Progressive Journeys

Progressive Journeys

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Andy Clayton

Full Track List 03.09.21

1. Room (Extended Mix) THE RENA [Digiment Records]

2. Fiction (Original Mix) Renga Weh [Variety Music]

3. Armenian Lake (Original Mix) TRW [Mai Lei Bel]

4. Algorithm (Kenan Savrun Remix) Shanil Alox [Droid9)

5. Terrateniente (Original Mix) Franco Helguera [Balkan Connection South America]

6. Lost My Mind (Original Mix) Deepro [Figura Music]

7. Boompty Boom (Jon Lee's Dub) Lil'T [Uniting Souls Music]

8. Introspective Safari (Original Mix) Sebastian Bargero [Forward Music]

9. Glassed (Original Mix) dub.format [Variety Music]

10. The Substance of Feeling (Original Mix) Greg Tomaz [Juicebox Music]

11. Home (Alex Efe Remix) INNERPHONIC [Faraway Scope]

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Andy is from Manchester, UK.  He has been a DJ for over 20 years and specialises in melodic progressive house. He is acclaimed for his mixing skills and ability to blend beats, percussion and synth vibes to create hypnotic and immersive musical journeys. He has performed live at high profile events throughout the UK including […]

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