ZEN K shows

Zen K begun journey into the realm of Dj’ing in the mid 2000s drawing his inspiration from Trance & Progressive sounds of that era from the likes of John Digweed, Sasha, Guy J,  & DeadMu5. 

Playing out of the Sydney Club scene, he developed his signature sound over the years with a focused desire to take the listener on a deep, driving, atmospheric and melodic journey. His sets feature predominantly, Progressive, Deep and Melodic House and are focused on long clean transitions with an emphasis on dark hypnotic flavours.

Today he is more at home sharing his sound with his on-line audience through radio stations such as Fade Ibiza, TID, Di.FM, Abyss and now Beach Radio, which allows him to devote more of his time to his other passion of music Production. 

Zen K’s work attracts fans of Djs\Producers such as Sasha, Ben Bohmer, Tinlicker, Cristoph, Guy J, Eli & Fur, Yotto, Matt Fax and Stan Kolev to name a few. 

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