Beach Paradise Sessions

mixed by Eddie Paradise

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Paradise Sessions


Mariner & Domingo - Another life [Sound Ave]

Pambouk - Forest Language [hoomidaas]

Beige - Waiting for the Sun to Rise [3rd Avenue]

Lee Burridge - Diving Bell [ADID]

Lucefora - Elements [ADID]

Full tone & Izehevski - Orange Gardens [ADID]

Slow Hearts - Endora [ADID]

Cornucopia - Dragons in Paradise [Lost & Found]

M.O.S. & Double Touch - Ascending [Melody of the Soul]

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Beach Paradise Sessions crew

Eddie Paradise. Electronic Music Lover, DJ, All About The Music Radio Host and Resident at DJs Inbox. Eddie believes that Music is passion. He also believes that music should tell a story. If you like your stories Deep, melodic and emotive then Eddie wants to share his music with you.

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