Into The Deep Show

By Carlos Walker

Scheduled on

Thursday 11:00 pm 12:00 am

Into The Deep Show #1

Into The Deep Show #1

My Design - Pablo Caballero
Don't Bite - Developer
Amnesia - Sopik
Killing Sotfly - Rhythm Assembler
Changed - Joch
You Say Somethin - Avision
After Midnight - Blockform
Back To Basics - Mental Drops
Berlin (Original Mix) - Hdt67
Coordinates - Hattori Hanzo
Speedtest - Cave Djz
Bitch 911 - Teka B
Don't Be Scared - Vuuduu
Police In A Dark Alley - Sopik
Eutanasia Asistida - Bondarük


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Into The Deep Show crew

Carlos Figueiredo aka Carlos Walker was born in Portugal in 1982. ​ In the 90s, he started to gain an interest in Djing and quickly, a passion for House Music started to grow. He used to follow great names such as: DJ Vibe, Carlos Manaça, Carl Cox, Eric Morrillo, Frankie Knuckles, Steve Lawler and Roger […]

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