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Born in August 1984 in one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods of São Luís do Maranhão, where pulsating music and culture are part of everyday life, Thedtry was exposed since he was a child to the vibrant art and music of his state and region. . Coming from a family with several artists, he had his creativity encouraged from an early age, becoming a curious and active child, in his teens he had his first contacts with electronic music, attending House Music clubs, which based what is now his search. Maturity as a person was accompanied by musical maturity, which led him to new paths and new research in different musical genres, culminating in his current musical expression, within Melodic House/Techno, Organic House and Progressive House. Today seeking prominence in productions. Thedtry has been in contact with electronic music since he was a teenager and since then he began to explore delicious House and Techno sets. He recently started as a producer, with his creations full of lightness and striking melodies, bringing a subtle and simple touch to his tracks.
With two decades on the road, Thedtry has always sought to expand his horizons in music, lover of research and admirer of great producers, seeks to mix in his sets the deep tones of Techno with sumptuous melodies and expressive vocals.
Dynamic, he is always attentive, seeking inspiration in everyday life and translating his emotions into unique productions.
Currently dedicated to production, Thedtry wants to show his new outfit, songs with subtle, light and passionate melodies

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