Taisuke Kurosumi first started DJ’ing in 1992 and now has 27 years of experience on the club scene in Japan. In the early years, he started out playing Body Music, New Beat, Techno, Euro Dance and Italo House, but his passion was always for the more soulful side of dance music. In the late 90s he based himself in North Tokyo and began to explore his own style. In 2005, Taisuke worked as the main DJ for the countdown party in Tokyo’s popular Disney Resort. During that same year he began producing his own parties, and worked as the sound producer at Club “Hijou-guchi” (meaning “shelter”) which opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo. His current passion as a DJ is mostly focused around soulful House, UK House and European House, and wherever he’s spinning, you can be sure that the dance floor will be flooded with big-room vocals. As the trends in dance music have shifted and evolved in Japan, this is a DJ who is committed to preserving the original spirit of the dance floor, while serving up the kind of pure House that has always been, and will always be, at the heart of what good dance music is really all about! Follow him on: Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/taisuke_kurosu Twitter: twitter.com/tai_kurosumi

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