We are specialized in custom fitting items in beautiful Italian leather with any modifications in less than a couple of hours, possibility of delivering your items to your in-town hotel and shipping worldwide”
“Each piece in our collection is imbued with the spirit of the artisan who created it. It is the product of expertise and passion  and it is crafted with you in mind -your need, your appreciation, your experience- so we feel honored for our role in the process. “
“Katian Boutique is an Italian
Leather Boutique, right in the heart of Florence. It is a small family business formed by Catalina and Daniel, husband and wife  and  Daniel’s mom, Elena. Everything that we present in our collection is exclusively Made in Italy! Our products are completely designed and made by us. Katian creations start usually from ideas we have, combined with the very accurate eye of a great seamstress, Elena. The production line is based in Florence, Italy as well”
“Simply Made in Italy”



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