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Blind Dance Radio Show

6PM UK / 7PM CET Wednesday 26th January 2022

Tracklist Blind Dance Radio 106

DJ Artin, Kevienella - Where Are You Now (Worldwide Premiere)
Marc Benjamin - Turn Back Time
Aspyer - Our Time
Dastic, Jaimes - Could Be There
Silque - Touch Me Baby
Ventura, Pontifexx - When I Fall Into You
Dombresky, Donnie Sloan, Ricky Ducati - Down Low
Tom Westy - Want No Other
Ă–wnboss, Lauren Nicole - Delusional
Martin Garrix - Access
DJ Artin - Flashback
ANG, Saberz - Takeover
Edward Jason - Keep Me High
Florian Picasso - YUME
DJ Artin, Denna Kay - Talking About
Zedd, Grabbitz, Valorant - Die For You (Zedd Remix)

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Blind Dance Radio Show crew

DJ Artin - Bio Hello there. My name is Artin and I am Germany's first blind DJ for Dance and Electronic music. I became blind when I was three years old. Directly after that when I turned four years I learned playing the piano, so my first point of contact was classical music like Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. I learned everything just by hearing the sounds with help of my piano teacher. Later on I had the dream to be a radio broadcaster. The realisation of that dream began in 2008. I worked in a media center and for a youth radio magazine and had some internships at big radio stations. I absolutely wanted to work for the radio. However I decided to begin with a qualification for a clerk. Since I was a teenager I was into electronic dance music. I was inspired by artists like Avicii, Nicky Romero and Afrojack and my interest in the activity of a DJ grew. That's why I started to deal more intensively with the topic and which equipment is required for it. But I had to face some challenges because the usual tools for DJs are not designed for my requirements. But that didn't stop me from pursuing my goal. Today, after some time of constant improvement, I am no longer unknown in the EDM scene in Germany. In 2020 the German edition of DJ Mag Magazine noticed me and reported on my first steps. I even were noticed in articles in various newspapers and got interviewed by a television station. My constant improvement led me to my 100th episode of my Blind Dance Radio Show last December, in which DJ greats such as Nicky Romero, Tungevaag, Cuebrick, Julian Jordan and Mike Williams were guests. Furthermore I am also active as a producer. In 2021 my two EPs "Night Flight" and "Up & Down" came out. And by now you can also stream my newest singles "Talking About" and "Flashback" and I am always working on new projects. Beyond that I am also offering courses of instruction within the range of music and radio production.

DJ Artin - Germany's First Blind Electro DJ and Producer
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