Jay Blundell

So I have been working in the dance music industry for over 25 years both as a DJ and I worked in the dance music distribution game for over 10 years first for Unique Records then Amato, basically importing and exporting all the latest vinyl to record shops all over the world.
I have held dj residencies all over Manchester and the north west as well as for Cafe Paris and Po Na Na in London and summer stints in Majorca.
I have DJ’d under various names such as Bravura and the REDI Knights.
Im a recovering hardcore record digger and that combined with the jobs i have had has resulted in me having a vinyl collection that is around the 50,000 range in various storage units!

I collect and have played various genres over the years but i’m a House and Disco guy deep down.
And unlike a lot of my peers i actually think the music that is currently coming out is the best stuff i have ever played!

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