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“Even the silence is music.
Your heart is enough to listen to the notes.
Music is life, Life is your music.”

John Spectre

John Spectre is a dj producer with over 20 years of experience. He turned many pop songs into dance remixes for clubs. His intense remixer activity led him to the 2019 to be on the chart for over 20 weeks with various remixes, the latest in the series currently at the 1 ° place “Trouble In My Heart by Christine Wiltshire”.
John takes his first musical steps in the most prolific period of music, the 70 years.
In 1979 he starts working in radio and then moves on to the world of discos.
He has worked in many clubs both in Italy and abroad, Finland, Australia, UAE.
Currently his podcasts are on the radio every week: (Montreal), Underground Frequency (France), London One Radio (GB), Beach, Top Music Radio (Spain), MAXXIMIXX Radio (Israel) , Old Bridge Radio (Italy) and the latest addition to XLARGE Radio in Turkey.
You can listen to his productions on, Mixcloud,

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