Chelsea Singh

Covid has shut off so much of the dance music world. The lockdowns kept the clubs closed and the dancefloor empty, starving so many DJs of the ravers that fed their creativity. While some drifted apart from the music, many knuckled down and improved their work rate. We witnessed DJs creating more music than ever before, the frequent live streams showcasing the freshest sounds. One man, though, took that to the next level.

Because there’s prolific, and then there’s Chelsea Singh.

In 2021 the most hardworking man in house music knocked out no fewer than 30 releases, and in 2022 that’s being cranked up to 52 – a whopping one a week. The seasoned producer has been omnipresent everywhere, notably collaborating with a staggering amount of the scene’s most well loved names, Kathy Brown, MC Creed, Lee John of the legendary Imagination, Angie Brown, Slipmatt, Rob Tissera and many, many more.

Chelsea’s grafter ethic has been one of the most domineering things about him throughout his career. A hugely successful businessman and entrepreneur, he pursued his love of dance music by becoming one of the most well-known DJs on the Canary Islands at the start of the 2000s. His passion for house music in all its forms, not least the classic piano moments that punctuated the raves he first attended as acid house became mainstream in the 90s, has been a constant source of inspiration in every field he has entered.

His enigmatic energy has made him perfect for television, and in total he’s featured on some of British TV’s most well known shows, Channel 4’s Posh Pawn and How Did You Get So Rich and Channel 5’s Big Brother. They’ve all been outlets for his personality, but never able to dominate his one true love; dance music. That’s what made temporarily losing it so difficult to stomach. When Covid hit the world it took Chelsea, and everyone, away from the clubs. Unwilling to let the pandemic hold him back, he took himself instead to the studio, and that’s what led to the unbelievable run of form he now finds himself on.

Those productions dominated the charts, with an array of labels all itching for the trademark Singh sound. In total he’s signed to 20 labels, including Whore House, Cleveland City Records, Tactical Records and Stellar Records, while his own imprint Mixsingh Records has allowed him to develop fresh talent as well as define his sound even more. ‘Sweet Harmony’ made it to No. 5 in the house music charts, with ‘The Power’ getting to No. 3 in the Beatport charts, while his other productions ensure he’s been in the top 20 pretty much every week these past two years. His keenness to get to grips with sounds and genres that excite has seen his productions veer towards deep minimal tech in recent times, but always staying true to the groove of classic house.

He’s DJed all over the world, always headlining, with top billing at clubs including Ministry Of Sound in London, Ocean Beach in Ibiza, LostVibe in Essex and Liverpool, Black & White at Bali Beach club and even the Organica Gathering Full Moon parties in Peru. In 2022 he’s got

immediate gigs lined up in Miami and New York alongside another return to Ministry, with more to be announced as the year hots up.

His versatility is also crucial, and it’s hardly surprising for a man who has shared stages with everyone from Carl Cox to Boy George. Need someone to keep supermodels shuffling at exclusive fashion parties on Monaco yachts? Chelsea’s your man. Dropping his own unreleased edits to scores of wide-eyed ravers in a super club? Yep, that’s him again.

The world is about to start dancing at relentless pace, and you can bet that it’ll be Chelsea’s productions and sets that do it. Not even a pandemic has been able to hold this force of nature back, as 2022 will be the year Chelsea Singh unleashes his greatness upon even more global dancefloors.

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