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From ancient classicism to the fluid frontiers of luxury, an ancient essence with modern features. This is how celebreMagazine was born.  A word pun drawn from the Latin “Celebrem” and mixed with the English “Magazine”. The central M is the final letter of one word and the initial letter of the other, acting like a link between two intertwined words to form this unique concept. The genius behind MB Media Consulting, a Swiss company specializing in communication and image management strategies for companies and professionals, has also laid the foundation for what today is a proven success: celebreMagazine

celebreMagazine aims to discover the excellence of luxury in any sector: from lifestyle to gourmet, from fashion to art, from motoring to hotels. A constant scouting to give voice to the best, addressing those seeking for beauty and quality, aiming with the paper edition to an elitist public selected on a worlwide scale.

With the words of the famous Oscar Wilde we can say that “There is no second chance to make a first good impression”, our mantra.

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