then we are for you.

If you are a producer and your sound fits these labels, we would love to hear from you. Please email info at deep down dot com with your demos. Thank you!

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