Progressive Journeys

Progressive Journeys

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Wednesday 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

Andy Clayton

Vol.7 Full Track List 07.04.21

1. Lands Scape (Original Mix) - Lisandro (AR) - [Seven Villas]

2. Sounds Of Sunday Morning (RIGOONI Remix) - Namatjira - [Manual Music]

3. Lost Emotions (Forerunners Remix) - Tech D - [Clinique Recordings]

4. Xyloporn (Original Mix) - Ross Geldart - [AH Digital]

5. Beauty Of The Andes (Original Mix) - AudioStorm - [Bonzai Progressive]

6. The Message (Forerunners Remix) - Maxi Zamac, Dark Soul Project - [We Are The Underground]

7. River of Oblivion (Original Mix) - Steve Bug, Tim Engelhardt - [Last Night On Earth]

8. Raccoon (Original Mix) - Nico Szabo - [TRYBESof]

9. Off World (Original Mix) - Forerunners - [Evocative]

10. Magenta (Original Mix) - Kabi (AR) - [Balkan Connection]

11. Rotator (Original Mix) - Ezequiel Arias - [Sudbeat Music]

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Progressive Journeys crew

Andy is from Manchester, UK.  He has been a DJ for over 20 years and specialises in melodic progressive house. He is acclaimed for his mixing skills and ability to blend beats, percussion and synth vibes to create hypnotic and immersive musical journeys. He has performed live at high profile events throughout the UK including […]

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