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Mattia Nicoletti is a producer and a DJ from Milano, Italy, co-founder of the record label Milano Connection.

Musically born and raised with old school rap he has been always following the roots and the evolution of black music from blues to soul and funk, from disco to house music. From there he went through deep house to techno, where he found his “home”. Techno music with its rumbling bass, low end kick, effects and hypnotic leitmotivs in some way similar to film soundtracks, is an ongoing discovery.

As a producer he released several tracks as Mattia Nicoletti and as a duo with Giuseppe Presti under the name The Italian Job. As a DJ even if he started spinning’ the records at the time of House Sound of Chicago he loves what technology allows in mixing and creating music.

Experimenting is what he likes most and this is the perfect time for the future of music!


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