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Thursday 4:00 pm 5:00 pm

Aquarius 16.09.21

Tracklist :: 16.09.21
1. Ripcord (Original Mix) - Sasha.
2. Disappear (Gorge & Nick Curly Remix) - Yulia Niko, Mery Kilic.
3. The Turbulent - Raxon.
4. Zero Love (Original Mix) - Nick Curly.
5. Insomnia (Original Mix) - Andrew Meller
6. Snoop Dawk (Extended Mix) - Luttrell.
7. The Prey (Mind Against Remix) - Monolink.
8. Power (Extended Mix) - Maur, Solardo.
9. Lately feat. Rondo Mo (Eli & Fur Open Air Remix) - Jody Wisternoff, Rondo Mo.
10. Night Of The Jaguar (Extended Mix) - EXIT 11.
11. Matthew Keeps Me Pirrie (Original Mix) - Denis Sulta.
12. Crystal Clear (Original Mix) - Ursula Rucker, CamelPhat, Riva Starr.
13. Omertà (Original Mix) - Kevin de Vries.

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  Hi. This is DJ Psy Inertia from Mumbai, India. Been actively involved in DJ’ing since 00-01, of the many clubs as a Res. DJ for e.g. Tavern, Royal Smoke, Redant, Lush, Vie Lounge, Brighton and many else. I’m also a Radio DJ for Radio Stations based in New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Vienna, London, […]

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