Baffi Bianchi – Afro House #008

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1-Black Coffee-Wish You Were Here feat. Msaki (Guy Mantzur Remix)
2-Rafael dreger - If We Fight
3-Ian Ludvig - colors
4-Julien Hess - Midnight Paradise
5-Jalal Ramdani&Sesson (FR)-Las Voces (Deniel Ratouke Remix)
6-Elfenberg-Kayah (Original Mix)
7- Fake Mood-Drama (Original Mix)
8-PREMIERE Dorian Craft, Segg-Canta (Original Mi)
9-Black Circle-Fooliah (Original mix)
10-Lunar Plane-Oleppe
11-Moo&Jo-LiberieThe Advocate


My passion for electronic music, which started in high school, deepened as techno in my university years.
After I started business life in Istanbul, I created a convenient studio of my own and besides performing as a DJ, I took my steps towards becoming a producer.
One of my biggest dreams is to make popular pieces for electronic music fans and play the music I love all over the world.

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