Dave Seaman / Guest Dj

Dave Seaman shows

With his most recent releases on Selador, Suara, Hive Audio, Sincopat, Radiant, Sudbeat and Noir, Dave Seaman, one of true the legends of electronic house music, is on a creative roll. A globally respected DJ for over 25 years, he’s played in over 80 countries around the world and remains an exceptional artist who is always looking to the future. His label together with Steve Parry, Selador Recordings has been one of the most exciting labels around since its inception 5 years ago, releasing many different colours of house and techno and in this current world of limited shelf life, ever-diminishing attention spans and fast-moving, here-today-gone-tomorrow disposable club culture, it is the mark of true talent and dedication that Dave Seaman is still very much
on everyone’s radar.

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