Desert Raven is a musical artist who, for his whole life, has had a deep affinity to dance, to the harmonic and melodic nature of sound, and to the healing and inspiring power of music.

He seeks to create soundscapes with depth and layering of emotion, with extended build-ups and climaxes. He composes music that is primarily longer form and believes that, like our own deeper feelings, good, deep music takes time to surface.

His DJ style covers multiple genres, from deep house to ethnic/organic house to melodic house progressive house to melodic techno. Overall, he seeks to bring the audience close, making even larger events feel like an intimate party among close friends and family, where trust, love, and freedom of spirit are paramount.

His personal approach to composition and production is to infuse deeper, more ambient sounds into all he does, to evoke nature and dreams. He believes ethnic, traditional instruments should be used as much as possible and that they can work beautifully with well-crafted electronic sounds. A bass player at heart, he seeks to create a rhythm (however soft or heavy) that penetrates to the heart and brings the heart of the listener and dancer to a level of energy in sync with, as mentioned earlier, deep feelings. He seeks to find and bring the listener to a place of natural, spiritual illumination, where the listener encounters healing, encouragement, and divine purpose.

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