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Alex Gold is a British born music producer and the creative A&R behind the iconic and legendary Xtravaganza Record label, now celebrating 25 years in existence.

As a true visionary, Alex has been involved in over 56 UK National Top 40 Hit records, 2 UK National No.1 Hit records, and has his hand in over 15 million record sales.

Having worked and collaborated with major artists including Bryan Adams, Prince, Marie Brennan (of Clannad), Annie Lennox, Phillip Oakey (of The Human League), Chuck D of Public Enemy and Ice T; Alex Gold has also been responsible for launching some of the biggest names in Dance Music today, including the likes of No.1 Dutch DJ and multimillion dollar talent Armin Van Buuren (whose debut single Blue Fear was released by Gold’s Xtravaganza label in 1997). Alex Gold is also credited with the executive production and inception of multi-million selling and heritage Electronic Music album
artist Chicane.

In the early part of Alex Gold’s career, he learnt his trade through working in independent UK music distribution company Spartan Music, where he worked on campaigns for labels such as Mute Records and artists such as Depeche Mode and Erasure. Alex was later headhunted to work at hugely successful German record label ZYX Music. During his time at ZYX, Alex worked as A&R under CBS Germany’s founder Bernhard Mikulski and headed up many central European Hit signings. Whilst at ZYX, Alex also worked with Dorian Gray -Frankfurt Resident DJ and Techno Pioneer Torsten Fenslau on his Abfart Frankfurt Techno imprint.

In 1994, Alex was again headhunted by “edel Records” Germany (at the time a major European music power house) and later jointly headed up the A&R team and became responsible for signings such as Prince’s independent album Exodus and the No 1 hit single “The Most Beautiful girl in the world”.

In 1996, Gold founded Xtravaganza Recordings, which became a multi-million selling record label and is synonymous with the Cosmopolitan Ibiza dance sound we know today. Xtravaganza is now in its 25th Anniversary and has acclaimed Electronic Music Heritage.

A rare breed of individual who has not only achieved huge and credible success as a creative Artist/Performer and Music Producer, but also as an executive and maverick entrepreneur known for creating “out of the box” strategic solutions in difficult scenarios to achieve the ultimate success.

Alex Gold is a true Ibiza and Balearic pioneer having first performed on the island in 1989 and then subsequently featured on and promoted his own Headline Residency Xtravaganza Nights at Privilege Ibiza (The largest club in the World / Guinness Book World of Records) and the legendary Space Ibiza Club.

Alex Gold and  Xtravaganza warm up for the Ibiza season 2022 with a bunch of forthcoming exclusives from the Xtravaganza label and a section of Alex Gold’s  favourite tracks this month.    We also catch up with massively talented Vocalist Gid Sedgwick and Californian based producer John Grand pops in to say Hi !

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