Kapibara / Guest Dj

Kapibara shows

‘House and Techno with influences of wildlife.’

Hailing from the Amazone riverbanks in South-America but stationed in the South of the Netherlands: meet Kapibara. The brothers are known to infuse their cultural heritage into their music and shows.
Kapibara aims at a wide array of fascinating sounds: sometimes dark and deep, sometimes colorful and ecstatic, but always a harmonic blending of storytelling percussion power and melodic madness.
Kapibara’s signature sound floats somewhere between melodic / afro / house and techno. Converging feeling and emotion into a pallet of natural grooves. These chameleons bring great adaptability and they are fully attuned to each other when playing their b2b sets.
As a hoster of their jungle-infused Taka Tuka, they get all the space they need to go on expedition in the electronic spectrum.

Abracadabra, Chapter 24 Records, Atmosphere Records, Click Records, Constant Circles, Omeni, Comport Records, Exotic Refreshment and Musica Autonomica.

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