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MICHAEL DIETZE – DJ since 1991 (DJ Ditte)
Music with ♥ // After a break of almost 7 years, Michael Dietze got back on the decks in the summer of 2016. While he was known to everyone in the 90s and the first half of the 2000s as “Ditte”, who made a name for himself with minimal / techno sets not only in Germany, he acquired another style in the Crewe club Molen_Dyk (2003-2006) . He managed to inspire people with Deephouse and Melodic Deep Tech. He has perfected that to this day. Like hardly anyone else, he is able to always incorporate that certain something into his sets. You can tell from the brilliant mixing and track selection that there are almost 30 years of experience behind the decks. He makes music with his heart for the hearts and souls that he captures with “age-appropriate techno”. In 2003 he deservedly won the MDR Sputnik Turntable Days DJ Contest in front of 49 other DJs. In recent months he has published podcasts on: Room84 (CH), Sonne, Strand & Meer (ES), Estorsjke Bar Moscow (RUSSIA), Serenity Heartbeat (FFM), Eivissa Beach Cafe Ibiza (ES), The Deep Control (RU ), Deep Techno Sounds (D), Set of the Day (CH), Deep House Dubai. In addition to the following DJs, he was able to prove his dexterity on the controls:
Monika Kruse, Rob Acid, Johannes Heil, Frank Lorber, Roland Casper, Neil Landstrumm, Mate Galic, Wolle XDP, Dr. Motte, DJ Tanith, Tony Rohr, Jacek Sinkiewicz, Takaaki Itoh, Dj Murphy, Alex Bau, Richard Bartz and many more.
EASTSIDE (1993-2001) // PROTEX ZERO (2001-2006) // CLUB MOLENDYK (2003-2006)

08.12.2018 @ Little Vision, Leipzig
21.12.2018 Pacemaker Podcast #03
29.12.2018 @ Dr.Seltsam, Leipzig
31.12.2018 @ Dr.Seltsam, Leipzig
16.01.2019 MUSA NOVA Podcast #014
09.02.2019 Deep House Islamabad Podcast #024 (Pakistan)
23.02.2019 @ Dr.Seltsam, Leipzig
13.03.2019 @ Beatconnect, Chemnitz
19.03.2019 Eivissa Beach Cafe IBIZA #053
23.03.2019 @ Dr.Seltsam, Leipzig
22.04.2019 Music4You Podcast #046
11.05.2019 @ Dr.Seltsam, Leipzig
19.05.2019 AWAKE AT NIGHT #011
25.05.2019 @ PLANET X Techno Radio (France)
31.05.2019 Herz & KL∆NG friends
12.06.2019 DEEP HOUSE DUBAI #030
22.06.2019 Dr.Seltsam, Leipzig
19.07.2019 Miguel A.F. Guest Podcast #08 (Spain)
22.07.2019 @ Dr.Seltsam, Leipig
26.07. – 28.07.2019 Summer of Friends
27.08.2019 NOWN Radio Show #02(Deep Techno Podcast)
27.09.2019 @ Casa Pepe, Leipzig
30.09.2019 Deep House Kimberly (South Africa)
02.10.2019 Sonne, Strand und Meer Podcast (Spain)
06.11.2019 IONized Podcast 4.11, Canada
23.11.2019 @ Casa Pepe, Leipzig
02.12.2019 Old Classics Remixes, Mix
31.12.2019 Traumamt #43
11.01.2020 @ Casa Pepe, Leipzig
26.02.2020 @ IBIZALIVERADIO – Leerlauf Radioshow
16.03.2020 Eivissa Beach Cafe IBIZA #068
12.04.2020 Live am Fenster

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