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Simply Made in Italy.

Each piece in our collection is imbued with the spirit of the artisan who created it. It is the product of expertise and passion and it is crafted with you in mind, your need and appreciation, so we feel honored for our role in the process.

We only use vegetable tanned leather. This is a method of tanning the skin into leather. It’s called ”vegetable” because the tannins (molecules that bond easily with proteins and draw liquids out) used in the process are derived from plants: oak,spruce bark, quebracho, tara pods, olive leaves, rhubarb roots or mimosa.

We have looked far and wide for just the ”right products” in terms of accessories. They, as well, are carefully chosen, to give our exquisite customers like you, the best quality and the best look!

Our products are 100% unique.

This is to concretise the truth that design can produce, and that designers can use to inspire their own work. We love our little Atelier, as we can create and make every single piece one by one, with the maximum attention to details.

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