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Producer 59 Perlen aka Matthias Rosenkranz was born in 1975. He grew up in the deepest countryside in the middle of Germany where his passion for electronic music awoke when he was gifted the very first consumer computer ever, the Commodore 64, with it’s sophisticated Sound Chip that significantly influenced his entire artistical process.

After many years of occasional music creation, he decided in 2018 to take his production to the next level with the foundation of his project “59 Perlen”. Several singles were released, until a decisive step was taken in early 2020 during the Corona Pandemic: 59 Perlen bought his first hardware groovebox, the Elektron Digitakt.

This machine changed his entire workflow towards “Dawless” music production. 59 Perlen saw the long term future of his project in performing music live for audiences rather than classical music productions. Nevertheless, quite a few dawless releases followed, produced with his growing hardware park, as gigs were not possible due to the pandemic.

Parallel to dance music production, another leg in his process developed more and more: creating music for urban dance projects. In 2022 this development took a first peak when 59 Perlen performed togehter with 6 dancers the 1-hour installation “Shopping Bag”.

In November 2022, another highlight follows. 59 Perlen will headline “Sonic Playground”, an electronic music festival hosted by Petite Victory Collective / Copenhagen, one of the labels he releases music with. It will be the first time that 59 Perlen is so close to his goal of performing in front of larger audiences.

59 Perlen is also active in many areas connected to music production. He shares his knowledge in a variety of ways through video courses, private coaching sessions and on his blog. Furthermore, he co-hosts the monthly podcast “Strom” with his friend and musician Atlas Castle.

Website: 59perlen.com
Instagram: instagram.com/59perlen
YouTube: youtube.com/59perlen
Bandcamp: 59perlen.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6HEwyfK58Mq8FhKuJKooHE

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