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This is DJ Psy Inertia from Mumbai, India. Been actively involved in DJ’ing since 00-01, of the many clubs as a Res. DJ for e.g. Tavern, Royal Smoke, Redant, Lush, Vie Lounge, Brighton and many else.

I’m also a Radio DJ for Radio Stations based in New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Vienna, London, Luxembourg City and Vietnam for the weekly/monthly slots of genres of Prog. House Techno Melodic Techno Electronic and related styles.

It’s been a bountiful ride yielding so much love and adulation coming from the listeners all over the world those including some big names in the industry which has further led me to the recording deals with Visiomind Records (Vienna) and my next up with the Mechanic and Tropic Records (Mexico City) for a Deep house Progressive tune & flaunting that freebie of a website – a part of an endorsement drive by the Spinnin Records I take keen interest to understand the depths of the radio industry as a Radio DJ that one can have an insight of – of the many factors that plays up to build a successful career of bagging live gigs and endorsements and stuff owing to its global reach in the broadband world.

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