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“Lover of House Music since the summer of love ‘88. Tech house, Iberican & Tribal beats are my passion, vinyl junkie forever!”

“Casting my mind back, it’s fair to say my passion for electronic music began back in 1980, when I first heard the Street Sounds Electro 1 album. This ran parallel with my other passion for funk and soul.


Then in 1987 I bought my Technics SL1200’s and Phonic MRT60 mixer (jeez that crossfader was hard work) and got into mixing and scratching, attending the DMC UK and World mixing championships, DJ Jazzy Jeff still being pretty much my all-time favourite turntablist.


Then one day a mate asked me “have you heard of acid?”. To which I replied “of course, who hasn’t?!” He corrected me and said “no, acid house music”. I’d vaguely heard of it but nothing sprang to mind music wise. That night we went to The Wag Club in London’s West End, I walked into a smoke filled room with a strobe going off and CJ Mackintosh spinning “Can you Party” by Royal House. The vibe was like nothing I’d heard or seen. That was it – hooked for life.


I then DJ’d for Asylum Acid House in Woolwich for a year or so, and still have all those original records. Took a few years out of the DJ scene in the 90’s to raise a family, but still clubbing and loving my music.


Fast forward, my passion is Tribal and Afro Tech house – and chill with progressive and organic beats (poolside especially!)

Really looking forward to the year ahead and especially playing The Tunnel Club Birmingham this May.”

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