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Sassicaia… The Unmistakable Aroma of Tuscany


Tuscany, the famous region in Italy, is undoubtedly an infinite source of culture, the object of the most beautiful romances, the dream destination of all the lovers of Italian gastronomy and wines with the aroma of ancient history. The vineyards, which seem to stretch over endless plains, produce some of the most famous wines in the world. But none compare to the star of this story: Sassicaia of Tenuta San Guido.


The brand Tenuta San Guido was founded by the Marquis Mario Incisa Della Rocchetta, a visionary whose genius placed Italian Tuscan wine among the favourites of connoisseurs from all over the world. The Marchese wanted to create a wine like the French Bordeaux. The French wine was by far the aristocracy’s most cherished wine, and he found that the Bolgheri area bared the same climate and land characteristics as Bordeaux in France.

Sassicaia vineyard

Having in mind the Bordeaux as a point of reference, he experimented with a variety of grapes, so the period between 1921 and 1925 was dedicated to finding the perfect blend. It was in 1940, when he settled with his wife in Tenuta San Guido, that he picked the Cabernet flavour as the winning bouquet. And this is how Sassicaia started to take shape. But why the unusual name? Well, Sassicaia comes from the Italian word “sasso” which means rock. And the terrain of the vineyards in Tuscany, are just as rocky as the land of Bordeaux, the motherland of the wine that sparked Mario’s imagination at first.

Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido

But the Marquis’s wine was not designed for outside production yet. And that is because the conservative critics accustomed with lighter versions of the local wines were not enthusiastic about the innovative wine of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, especially since it needed more time to age and develop. So, from 1948 to 1967 Sassicaia was produced for private consumption and stayed confined to the Tenuta San Guido and its guests. In time, Mario Incisa noticed that the wine became better with ageing, and encouraged by relatives and friends he perfected his style and released the wine commercially in 1968.

Tenuta San Guido

From then on it is all history. Classified at first as a table wine (since Tuscan wines were not DOC and DOCG approved) a bottle of the 1972 Sassicaia won a blind-taste event against 30 other Bordeaux wines from all over the world. And that is how Sassicaia became internationally acclaimed. Few wines have such an intricate past. Sassicaia is the wine that revolutionized the conservative tastes of Italian wine connoisseurs and propelled the Made in Italy into the top of the best wines in the world. It was because of Sassicaia that the classification IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) was introduced, and the novelty was the focus on the region of the grapes, rather than the type of grapes.

Sassicaia Bottle

David Beckham, The Obamas, Rihanna, LeBron James or Duran Duran, are a few of the many celebrities that prefer the Sassicaia wine. And when you think of the long journey of this great wine, you understand the privilege of tasting it, and its infinite value. Once again, the Made in Italy has been affirmed internationally, this time flowing deliciously from the Sassicaia bottles of the Marquis Mario Incisa Della Rocchetta.

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by Claudia Ciclovan


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Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020: New Year is “On the Way”

Ferrari 488

During the Ferrari World Finals at Mugello, Ferrari Company presented the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020, an evolution of the 488 GT3 that will compete in the main GT championships in the 2020 sports season.


Aerodynamics, ergonomics, safety and reliability are the main factors on which the attention of the Modenese technicians have focused in giving birth to the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020. The engineers’ aim was to provide the car with greater stability by redesigning the front panel. A new bumper now has a reduced front section in the area below the headlamps. This has allowed to house inside a pair of flicks that generate a more effective vertical load, performing a function of stabilization of the car, thanks to the intervention on the flow diverters of the splitter. The aerodynamic review has also involved other parts of the front of the 488 GT3, such as the slots above the wheel arch, which are enlarged compared to the current model; those positioned at the rear have been completely redesigned, together with the front part of the door, further tapered for better channelling of flows on the side.

Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO

The vehicle dynamics have also been optimised. The changes made concern the increase in wheelbase, which has now been made identical to that of the 488 GTE in order to optimise tyre use, reduce tyre degradation and facilitate the conversion from GT3 to GTE. The engineers’ work then focused on lightening the vehicle, which allows more ballast to be used to reach the minimum weight imposed by the Balance of Performance, thus lowering the centre of gravity.

Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO

The engine, a V8 twin-turbo engine with a 90-degree angle between the banks, has not been developed in terms of performance or component modifications, but benefits from a new control system that guarantees greater reliability and cleaner, more precise torque delivery; the electronics have also been improved and optimised in terms of vehicle controls (including ABS and Traction Control). On board the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020 makes its debut a new seat, developed jointly with Sabelt to equip both the GT3 and the GTE, which meets the new FIA safety standards and ensures not only greater rigidity and robustness, but also a weight saving of 2.4 kg. The belts have also been modified with the introduction of new belts and a new buckle.

Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO

Dedicated to endurance racing, the additional 24H/Endurance package has been specifically designed for customers who are interested in this type of competition. The basic equipment includes a front bumper with additional headlights, quick-fill couplings for engine oil and coolant, carbon clutch, GTE borrowed brake calibers and steel wheel nuts. Optional equipment includes coolant level sensors, fill completion indicator with warning light and 4500-lumen LED main headlamps per headlamp. The new components and improvements introduced with the 2020 version of the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO are also available as upgrade kits for existing cars.

Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO

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by Alessandro Colombo


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Bugatti Home Collection: the luxury furniture signed by Bugatti

Bugatti Home collection

The Alsatian manufacturer launches Bugatti Home Collection on the market, the luxury furniture designed to decorate a house’s interior with the Bugatti brand.

Bugatti home collection

It pays homage to Bugatti’s 110-year history (as Chiron did) and is part of the marketing strategy that brings with it Stephan Winkelmann’s “fingerprints” that we talked about a few days ago. This is Bugatti Home Collection, designed to furnish the homes of the car owners, produced by the Alsatian luxury manufacturer with a theme.

Bugatti home collection


And inside the Bugatti Home Collection we find everything and more: from sofa “Chiron” (with cushions branded with the logo of the Alsatian manufacturer) to the chair “Cobra” (proposed in limited edition and whose original design dates back to 1902 by Carlo Bugatti, father of Ettore Bugatti and who worked in interior design), with elements in carbon fiber and logo 110 Ans Bugatti, also passing through a long series of collateral accessories.

Bugatti home collection


The latter include a bed, different types of armchairs, a coffee table (very modern style) and a reclining armchair type chaise longue. Essentially all the furniture that may be needed in a house that wants to convey in every corner the style and values of the brand Bugatti.

Bugatti home collection

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by Alessandro Colombo


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BRAFA 2020: The Exclusive Art Fair

Brafa Art Fair 2020

The 65th BRAFA, will take place from Sunday 26 January till 2 February 2020 at Tour & Taxis. There will be 133 galleries in all, the same number as last year, with some new names and several returning galleries.


True to its creed of eclecticism, quality and a mix of styles, Brafa 2020 will once again offer visitors a rich and varied line-up of some of the world’s best galleries, specialising in old, modern and contemporary art. Thanks to the vetting process, which is regarded as one of the strictest in the sector, the art fair will meet the high expectations of collectors and art lovers, enabling them to revisit the history of art, and its different periods and styles, on different continents. celebreMagazine is proud to announce to be Media Partner of this Extraordinary and Exclusive Art Fair.


The quality of an art fair is first and foremost defined by the quality of its exhibitors. In that sense, Brafa 2020 looks very promising, largely because the selection in the various segments at the art fair is both qualitative and strong. This means that visitors can expect to see works of only the highest quality, all the more so because the admission process for exhibits, that examines each work prior to the fair’s opening, is among the most rigorous in the sector. Brafa relies on a panel of 100 independent experts, checks by the Art Loss Register, and the services of a scientific laboratory specialising in the analysis of art objects, cultural and archaeological heritage, to perform various analyses onsite if the experts request this.


BRAFA’s Visitors have come to expect a different guest of honour every year. These have included international museums, foundations and artists, who have all added their own unique touch to the event. In 2020, the art fair is choosing an innovative approach, launching an unusual initiative on the occasion of the 65th BRAFA in the form of a charity sale of original segments of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Wall Brafa Art Fair 2020

These segments were already acquired in 2018, in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 2019. They were taken from the Hinterlandmauer, or the 68-km ‘inner wall’ that blocked off the border strip to East Berlin. The segments were dismantled by the armed forces of the former German Democratic Republic, or East Germany, during the demolition works following the fall of the Berlin Wall. They were subsequently acquired and re-used by a public works company that is based in a Berlin suburb. The segments, which are 3.8 m tall and 1.2 m wide, weighing 3.6 tons each, feature graffiti on both sides by anonymous street artists from different periods.


Compared with last year, Brafa will be welcoming eight new galleries, who will be exhibiting at the art fair for the first time, i.e., a relatively low turnover rate (6%), demonstrating the loyalty of its exhibitors:

– Antiquarium Ltd. (New York – archaeology);
– Paolo Antonacci (Rome – European paintings from the 18th and 19th C.);
– W. Apolloni Antichità (Rome – furniture, paintings and art objects from the 17th C.-19th C.); – Callisto Fine Arts (London – masterpieces of European sculptures and art objects);
– CLEARING (New York / Brussels – contemporary art);
– Nardi (Venice – jewellery);
– Rueb (Amsterdam – modern and contemporary art);
– Dalton Somaré (Milan – African and Hindu-Buddhist ancient art).

They will be joined by ten other galleries that are returning to the fair after one or more years of absence:

  • –  Bruil & Brandsma Works of Art (Amsterdam – antiquities and art objects from the 14th C.- 18th C.);
  • –  Galerie Jean-François Cazeau (Paris – modern paintings and sculptures);
  • –  Chamarande (Brussels – antique jewellery);
  • –  De Jonckheere (Geneva – old and modern masters);
  • –  Douwes Fine Art (Amsterdam – old masters);
  • –  Francis Janssens van der Maelen (Brussels – silverware);
  • –  Adrian Schlag (Brussels – tribal art);
  • –  Studio 2000 Art Gallery (Blaricum – Dutch paintings from the 20th Century);
  • –  Galerie Tanakaya (Paris – Japanese prints and antiquities);
  • –  M. F. Toninelli Art Moderne (Monaco – modern art).

8 Galleries from Switzerland
– Cortesi Gallery
(Lugano, CH / Milano IT / London UK ) – Modern and contemporary Art – Galerie von Vertes (Zurich) – Modern and contemporary Art
– Bailly Gallery (Geneva) – Modern and contemporary Art
– Galerie De Jonckheere (Geneva) – Old and modern Masters
– Galerie Grand-Rue Marie-Laure Rondeau (Geneva) Art from the 18th and 19th C.
– Opera Gallery (Geneva) – Modern and contemporary Art
– Galerie Schifferli (Geneva) – Art from the 20th C.
– Simon Studer Art Associés (Geneva) – Impressionist, modern and contemporary Art


Brafa, which covers twenty art disciplines ranging from archaeology to contemporary art, also strives to maintain an internal balance between each of these very diverse specialities, to ensure the art fair is as representative as possible. While the number of modern and contemporary artworks at this art fair, which has traditionally focused on ancient art, has definitely increased in recent years, ancient art is still very well represented and has a prominent presence at the fair. Just under half of the newcomers this year specialise in this category, including classical archaeology, old masters, furniture and artefacts. This reality is also indicative of the organisers’ intention to maintain a strong and competitive ancient art offering.


There is one major change compared with previous years. This year, the art fair will be open to the public from Sunday (26 January) till Sunday 2 February. The shorter duration should only have a limited impact on the number of visitors, of which Brafa had a record number last year (66,000 visitors, a new record, for the fifth consecutive year). Finally, 2020 is also an important anniversary for Brafa as this is the 65th year that the art fair is being organised. The anniversary will be celebrated with a unique and original event, to be announced soon by the organisers…

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The Jewelry dream called

The Spanish jewellery house Carrera y Carrera is a phantasmagorical world that in 134 years of its success story has shaped ultra precious jewellery conveyed by a glamorous dimension that feeds on memories and dreams.

The iconic-morphological construction of the design of the jewels is literally penetrated by the combinatorial experience that reserves unpredictable surprises of arabesque goldsmiths with complex esoteric symbols.

The aesthetic nomadism of Carrera design is the hallmark of sophisticated goldsmith solutions, such as the spectacular “Bestiario” and “Círculos” de Fuego capsule collections, high-end modular goldsmith’s fantasies that give life to twisted animal motif jewellery/fetish with dragon figures, eagle, snake, cheetah and crocodile, made by the skilled hands of highly specialized goldsmiths from the best Goldsmiths laboratories in the world, a craft excellence that in 2000 earned the brand the Medal of the Academy of Fine Arts in Russia.

Gioielli Carrera

The precious metals company has been widely internationalized since the late 1970s, opening branches in New York, Tokyo, Moscow and the United Arab Emirates, seducing the elite clientele of Celebrities.

Carrera y Carrera

The “Carrera y Carrera” luxury boutique in Madrid, with its windows in Calle Serrano, unravels an enchanted garden of dazzling goldsmith’s creations that dialogue and blend into numerous collections that range from the watch shaped like flower petals of the “Gardenias” line, based on floral references, to the “Mi musa” and “Peacock” collections,

Carrera y Carrera

The latter is signed by the symbolic peacock who boasts the magnificence of the set with necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet “Carnaval”, a composition that, in a waltz of sumptuous gems between diamonds, tsavoriti garnets, blue sapphires and iolite set in white gold, beautifully celebrate the beauty of a woman goddess, sophisticated and glamorous.

In the galvanized visionary talent signed Carrera y Carrera full of ancestral signs, you can pick up the echo of an archetypal language modulated by sculptor / goldsmith plants that dictate a “superfetation” of the concept of luxury of high iconic jewelry characterized by a dreamlike spirituality, primitive and a dreamy imagination of interfering emotions from the mythical flavor, impossible to avoid, because it captures the dreams of every woman.

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 by Anna Lorito

Wedding Luxury Awards: A Dream becomes Reality


Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

Two years after the great success of 2017, the magic of the Gala signed Weddings Luxury and Cira Lombardo returns, a special evening that will celebrate the ten years of activity of the magazine Weddings Luxury

For the New Edition 2019, on 14 November the Weddings Luxury Awards will be held in the heart of Naples, at the Mostra d’Oltremare, and once again will bring together all the excellence of Campania’s event organization and hospitality, for a unique event of its kind. During the evening, these talented professionals who over the years have given prestige to a growing sector, the organization will provide an award for the work done.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

Cira Lombardo is the true icon of Italian wedding planning. For suggestive weddings and the most beautiful parties in Italy, it is necessary to satisfy particular high-level needs. Cira is the successful businesswoman who has been able to transform her passion into a multifaceted job. The Event Creator is not only responsible for the management of all-round glamorous ceremonies but also juggles between television, social media, training courses and publishing.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

The theme of the event? “The Dream”

It’s easy to imagine why. Every special occasion, every wedding, every reception is a dream come true: at the Weddings Luxury Awards, guests will be the protagonists of that dream. They will experience the unrepeatable adventure of a journey to discover spectacular scenarios, performances, installations and twists and turns. To create this extraordinary event, the best expertise in the wedding sector in Campania will work side by side, under the guidance of Event Creator Cira Lombardo.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

We wanted to create something unique that would make you dream, but also reflect on the beauty and potential of our land, and we wanted to do it together”.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

So, the green light will be an explosion of flowers, tropical settings, enchanted gardens, giant hearts, sensory paths, rides and music. Room after room, story after story, each guest will walk through a dream world. Everything became possible thank to the dream of professionals who have made possible the realization of incredible events, the vision of hundreds of newlyweds who have experienced unrepeatable moments and the idea of Wedding Luxury and Cira Lombardo, which with this single party, finally becomes a reality.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner


Event Creator: Cira Lombardo.

Flower designers: L’Asso dei Fiori, Flover, Pichs Floral Design, Iris, Espedito Rusciano Flower Designer.

Food & Beverage: Sire Ricevimenti, Tenuta San Domenico, Savoy Beach Hotel, Mama casa in campagna, Drink Me, Lombardi Pasticceria, Lilia Ferraro Cakes&Events.

Entertainment: All Party, Puerta del Sol, Elisabeth, Raoul & Swing Orchestra, Forlenzo, Mirko Coppola, Elek3, Intrat, Swing Tonic, Casino Party feste ed eventi, Baracca dei buffoni, Tufano Fireworks, The blue gospel singers.

Photographers: Di Fiore Photographers, Pasquale Mallardo Reportage Photographer, Sabatino Maisto Photographer, Aragon Cover Photo, Morlotti Studio, Carmine Napolitano, Wedding Stories Fashion Studio, Ruggiero Battipaglia Fotografia.

Hair Style & Make Up: Ricci & Capricci by Marian, Francesco Riva, My Wedding Mirror.

Fittings & Services: Allestimenti Le Rose, G&G Party Service, AllestimentiD’ Errico, Staging Italia, Mediaintegrati, Fratelli Pizza S.r.l.

Car Hire: Gabo Global Service, Vega Luxury.

Media Partners: celebreMagazine, Imagine Paolo, Donna Tv, Mi sposo TV.

Special Thanks: Emò Italia, Papa Confetti & Cioccolato, Giada Curti Haute Couture, Azienda Agricola San Salvatore 1988, Eyder Design, DPL Candele, Napolitano Case, Lombardi Immobiliare.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

On the occasion of the Weddings Luxury Awards, the organization will offer a donation to charity to the Association Vita21.

Enjoy even more @ Cira Lombardo

Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge

The British manufacturer presents the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge, a special edition of the British luxury SUV featuring distinctive aesthetics and a more powerful engine.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge front

The British luxury manufacturer presents the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge, a special edition of the British SUV that joins the other models of this particular series, namely Dawn, Wraith and Ghost, with new aesthetic content and an engine now more powerful.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Black by side



Featuring a dark look (as well as hand-polished paint), featuring black Spirit of Ecstasy badges, frames, side trims and exhaust systems, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge features 22″ two-tone silver and black rims with red brake callipers behind them.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Black dashboard

The black monochrome is broken by yellow inserts, which we also find inside a cabin dominated by black coverings, carbon fibre inserts, optional Forged Yellow leather, a starry sky and a whole series of distinctive details.

Rolls Royce details


The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge has an updated version of the 6.8-litre V12, now capable of developing 600 hp of power and 900 Nm of torque, which is also capable of sounding much better thanks to controlling to ensure more magnificent sound to the exhaust. The “Intuitive Throttle” option allows the eight-speed transmission to return more aggressive shifts.

Rolls Royce wheel details

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by Alessandro Colombo

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Aston Martin AMB 001: Gaydon’s first bike

Aston Martin motorbike

The Aston Martin AMB 001 debuts in society at EICMA 2019, the first bike of the British manufacturer and that will built in a limited series of 100 units.
At EICMA 2019, the Gaydon-based company will be presenting the Aston Martin AMB 001, the English manufacturer’s first motorcycle is built in collaboration with Brough Superior and designed to explore new grounds for the historic British brand.

Aston Martin AMB 001

Designed to be produced in a limited edition of only 100 units, the Aston Martin AMB 001 finds its pulsating heart in a 180 hp turbocharged V-Twin engine. It stops the scale needle at 180 kg dry, thus ensuring a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1.

Aston Marting motorbike engine

This result is possible thanks to the carbon fibre frame, as well as by the use of titanium, aluminium and composite materials for many components of the bike, which from a technical point of view also shows a front fork with a double oscillating arm.

Aston Martin AMB 001


The model exhibited at EICMA 2019 of the Aston Martin AMB 001 is sell in Aston Martin Racing colour, i.e. in Sterling Green and Lime Essence, with wheels, forks and brakes in Matte Black and Oxford Tan leather saddle with hand stitching. It will be assembled at the Brough Superior plant in Tolos (France) and will on sale from the end of 2020 at about 108,000 euros.

Aston Martin Motorbike saddle

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by Alessandro Colombo

Gran Galà Arte Cinema and Impresa

Hotel Monaco and Grand Canal continue to hold the torch of the most prestigious, history-rich and luxurious establishment in Venice. To complete this idyllic scenery, the hotel welcomed in its midst one of the most expected events of the year: The Gran GalàArte Cinema and Impresa, organized by the Mazzoleni Foundation.

Gran GalàArte Cinema and Impresa

Mario Mazzoleni, patron of the foundation, chose the extravagant Sala del Ridotto, the most prominent space of the Monaco and Grand Canal hotel, to hold the fifth edition of this international event. Autumn in Venice never looked as glamorous as it did on the 12th of October 2019. When it comes to remarkable guests, this year’s edition made no exception.

Gran GalàArte VIP e ospiti

The guests

Gary Dourdan, famous for his role in the acclaimed Miami CSI Crime Scene Investigation series, went on stage to receive the Premio Fondazione Mazzoleni Award. Awarded were also the beautiful and dynamic Alba Paretti, but also singer Roberta Bonanno, along with many other personalities applauded by over 200 guests.

Gran GalàArte Gran GalàArte Cinema and Impresa premio

Awards and winners

The Artistic Committee of the Foundation has selected the most innovative entrepreneurs. This year, the Red Lions of San Marco went to Dario Austoni and Christian Raggi for the world of design and interior design. Gigliola Curiel and the Silv School of Bergamo were awarded for fashion, Claudio Almici for innovation in the animal food sector, Lorenzo Cerbone for construction and real estate area, Finella Di Prima for fine jewelry, Paola Donnini for journalism, Katia Brugnolo for an artistic project together with the Venetian Carnival, to Roberta De Paoli for contemporary art, and to Chiara Giovanelli for emerging talent of Music.

Gran GalàArte tavoli per invitati

The special prize went to Sister Rosalina Ravasio, founder of the Shalom Community of Brescia, who assisted more than three hundred boys, helping them out of addiction and abusive behaviour.

The fashion show, organized by the students of Silv School, turned out charming and lovely. A superb violinist, Florin Banda, amazed the audience with his songs while the Glamor Ballet of Rome offered the audience an astonishing performance.

Gran Gala show

Piazza San Marco in Venice, this unforgettable setting, has been the backdrop of this magnificent event. The philanthropist couple and founders of the Mazzoleni Foundation, Simona and Mario Mazzoleni, created an iconic event to thank and award the Made in Italy Excellence.

Gran GalàArte palco e ospiti

Gala Arte Cinema and Impresa means engaging in glamour, entertainment, class, and the emotion to see extraordinary people recognized for their talent.

by Claudia Ciclovan

Christoger Woll

When observing a painting by the contemporary artist Cristopher Wool, one cannot help but be fascinated by so much inspiration and originality. Wool is a worthy representative of modern art, an innovator who breaks with the patterns of the past, inventing a unique and particular way of painting.

Christofer Wool painting

Born in Chicago in 1955 and currently living and working in New York, he is one of the most highly regarded living abstract painters in the world. Over the years he has been able to put into practice a series of distinctive techniques, concerning the visual representation of language and colour through abstraction. For this reason, he is the best-known artist for his graphic paintings of black and white words.

Christofer Woll with his painting

The innovation lies in the fact that he has considered painting as a medium, deliberately detaching himself from historical conventions and using it as a critical tool. He is famous for his paintings of large black letters printed on white canvases. The painter began to create these paintings made of words around the ’80s and the inspiration as he tells us came from observing a graffito painted on a white truck.

Christofer Wool creation

In 1988 he presented with his colleague artist Robert Gobert at the 303 Gallery one of his first exhibitions, and a collaborative installation that included Apocalypse Now: a work that reproduces some words from the film Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola. Cristopher Wool’s way of painting based on silkscreen printing; in his abstract works, he brings together figures and disfigured figures, drawing and painting, spontaneous impulses and bright ideas.

Christofer Wool painting

Christofer Wool’s Exhibition

Wool’s irreverent and original canvases have been exhibited all over the world, in fact, there are many museums where they have made stops including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and the Kunsthalle Basel in Switzerland. In 2009 he exhibited at the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst am Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, and in 2012 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. From 25 October 2013 to 22 January 2014, a retrospective of Wool’s work was on display at the Guggenheim Museum in
New York City and the Art Institute of Chicago in spring 2014.

Besides, the paintings of Wool’s Word made between the late 80s and early 2000s are the most sought after pieces on the art market. Cristopher Wool is one of those artists who never cease to amaze, each of his works is unique and rare, as it can convey that irreverent and innate originality typical of what is in effect a genius of art.

Enjoy even more @ Christoper Wool
by Stefania Abbruzzo

Wally Power 118

Built-in 2002, the Wally Power 118 is a classic example of a luxury yacht that never ages. Brought to the forefront of cinema in 2005 with the film ‘The Island’, in which it has presented in the guise of ‘Renovatio’.

The luxury boat still amazes us today, thanks to its bold, neat and sharp forms (so iconic that the MV Agusta took inspiration for a limited series of Brutale). Wally Power 118 is almost like a stealth-fighter, rather than a sumptuous boat.

Wally Power 118 front

36 meters long, 9 meters wide and 95 tons strong, Wally Power is more like an FPB (Fast Patrol Boat) than a superyacht with all the comforts.

We all should remember that the yacht comes from a brand owned by the Ferretti Group, it has a lower section of the fairing in solid fiberglass, while the upper part (from the waterline up) is built with a composite of carbon fibre and glass: all to ensure lightness and stability.

Wally Power 118 interior design

This extraordinarily luxurious and extremely unique superyacht has three DDC TF50 gas turbines capable of developing 16,800 hp of power. Wally 118 flanked by two 370 hp Cummins diesel auxiliary engines designed to ensure manoeuvrability in confined spaces. The maximum speed is 65 knots, while the promised range (guaranteed by 22,000 litres of fuel tank) is 380 nautical miles.

Wally Power 118 yacht front

One thousand two hundred litres of freshwater provide on-board services in rooms designed to accommodate up to six guests plus as many crew members. Guests can enjoy a master-suite, two bedrooms with guest bathrooms and cabins for the staff, plus a kitchen that makes extensive use of aluminium surfaces.

Wally Power 118 - Yacht front

The external design conveys the joint signature of Wally, Luca Bassani and Lazzarini Pickering, as well as the style of the interiors. It also has a tender on-board and an inflatable boat to reach the shore in places where it is not possible to dock the yacht. Whether exclusive style and desire to show off are among your priorities this is still the yacht for you, even after many years!

Enjoy even more @ Motori Di Lusso

by Alessandro Colombo

Palazzo Margherita – The Essence of Italy Revealed

Palazzo Margherita

If you look closely at the boot-shape of Italy, you will notice a small gap between the tip and the heel. That spot is Basilicata, a heaven made of green lands and beautiful seashores. Well, you must know that the ancient Greeks were the first to notice this place, long before the Roman era, thus the region was part of the Hellenic Magna Graecia.

Palazzo Margherita by night

Closer to our times, in 1892, a famous Italian family, the Margherita Family, chose the small town of Bernalda in Matera (one of the two provinces that make up Basilicata), to build a beautiful place that today is just as impressive as it was on the day it was built: Palazzo Margherita. For a long time, the Palazzo belonged to the Margherita family, up until the 21st Century, when Palazzo Margherita enchanted with its history-rich uniqueness the iconic filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola who decided to buy the property in 2004. For Francis, the building is, in a way, a return to the roots, because Bernalda is the home town of his grandfather, Agostino Coppola, who often reminisced with nostalgia and affection the places of his childhood.

Palazzo Margherita breakfast room

When Francis bought the Palazzo Margherita, he intended to turn it into an opulent Italian boutique hotel, aiming to attract visitors, thus putting the spotlight on this still unexplored region. And so, he did. After getting the property, Francis completely renovated it with help from lauded French designer Jacques Grange. The coquette hotel is very intimate, designed more like a luxurious family retreat, featuring only nine suites.

Palazzo Margherita patio

Because Francis wished for the Palazzo to be a place where his children would always want to return, he asked them for ideas about its design. And it was brilliant. The suites are nothing alike. Although elegant and exquisitely designed, each one has their own style, one more beautiful than the other, different and part of the same concept at the same time. The main characteristic of the suites is space. The rooms are large with high ceilings, but in a way that does not overwhelm and creates the feeling of a home away from home, complete with everything you need.

Sofia's suite @ Palazzo Margherita

Luxurious comfort is the main feature Palazzo Margherita, from the floral wallpaper, the hammam and chroma-therapy bathrooms of the Sofia suite (Francis’s daughter), to the North African influences of the suite designed by Francis himself, as homage to his grandmother’s Tunisian roots.

Palazzo Margherita Sofia's suite

The spacious bathrooms take the same line of design, marble, coloured stoneware and glass, offering the opulent comfort feeling of the ancient emperor’s baths. The technology blends perfectly with the design concept of the Palazzo Margherita boutique hotel, the modern equipment syncing harmoniously with the 19th-century appearance of the iconic edifice. The dining experience in Palazzo Margherita is unique! Although the selection of bars is quite vast for a hotel of its size (Cinecitta Bar, Family Bar, Pool Bar), the Eat-in-Kitchen restaurant is what guests will remember about: originally designed as a family home, the hotel features a big kitchen where guests can enjoy a family-like dinner.

Palazzo Margherita dining room

The dishes cooked in the intimate atmosphere are typical from the Basilicata region (although the menus offer many other international recipes). And the gourmet addicted can even take part in organized courses in which the traditional techniques can be carried away at the end of the journey beyond the borders of Bernalda. Francis Ford Coppola is not only a legendary director but he is also endowed with a perfect artistic sense. His genius transformed the already iconic Palazzo Margherita building into an exclusive attraction where you can experience Italy like a genuine “Italiano Vero”!

Enjoy even more @ Palazzo Margherita

by Claudia Ciclovan

Ferrari Roma

It’s called Ferrari Roma, and it’s the new two-seater coupé of the Prancing Horse with which the Maranello-based company further expands its exclusive and very interesting price list.

Ferrari Roma interior

Designed to homage to the Italian Dolce Vita, the Ferrari Roma is driven by a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 placed in the front-central position, capable of developing 620 hp and 760 Nm of torque, and flanked by an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It starts from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h in 9.3 seconds and exceeds 320 km/h top speed.

Ferrari Roma

With a dry weight of 1,472 kg, a length of 4,656 mm, a width of 1,974 mm, a height of 1,301 mm and a wheelbase of 2,670 mm, the Ferrari Roma has adaptive LED light clusters, flush door handles and a much sought-after dashboard with numerous digital elements inside.

Ferrari Roma interior

The interior of the Ferrari Roma shows off a sporty and refined dashboard with many digital elements and innovative solutions.

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by Alessandro Colombo

Culture, Interior Design, Style

Chaise Longue: Le Corbusier’s Relaxing Machine

Chaise Longue

October 6th, 1887 marks the birth of one of the greatest architects to date: Charles-Édouard Jeanneret. Architect, painter, writer and urban planner. Known as Le Corbusier (the name he chose after an alteration of his grandfather’s name Lecorbésier) he will become the pioneer of modern architecture, managing to influence and inspire even the 21st-century art scene.

Le Courbusier in his office

Born in a family of artists (his mother was a musician and piano teacher, and his father a painter of watch dials), he left school when he was 13 because “schools were very mean in the past, they were no fun.” Instead he attended Arts Décoratifs at La Chaux-de-Fonds where he learned to engrave watch faces and enamelling, just like his father did. Here he met L’Eplattenier, a swiss painter and architect that created the Swiss version of Art Nouveau, and that would remain the only teacher for him, as he later stated. L’Eplattenier guided Le Corbusier through studies of art history, the naturalist aesthetics of art nouveau and drawing, and insisted that he learned architecture. He was the one that got him, his first commissions as an architect, working on local projects.

Le Courbusier Villa

Le Corbusier went on self-teaching himself architecture by reading books, visiting museums and sketching buildings on his trips through Europe. His travels played a crucial role in defining of his vision, allowing him to observe classic architecture and the way culture blends into it. He was one of the founders of Purism, a concept that favoured the representation of objects as pure forms with no details. He was also the promoter of affordable prefabricated housing, with open space and no obstructive support poles, so that the interior and exterior walls would be free from structural constraints.

The structure raised from the ground and placed on support pillars, with a roof garden terrace, horizontal ribbon windows and no ornaments on the façade, would come to define the modern architecture. Le Corbusier’s green roofs were meant to give back to nature the space occupied by the building, a concept that gained popularity in the 21st-century. In 2016, UNESCO named 17 architectural works of Le Corbusier as World Heritage. One of the most emblematic buildings he ever designed is the Villa Savoye in Poissy, France, a structure that embodies the whole 5 Points of Architecture as defined by Le Corbusier. A controversial and polemic character, Le Corbusier was invited to lecture in Rome in 1934, by the Italian fascist prime minister Benito Mussolini, and met with Alfred Einstein in 1964 at Princeton University.

Chaise Longue LC4 chair by Le Corbusier

But he established himself as a complex artist and his works have never benn limited to architecture. In 1928, along with Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, he designed the Chaise Longue LC4 chair, part of an avant-garde collection in Paris. The design was unique, unlike anything ever made before. The ergonomic shape followed the natural position of the body, and it is considered a landmark in the history of modern furniture. It would be only in 1965 that the chair became famous, thanks to Cassina, the renowned Italian manufacturer. The LC4 Chaise Longue, for the first-time, have had the human body at the center of the concept: making relaxation the main feature of the seemingly simple and ingenious design. Le Corbusier’s Relaxing Machine Chaise Longue will be since then regarded as a “relaxing machine”, one of the most notorious pieces of furniture designed by Le Corbusier.

Chaise Longue LC4 chair

People mostly reject change, as it is hard to come out of the comfort zone and set aside stereotypes. But that did not stop Le Corbusier. He stormed into the world with his out-of-the-box vision, becoming the Picasso of architecture and the emblem of modernity.

by Claudia Ciclovan

Giuseppe Mandile Jewelry

Giuseppe Mandile Jewellery are unique pieces of sophistication design and its style marks a refined totemic aesthetic. Giuseppe Mandile success story start in 1922 and is the result of many years between gold and silver craftmanship. Strong of its own cultural heritage, handed down from one generation to another, the brand is now lead by Giuseppe Mandile, eclectic artisan and designer.

Giuseppe Mandile Jewelry

Mandile, with hyperbolic virtuosity, in his laboratory of jewellery that still exists in Naples, in Via Tito Angelini 14, creates jewellery that resemble real sculptures. The unique textures and intricate patterns appeal to an attentive audience, who wants to feel unique, yet demanding the best quality possible. The rigorous craft and details perfection are amazing and actually tangible in his creation.

Giuseppe Mandile Jewelry, exclusiv rings

His collections are a mix of mechanical constructions, asymmetries and abstract aerodynamic artifices that range from armor necklaces and cuff bracelets, to earrings and rings with baroque pearls and hard stones (carnelian, amethyst, green agate, natural quartz, coral and turquoise).

Giuseppe Mandile's jewelry creations

A creative projection of a symbolism that suggests permanence, duration and eternity, wandering a substrate of sublimation towards everything related to the body, to the evolution of the “eternal feminine“.

The new “Galaxìas” line has a perfectly symmetrical parure (necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet) with a dynamic tension construction system. Small inner cores mark it in an intersection with modular curves and orbital interlacings reflecting a centrifugal and centripetal force with a powerful visual impact.

Jewelry by Giuseppe Mandile

Dynamism and professionalism, in a virtuous circle, have allowed branding to grow, travelling in sync with the development of best practices. Quality certification and know-how: from the process and product innovation to the packaging details. The overall strategic management, together with international marketing communication, in line with the expansion of the business plan, confirm the fast path of the brand towards internationalization. The archetypal power of Giuseppe Mandile’s jewellery represents a must that symbolizes and promises craftsmanship, beside quality.

Necklace and bracelet by Giuseppe Mandile

It is inspired by a character and a particular ideal of beauty and preciousness, aimed at the dreamy woman who loves to be stylish . It feels like she is discovering a treasure and is eager to find more. A “totem” jewel that spread a contagious totalizing dimension in the name of a sparkling femininity that stresses the mission for exclusive elegance.

Enjoy even more @ Giuseppe Mandile
by Anna Lorito

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Maria Kononov – The Great Talent of a Child Prodigy

Maria Kononov

MariaKononov is a child prodigy of the millennial art generation. Born in 1997 in New Jersey, USA, Maria’s creative spirit urged her to lay hands on paper and pencil and to start drawing at the age of three. Needless to mention that at an age when other children do not even know how to hold a pencil in their hand, Maria managed to draw and then cut-out from paper, shapes of dogs and horses to play with. Her talent could not go unnoticed, and soon, the children from her kindergarten began queuing up, asking Maria for drawings of their favourite animals.

Maria Kononov

The step from pencil to watercolour was short, and Maria started painting without any formal guidance. After different stages of experimentation with techniques, colours and types of paper, the transition to painting on canvas was a natural step, arising from a call to Maria’s true destiny. The works of Maria’s artistic beginnings focus on the animals as the central theme. The colours are vivid, with a strong visual impact, and the shapes illustrate the innocence of the child Maria in the vision projected on the canvas. Dogs, horses, scenes from different moments of the seasons loaded with typical games of childhood, all fill the art of this rare talent, managing to convey the same joy to the viewers.

Painting by Maria Kononov

As she matures, Maria’s creations get the contours of a young adult, who discovers the surrounding world, and begins to physically transpose on canvas her own beliefs and visions, almost as if the pieces of her growing personality takes shape in each painting. It is a rare privilege to take part in the exhibition of an eight-year-old artist, the age when Maria Kononov exhibited her art for the first time in Brussels. The talented young Maria has an impressive list of awards and exhibitions, all the more extraordinary given the fact that she is only 22 years old. From 2007 to 2012, we can trace her original art to Belgium, Russia, England, Australia, France, Germany, Austria or Italy.

Maria Kononov's painting

But she does not limit herself to one passion. Maria is involved with the world of fashion design, illustrations and sculpture, computer graphics, and a special personal project: Life Stimulus. The latter was inspired by her grandfather Vladimir Naidin, who used to hang her paintings in the hospital where he worked as a doctor. Seeing how these paintings were lifting the spirits of even the most hopeless people, gave her this brilliant idea: to guide the children from the hospital through painting, and then gather their creations and frame them into a single piece that would adorn the hospital’s walls.

Painting by Maria Kononov

Her talent is so great and promising, that the Majid Foundation from Switzerland took her under its wing just like they do with young artists who need guidance. The Majid Foundation is founded on the principle of offering the opportunity to young people so that they can express their passion, originality and creation, true to themselves. The words are useless when it comes to an artist as promising as Maria Kononov. All we have to do is wait for her to reveal herself to us, little by little, through her everlasting creations.

Maria Kononov's paintings

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by Claudia Ciclovan

Wedding Luxury Award

An angelic face adorned with a smile that seems to have no end. This is what strikes you when you first look at Cira Lombardo. A successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience, Cira Lombardo is the most renowned wedding planner and event organizer in Italy.

Cira’s success is due, first of all, to her unparalleled passion for the profession she chose, and not least to the hard work behind the luxurious curtains of her events. To crown these achievements, both personal and by colleagues of the field, Cira organized in 2017 an event that would have a resounding echo long after its completion: The Weddings Luxury Awards.
Cira Lombardo - Weddings Luxury Awards

The triumph of the first event led to a new edition on the 14th of November 2019, housed in the heart of Naples, in the most important exhibition center of the city, Mostra d’Oltremare.

Weddings Luxury Awards

Words fail to describe such a glamorous event, accompanied by music, luxury and recognition awards. The Wedding Luxury Awards was also an opportunity for the 10-year celebration of the Wedding Luxury magazine, as well as for reuniting the most acclaimed professionals in the wedding planning field.

Wedding Luxury Award

During the event, aspects specific to the field of activity of the present personalities were discussed, with details that emphasized a continually expanding business, which generates impressive turnover.

Wedding Luxury Award bartender

According to ISTAT (National Institute of Statistics) and Centro Studi Turistici Toscano (Tuscan Tourist Studies Center), this trade is worth around 1.5 billion euros in Italy, thus not only contributing significantly to the country’s economy but also fuelling a targetted tourism. If we take into consideration the foreign couples that decide to get married in Italy, the estimated revenue brought to the wedding Industry rises up to around 5.5 billion euros.

Wedding Luxury Award entertainment

It appears that one of the most sought-after regions chosen by the foreigners is the southwestern Italy region Campania. The wedding sector plays an essential role in the creation of jobs in Italy because it involves experts from other fields interconnected. Weddings Luxury Awards talked about almost 70 companies engaged in the business, from flower designers and providers to fitters, charterers, catering and artists. Some of the numbers mentioned were incredible: the flowers used for the preparations, for example, had 10.000 dahlias, 30.000 hydrangeas, 60.000 roses, 10.000 phalaenopsis and 25.000 chrysanthemums!

Wedding Luxury Award - Vino San Salvatore

Incredible was also the selection of the food and beveraged that delighted the guests of the gala. The wine was all from San Salvatore 1988, one of the most important winery of Italy that has offered its Gioì sparkling rosè, the wine prized as “best organic rosè of the world”.

Savoy Beach Hotel for Wedding Luxury Award

The food was produced by the chefs of the Savoy Beach Hotel in Paestum,  the hotel that is the temple of hospitality among the ancient ruins of Paestum and that has been the venue for many weddings signed by Cira Lombardo. The Savoy has created a menu based on the excellent ingredients of the Campania region: buffalo cheese, tomatoes and fresh fish.

Wedding Luxury Award entertainment

Statistics have played an essential role in highlighting the magnitude of these events that involve the careful organization and precise coordination so that the result can create the only thing that matters in the end: a memory for a lifetime. The Weddings Luxury Awards was also an opportunity to raise awareness towards the less fortunate represented by the Vita 21 association. Founded in 2013, in Catania, Vita 21 supports the families of children suffering from Down Syndrome, helping them to understand and accept the diagnosis, but also to facilitate the integration of the children in schools, among many other programs. Among the guests of exception of the evening were famous stylists, celebrities and the director of the VBBFW (Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week) Estermaria Laruccia, arrived from Barcelona to take part in the event.

Wedding Luxury Award - Cira Lombardo

The Weddings Luxury Awards’ theme was “The Dream”, because every special event, every wedding, every reception is a dream come true. Perhaps the words spoke by Cira Lombardo describe best the message of the Weddings Luxury Awards: “Behind every great company, there are great men and great women, and together we are stronger “.

Wedding Luxury Award music and entertainment

The Dream Team

Event Creator: Cira Lombardo.

Flower designers: L’Asso dei Fiori, Flover, Pichs Floral Design, Iris, Espedito Rusciano Flower Designer.

Food & Beverage: Sire Ricevimenti, Tenuta San Domenico, Savoy Beach Hotel, Mama casa in campagna, Drink Me, Lombardi Pasticceria, Lilia Ferraro Cakes&Events.

Entertainment: All Party, Puerta del Sol, Elisabeth, Raoul & Swing Orchestra, Forlenzo, Mirko Coppola, Elek3, Intrat, Swing Tonic, Casino Party feste ed eventi, Baracca dei buffoni, Tufano Fireworks, The blue gospel singers.

Photographers: Di Fiore Photographers, Pasquale Mallardo Reportage Photographer, Sabatino Maisto Photographer, Aragon Cover Photo, Morlotti Studio, Carmine Napolitano, Wedding Stories Fashion Studio, Ruggiero Battipaglia Fotografia.

Hair Style & Make Up: Ricci & Capricci by Marian, Francesco Riva, My Wedding Mirror.

Fittings & Services: Allestimenti Le Rose, G&G Party Service, AllestimentiD’ Errico, Staging Italia, Mediaintegrati, Fratelli Pizza S.r.l.

Car Hire: Gabo Global Service, Vega Luxury.

Media Partners: celebreMagazine, Imagine Paolo, Donna Tv, Mi sposo TV.

Special Thanks: Emò Italia, Papa Confetti & Cioccolato, Giada Curti Haute Couture, Azienda Agricola San Salvatore 1988, Eyder Design, DPL Candele, Napolitano Case, Lombardi Immobiliare.

Enjoy even more @ Cira Lombardo
by Claudia Ciclovan

The Ritz Hotel London

The brand of the spirit of modern luxury tourism once again after 113 years ferries the elite travelers in a phantasmagorical destination, the quintessence of the temple of hospitality, The Hotel Ritz, a monumental building in neoclassical style, which insists majestic and overlooking the Royal Green Park in the famous 150 Piccadilly, boasting 136 elegant rooms mainly in Louis XVI style, including 112 rooms and 24 deluxe suites.

The Ritz Hotel London

The Haute hôtellerie embodied by the Ritz is due to the action of the Swiss entrepreneur César Ritz who, in the middle of the Belle Époque, encouraged the propulsive development of the hotel industry by founding in London in May 1906 the first Grand Hotel Ritz, an imposing structure rich in architectural elements similar to other buildings in the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, including an earlier Hotel Ritz built in 1898, which has an identical portico to the London one.

The Ritz Hotel London

The Hotel is currently owned by the hotel holding company Constellation Hotels, part of the Qatar Emirate’s fund, purchased in 2015 by the Barclay brothers who sold the hotel along with the other two prestigious London hotels, The Berkeley and The Connaught. The sublimation of the Ritz Hotel, of which it remains a marked personification at a symbolic-cultural level as an emblematic and attractive place, is still enshrouded in the ancient sentimental spirit that animated its founder, and continues in an ‘ordo amoris’, to aggregate the new post-modern tribes of luxury travelers by transporting them to the luxurious structure.

The Ritz Hotel London

The architectural magnificence of the hotel, in which each room enjoys a magnificence with attention to detail, beyond a valued codification of the basic services, the services that remain the essential factors of excellence that distinguish the hospitality unfold in a varied range of comforts including: Butler’s layout, Wi-Fi help, recreational services of the fitness center, meeting rooms and events, banquet rooms and wedding receptions where to celebrate dream weddings surrounded by an atmosphere marked by an aristocratic theatricality.

The Ritz Hotel London

It is also the only London hotel to offer a private casino. In 2002, The Ritz London was awarded the Royal Warrant by the Prince of Wales, a prestigious award that it enjoys with a touch of pride, winning the absolute record of excellence for its refined banqueting and catering services.

The Ritz Hotel London

The opulence of the Art Deco rooms is a corollary to the starry Ritz restaurant, which offers a gourmet cuisine that is both delicious and refined, with the plus and soft service given on Fridays and Saturdays with the “Live at the Ritz“, an effervescent musical entertainment that entertains guests, not to mention the institutional ritual of afternoon tea and the fresh cocktails of the Rivoli Bar to be sipped at the enchanting and exclusive Club Palm Court. Staying overnight at The Ritz means embarking on a memorable initiatory journey, enjoying a welcome that is spectacular and sacralised by the strength and ability to excite and amaze guests.

The Ritz Hotel London

The ethical-aesthetic atmosphere of The Ritz embodies a perfect mechanism of seduction and fascination of the reception in which they are summarized: exhibition, display, desire for imitation and inclusion, which dictate an exclusivity of participation in an intense social life, strong of a powerful symbolic charge and a crystallization of common emotions that are projected into the collective imagination, giving it an aura of magic and a collective aesthetic thrill that is very difficult to escape.

The Ritz Hotel

Enjoy even more @ The Ritz Hotel London

by Anna Lorito

Luxury Villa in Lugano

Luxury Villa in Lugano: a beautiful property, finely renovated in 2014 and superlatively furnished, with an astonishing lake of the view. Approx. 450 sqm living area, with 4/5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, surrounded by an amazing garden of about 3’000 sqm.

The villa is composed as follows:

Ground floor: entrance, open space kitchen Ernesto Medaappliances Gaggenau, direct exit to the main garden, dining area in front of the kitchen, large living room with fireplace and full lake and city views, gym / winter garden adjacent to the living room with access to the pool area, office and dressing room with two large closets, guest bathroom.

Luxury Villa in Lugano

Upper level: double bedroom with twin walk-in closet, large bathroom with bath, shower, double sink and bidet, bathroom with shower accessed directly from the walk-in closet, bedroom with 160 cm bed and wardrobes overlooking the pool and mountains.

Luxury Villa in Lugano for Sale

First lower level: TV / video game room, guest bedroom bed 180 cm, en-suite bathroom with shower, boys bedroom bed 140 cm, ensuite bathroom with shower, exit from the TV room to the pool full lake view.

Luxury Villa in Lugano dining room

Second lower level: three cellars, large sauna 4 pax, room at the exit of the sauna, bathroom for the sauna with shower, large closet, large games room with sofa bed and exit to the terrace full lake view, kitchen in the lower area with oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and hob), laundry and boiler, tank room.

Luxury Villa in Lugano kitchen and dining room

Garage for 4 cars, pantry for outside supplies, space for 5 outdoor parking lots, main garden 2’400 sqm of which 800 flat lawn with large deck of 65 sqm in teak; the remaining 1’600 sqm are used as a terraced olive grove with some fruit trees and rows of vines.

Garden pool area of approx. 300 square meters, full lake view, in total privacy.

Property on sale @ Price on Request
For Info or Enquires realestate@celebremagazine.world

Fountain Pen Caran d'Ache

The invention of writing is one of the most essential steps in the record of the history of mankind because it allowed societies to communicate and transmit information and knowledge. From rock paintings to engravings or hieroglyphs, people have slowly switched to using finer instruments, which make messages or inscriptions easier to record and transmit, but also more precise.

Fountain Pen Caran d'Ache

And one of the most effective writing tools that man has invented over time is the fountain pen. Why do I say that? Because from the quill you had to dip hundreds of times in the ink to the reservoir pen, it took hundreds of years of testing. The outcome? An instrument with high autonomy, which you could easily carry and use without the need for other tools.

Of all the incredible models of fountain pens that were invented and patented, Caran D’Ache 1010 Diamonds Limited Edition Fountain Pen is probably the one that makes the loudest statement. Emmanuel Poiré was a French Satirist and political cartoonist of the 19th-century, known under the pseudonym Caran D’Ache (the word karandash means pencil in Russian). Regarded as the precursor of the Comic Strips, he would later inspire the name of the world-renowned Swiss company that manufactures writing instruments Caran D’Ache.

Caran d'Ache

Founded in 1915 in Geneva as the Fabrique genevoise de crayons, by Arnold Schweitzer (who purchased Ecridor Pencil Factory in 1915), the company was renamed Caran D’Ache in 1924.

Many pencil inventions were patented by Caran D’Ache, all revolutionary and one-of-a-kind. Such was the Fixpencil in 1929, watercolour Prismaio in 1931, the Neocolor in 1952 and the iconic office metal ballpoint pen 849. The introduction of the 1010 Diamonds Limited Edition Fountain Pen is by far the most spectacular writing tool that has ever existed. Created in homage to the Swiss Haute Horlogerie, the 1010 line takes its name after the time in which the hands of the dial show ten past ten. The pen is made of 18k solid white gold encrusted with over 850 diamonds, with three different cutting styles: brilliant, emerald and baguette-cut. The cap of the 1010 Diamonds assembly recalls the teeth of a watch gear.

Caran d'Ache

There are twenty-six lines of baguette-cut diamonds mounted one by one that cascade down the hood. And as a further touch of refinement, the stones alternate with each other in lines of diamonds set in the opposite direction to reveal the base of the diamond. The clock-shaped clip features the Caran D’Ache monogram and the body of the fountain pen, also inspired by watches, is worked with 150 emerald-cut diamonds. The fountain pen is the most expensive in the world at a price of… One Million Dollars.

Caran D'ache

The Caran D’Ache Diamonds Limited Edition is more than just a luxurious writing tool. It is a piece of jewellery, an investment, and more than anything a declaration of elite status. There are many examples of “the world’s most expensive” objetcs, but the Caran D’Ache Diamonds Limited Edition is by far the most spectacular.

Enjoy even more @ Caran D’Ache

by Claudia Ciclovan

McLaren Elva

The British manufacturer presented the McLaren Elva, “Barchetta” the Ultimate Series range with an 815 hp V8 heart. The Woking-based company has disclosed their latest creation: the last addition to the Ultimate Series range which is also a tribute to the 1960s McLaren-Elva M1A designed by Bruce McLaren.

McLaren Elva dashboard

With its refined aesthetic and engineering solutions, McLaren Elva is the lightest road car ever produced in the history of the McLaren Automotive brand. It is a two-seater boat that uses an active air management system (AAMS Active Air Management System, the first of its kind patented in the world) to protect occupants by manipulating airflow.

McLaren Elva by side

Designed by Bruce McLaren as a tribute to the Elva M1A of the 60s, McLaren Elva is a two-seater, heart-shaped 815hp V8 boat. The heart and soul of this car is a 4.0-litre double turbocharged V8 capable of developing 815 hp of power, flanked in operation by a seven-speed gearbox, thus allowing the British boat to go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 6.7 seconds.

McLaren Elva front

The exhaust system is made of inconel and titanium, the car-body is in carbon fiber and the active aerodynamics is worth mentioning, while the hydraulic suspensions are connected to an electro-hydraulic steering.

McLaren Elva speed car

Digital technology is the real hero inside the car. Besides an infotainment system with an 8.0″ screen, there is also a rear tonneau capable of holding two helmets inside. McLaren Elva will be sold in a limited edition of 399 copies. The cost, on the Italian market, opens up to Euro 1,737,731. Deliveries will start in 2020.

McLaren Elva details

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by Alessandro Colombo

Baur au Lac hotel Zurich

Less than a month away from the Christmas holidays is the right opportunity to treat themselves with a break away from the routine, the stress, the hustle and bustle of working days. Taking a holiday is one of the most coveted desires. Still, it is also true that travelling for many has now become a way of life, more and more often we move for work. The era of globalization has allowed us to cross borders, bringing together different realities.

Often it happens to those working in the hotel industry to meet the complex needs of many professionals and managers. Zurich is a fascinating and multifaceted city, located in the heart of Switzerland. It attracts many tourists and people in business as well, it is a young and enterprising city, clean, fashionable and trendy.

Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich

Right on the shores of Lake Zurich, surrounded by a large park, a stone’s throw from the shopping street Bahnhofstrasse, in a privileged and unique position that you will find the famous 5 Star Hotel “Baur au Lac”. It has 119 rooms plus suites equipped with every comfort, completely renovated with a unique and refined style, is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city.

Hotel Baur au Lac hall

Richard Wagner presented the first act of the Valkyrie in this hotel, singing himself accompanied on the piano by his stepfather Franz Liszt. Meeting at Baur au Lac, the Baroness Bertha von Suttner persuaded the Swedish Alfred Nobel to establish an international prize for peace.

Hotel Baur au Lac Restaurant

Aware of having a glorious history behind it, this well-known hotel has been able to renew itself without betraying its onw nature: combining high technology, design, excellent cuisine, with a modern spa and an innovative vocation for well-being. As far as gastronomy is concerned, guests at the Baur au Lac will find everything they could want. Two restaurants, a terrace and a bar, are available to guests. Then, Pavilion restaurant, 2 Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points, enjoys an excellent international reputation thanks to its exquisite cuisine and wine list.

Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich

Pavillon serves seasonal dishes for lovers of exquisite food. The winery offers wines in a line worthy of the best wineries. In an almost rural atmosphere, immersed in the Mediterranean charm of the restaurant, surrounded by redwoods, in the park owned by the hotel, you can enjoy a great business lunch or a romantic dinner. Baur au Lac Terrasse, on the other hand, is the most exclusive place in Zurich to spend warm summer days and pleasant evenings. Refreshing cocktails and chilled champagne served as an aperitif from morning until midnight, by an attentive staff who serve snacks or light meals in a cosmopolitan and extravagant setting.

Hotel Baur au Lac garden

In the morning, in the People’s Hall of Baur au Lac, you can feel a working ferment. “Le Hall” completes the gastronomic offer, with tea at five o’clock, an aperitif in the late afternoon and a drink for the evening. Good food, elegant furnishings, attention to detail! For body care and fitness enthusiasts there is a Fitness Club area with a spectacular view of the lake and the Alps. Under the guidance of experienced and professional personal trainers, you can practice an excellent indoor and outdoor training.

Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich

It is also possible to use rooms for meetings or banquets, business center, beauty salon, hairdresser, garage, limousine service of course on request. Although Baur au Lac remains excellence, it never ceases to amaze, distinguishing itself for its hospitality and professionalism, a feather in the cap of the evolved and always avant-garde Switzerland.

Hotel Baur au Lac junior suite bathroom

Enjoy even more @ Hotel Baur au Lac
by Stefania Abbruzzo

Rolex Bao Dai

It is quite common that when hearing the name Rolex, the standard reaction will be a superlative expression. As is the case with the legendary Rolex Bao Dai Reference 6062, the most expensive Rolex watch ever sold at auction for $5,060,427. The watch belonged to the 13th and last Emperor of the dynasty Nguyễn of Vietnam, His Majesty Nguyễn Phúc Vĩnh Thụy. He was granted the title Bao Dai (Keeper of Greatness) at the age of 12, when he ascended the throne in 1925. It is said that in 1954, at a gathering of the world’s superpowers in Geneva Convention, Switzerland, the Emperor went out for a stroll and walked into a famous Rolex retailer across the street, Chronomètrie Philippe Beguin. The Emperor then asked, in a regal manner, as only crowned heads could do, for the rarest and most precious watch ever made. After dismissing several watch models shown by the seller, he was presented with an extraordinary yellow gold Rolex reference 6062, black dial and diamond markers for the even hours. 

Bao Dai watch by Rolex

Bai Dai was not just wealthy, he also had a very fine taste and loved surrounding himself with rare and super expensive items. He owned a Ferrari 375 MM Spyder and commissioned many famous artisans to create unique pieces for him. And there is no wonder that his wish for the most exceptional Rolex timepiece ever made, came true with the reference 6062. But what makes this watch so unique? First of all, it is one of the three black dial watches known to have diamond markers. But unlike the other two models, whose odd hours are marked with 6 diamonds, the Bao Dai’s even hours this time, are diamond marked.

Bao Dai watch by Rolex

To mark the 12 o’clock hour with a diamond stone, the designers had to make some changes. For instance, the brand crown logo and the “Rolex Oyster Perpetual” inscription were moved down. The words “officially Certified Chronometer” were placed under the moon phase indicator, instead of their usual spot in the centre of the dial. Further technical details include a signed case, dial, movement and bracelet, and an additional leather strap. The Rolex reference 6062 features the emblematic Oyster case, a one-of-a-kind full calendar complication with a moon-phase display, along with the classical “perpetual” in-house movement.

Watch by Rolex

The watch was first sold in 2002 by the latest Emperor’s family, for 370000 CHF, a record at the time. The rare timepiece resurfaced 15 years later at The Geneva Watch Auction: Five, where it was the object of incredible bidding that lasted 8 minutes, between 10 in-room bidders and three that bid by phone. The buyer of the Bao Dai remains unknown but managed to set a new record for the highest-priced Rolex ever auctioned at the time.

Rolex, Bao Dai watch

The Bao Dai Rolex reference 6062 is the rarest watch in the world. Only an emperor could casually enter a retailer to demand a model tailored to his extravagant tastes. Bao Dai Rolex reference 6062 is the absolute expression of wealth that knows no limit.

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by Claudia Ciclovan

Inspired by the Renaissance: Gianluca Saitto’s Unicorn Collection

Gianluca Saitto

It all starts with a Renaissance tapestry. But not just any old tapestry, this particular fairy tale work featuring a unicorn is the inspiration behind Gianluca Saitto’s 2019 winter collection, in every aspect including its name, Unicorn. Lovers of vintage artefacts may be interested to know that this is one of seven panels that make up a series of tapestries made between 1495 and 1505 and dedicated to the hunt of the unicorn.

Fashion by Gianluca Saitto

Saitto takes the unicorn out of the tapestry and transfers it to a soft silk kaftan, replacing the enchanted wood with a timeless Tuscan Estate, the splendid Capezzana.

The colour palette starts, ça va sans dire, with the green undergrowth and passes to peacock tones with touches of animalier fantasy, gold and silver shimmers and ends in contrasting shades of black and white. Silk, always a favourite of the couturier, dominates the collection for its fluidity, complemented by lace, velvet worked in a typical Renaissance style, feathers that act as ruffles and adorn the sleeves and handmade gemstone embroideries – the true calling card of Gianluca Saitto.

Unicorn Collection by Gianluca Saitto

The gown takes on a medieval feel with golden lace flowing over the sleeves to open up like a flower, and a matching stole in green. The drapes of the long train, with a Greek neckline and belt over the hips, are reflected in a delicate antique gold, almost silver, and floral print.

Gianluca Saitto's clothes

The intensely feminine high-waisted skirt in white brocade on a black background, would be the perfect match for a wide-sleeved shirt with a low, gathered shoulder, just like in a Cesare Borgia painting. The study of the Renaissance sleeve can also be seen in the detail of the opening along the sleeve itself, fastened by buttons that allow the opening to be seen: the modern reinterpretation of an outfit worn by one of the Raphaelean ladies.

Fashion by Gianluca Saitto

The tributes to the courts of that period continue with the fabric jacket featuring puffed sleeves and tube cuffs with a row of fabric-covered buttons. Fit for royalty, the collection also includes a regal fur-lined cape with an exterior of golden embroidery on a dark background.

Clothes details

The collection is completed by two other sixteenth-century themes: the contrast of vertical striped colours, in this case black and white, reminiscent of the uniform worn by the Pope’s guards and designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti. And the Saracen-inspired trousers that reflect the dichotomy between the Christianity and Islam of that time, which turned in favour of the former on the stage of the island of Malta for dominion over the Mediterranean.

Gianluca Saitto's fashion

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by Lucrezia Doria

Chianti region, Italy

Recently I had the pleasure to meet the President of Chianti Consortium, Giovanni Busi, and we had the opportunity to spoke about the history of Chianti, as well as the plans for this fantastic wine. In June 2019, for the fourth consecutive time, Giovanni Busi was re-elected President of Chianti Wine Consortium. This wine is one of the significant wine-making realities in Tuscany that brings together 3 thousand producers, more than 15,500 hectares of vineyards for 800 thousand hectoliters of Chianti from various areas and types.

Giovanni Busi was councillor from 1998 to 2003; since 2003 he is a member of the council and the Board of Directors of the Chianti Wine Consortium, and since 2001 he is Vice President of Unione Provinciale Agricoltori of Florence as well as Assoprol councillor. Who better than he can, therefore, answer our questions and satisfy our curiosity?

Chianti region

Good morning and well found! Could you kindly tell me what Chianti is?

Welcome! It is a wine they make in Tuscany; we are in central Italy, and is one of the oldest and most famous wines of this area. Chianti wine, in reality, comes from Cosimo Terzo de Medici, 1716, and it is produced in the best areas of Tuscany.  The areas Cosimo Terzo identified, are today both in the small areas within the Chianti as well as the largest area of this region. Chianti wine in 1927 formed a Consortium itself, therefore all wine companies recognize themselves in Chianti Consortium for all the promotional, marketing and production activities related to this wine.

Giovanni Busi Chianti consortium

What diversifies Chianti from other Italian or international wines? 

Chianti wine is produced in a well-defined area, which was expanded in 1982, where its production boundaries are also determined, within the region of Tuscany.  Today this wine is produced in 6 different provinces. Therefore we can find it from Arezzo, near Florence, Pisa, Siena etc. We can say that Chianti wine touches different places in Tuscany region. We have to recognize that there are around 3000 companies that produce and bottle our Chianti denomination.

Furthermore, today, Chianti wine is sold for around 100 million bottles worldwide. But the real difference between this wine and other wines, is essentially the territory, because the wine is made in the field, and not in the cellar. Therefore Chianti wine comes from excellent grapes that are born in certain types of territories, in certain kinds of climate and microclimate.

This wine, unlike other Italian wines, is made exclusively with Sangiovese, our main grape variety, which is the most important grape for us. Sangiovese is a characteristic grape of Tuscany, which has its tannicity and its strength; it matches with any other product in the table. Chianti wine is definitively Wine’s King.

Chianti barrels

Can you please explain the geography of the Chianti region?

The region is divided into 6 zones, where the production rules are much more restrictive, precisely not only to enhance the area, but also to increase the quality level of our product.

Chianti bottles

What, in your opinion, were your strategies to bring Chianti to its today level?

One of the first strategies was to understand why we had so much wine in our cellars and why the product could only be sold at meager prices. The problem was mainly qualitative. Chianti wine was initially produced in large quantities, but it is true that the quality, at the time, was not able to reach the height of the other wines that were sold all over the world. Became a real problem for us, because about 70% of Chianti wine production is exported, and abroad the competition is very fierce.

The first solution we identified to solve the problem was to replant our wines. Replacing old vines with new ones, led us to have a qualitative increase and to increase in production as well. Consequently, the second plan was, besides raising the quality, also making Chianti wine known in various markets.

Chianti region, Italy

And now I have a question that interests the public even more: How to combine Chianti wine with food? 

I think this is the most straightforward question you can ask me, also because Chianti wine has an important characteristic that is given by Sangiovese. As I said before, Sangiovese has its tannicity and its acidity, which means that it goes well with any dish. As long as there is a little oil, a sauce for pasta, meat, this wine is always well combined.

When we go abroad, to dinners and meetings, we ask wine opinion leaders, journalists, to organize the food menu and then we combine our Chianti wine. This is to show that the combination of food and wine, with Chianti wine, is exceptional. The fantastic and best dishes for a glass of this wine are grilled meat, and it goes very well with meat with the sauce. However, the significant thing is that it should always be drunk, or at least try, with a temperature of 17 degrees. This indication is substantial because it is possible to have a balance between perfume, aroma, tannicity, acidity to avoid contrasts and to have the best expression of Chianti wine. I can say that Chianti Wine is also Table King!

Giovanni Busi

Here finish our interview, and we would like to thank Chianti Wine Consortium, especially the President Giovanni Busi, for giving us the chance to discover a small but extraordinary part of Tuscany!

Farmhouse “Fattoria Agricola Lavacchio” Castello Gucciardini Montespertoli
by Maria Zota
Photo by Nick Zonna

Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo


The brand presented the Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo, a show-car that will be available on Gran Turismo Sport that anticipates new and extreme solutions. The House of Sant’Agata Bolognese has recently disclosed Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo, a new concept car presented at the world finals of the FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2019 in Monte-Carlo.

Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo

The car will be available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game Gran Turismo Sport from spring 2020. The futuristic and refined style of the Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT enhances aerodynamic performance and provides a single-seater configuration. The aesthetics of Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT are the result of the work and creativity of the Lamborghini Style Centre in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

V12 Vision Gran Turismo, Lamborghini

It is a virtual version of a single-seater, which has the same powertrain as the Sián FKP 37. In terms of design, its roots lie in Lamborghini’s DNA, leveraging the potential of this aesthetic language declined in a futuristic sense. The silhouette hinges on the central line, the iconic feature of all Lamborghini models. It accentuates the single-seater layout designed for a racing game in which there are no passengers.

Lamborghini V12

A large wing, with a rear light assembly in the Y-shaped style, dominates the rear axle. The main body is not connected to the mudguards, while the lines of the 1968 Marzal inspire the hexagonal pattern of the side crystals. To enter the Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo the pilot must use the front section of the car, just like in a fighters plane.

Lamborghini v12 Gran Turismo

The main driving controls are located on the steering wheel and all information is projected in a virtual form in front of the driver’s eyes. “Lamborghini is a young brand – says Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghinithat’s why today we present here our latest virtual project in the form of a real model. Its futuristic design has been created for the enjoyment of young fans of video games and super sports.”

Lamborghini Lambo v12

The Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo is designed to be the best virtual car ever for all young gamers and fans who love our brand and its always future-oriented look – adds Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini – is an opportunity for the genius and talent of our designers to express themselves fully and imagine a car that is not only fascinating and incredible to drive – like any Lamborghini – but also reflects all the commitment of the House of the Bull in developing innovative technologies, especially in the field of lightweight materials and hybridization“.


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by Alessandro Colombo

Tano Passami L’Olio – The Worldwide Food Experience in Milan

Tano Simonato

The story of the picturesque restaurant “Tano Passami L’Olio” begins a long time ago, as a shapeless feeling in the soul of the child Tano (Gaetano Simonato). And what a fantastic journey Tano has gone through to earn his success today!

Tano Passami L'Olio

But let’s start with the beginning. As often happens, childhood experiences influence the course of our life, to some extent. And Tano discovered his passion for cooking as a child, inspired by his mother, who worked as a cook. Remaining fatherless at a young age, Tano had to take care of his three younger brothers, while his mother and older sister worked to support the family.

Ristorante Tano Passami L'Olio

But when it came to the art of cooking, Tano and his mother didn’t see eye to eye, since she regarded his views as too modern. So, he did not pursue his passion right away, choosing instead to work as a bartender for 17 years. It was during October, 1995 when Tano’s dream finally came true, and he opened his own restaurant Tano Passami L’Olio in Milan, his hometown.

Now, to understand what inspired the name of the place, you must know that Gaetano Simonato absolutely loves the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And so, he decided to pay homage to this “love” for Olive Oil and named his restaurant “Tano Passami L’Olio” (Tano pass me the oil).

Risorante Tano Passami L'Olio

I don’t know about most people, but I can tell you for sure that I cannot tell the difference (to some extent) between one olive oil and another. And that is why for me it is almost incredible that in Tano Passami L’Olio restaurant there are at least 50 kinds of olive oils! And Tano uses them all! He is very adamant when it comes to using butter for cooking (with very few exceptions and always cold), or cream which is a forbidden subject (no way to find any in his kitchen).

Stelle Michelin del ristorante Tano Passami L'Olio

The main ingredient and the star of Tano’s creativity is the olive oil. His purpose is to preserve as much as possible the original flavours of the elements, and adds the raw olive oil more like a rare spice on the finished plate, creating experiences rather than just food.

Ristorante Tano Passami L'Olio

But the real recognition, the one that filled Tano’s heart with pride, was the moment when his mother came into the restaurant, tasted his food and finally acknowledged him for the great chef he has always been. Recently, Gaetano Simonato decided to change the location of the restaurant, moving it into a bigger place (up to 38 seats) in Via Petrarca 4, Milan. Usually, a location change would present the customers with a challenge, but Tano does not have to worry. The ones who were enchanted by his recipes would follow him till the end of the world!

Massaro, Foschi, Simonato

The intimate atmosphere of the restaurant is completed by the sophisticated touch of the exquisite art of the talented artist Davide Foschi. He is the founder of a new artistic current, Metateismo or the New Renaissance, and he was invited to Fiera di Novegro with the project Art-food presenting the “Manifesto per una Cucina Metateista Del Nuovo Rinascimento” (Poster for a New Renaissance Metateist Kitchen). And there is no wonder why the two chose to join forces to collaborate for the opening of an already successful conceptTano Passami L’Olio restaurant.

Arte Foschi

Gaetano Simonato’s restaurant is a symbol of excellence and complete skill set, serving the mission of always finding ways in which food reflects the true nature of the ingredients used.  Tano Passami L’Olio is a precious gem in the heart of Milan but also spot you cannot miss, to experience the supremacy of another memorable Made in Italy meal.

Brigata Tano Passami L'Olio

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by Claudia Ciclovan

Interior Design, Style

Kartell – The Echo of a Made in Italy Innovation




Long time ago, nature was the only source for human beings to meet their essential needs. Food, clothes, shelter: everything was offered by nature or animals. Evolution and the inherent, vast leaps of technology changed the rules.

One of the most controversial materials today, plastic, was initially invented to eliminate the dependence on nature. John Wesley Hyat was the first one to create in 1869 the first prototype of plastic, a synthetic polymer, to replace the ivory’s need. But it was in 1907 that Leo Baekeland invented Bakelite, a fully synthetic plastic, “the material of a thousand uses.”

Kartell chairs

Versatility and a wide ragne of other properties (durability, heat resistance, and flexibility), brought this material to the attention of manufacturers across all industries. One young man, in particular, was determined to disrupt the way it was previously used. Giulio Castelli, an Italian chemical engineer, who had the privilege of working with the Nobel Laureate Giulio Nata, perfectly understood the many possibilities that plastic could offer through its versatility. That is why, together with his wife, architect Anna Castelli Ferrieri, one of the first women to graduate from the Milan Polytechnic Institute, founded the Kartell Company in 1949.

Kartell company

The first years of Kartell, from 1949 to 1958, were dedicated to the production of car accessories, household goods, lighting equipment and laboratory items. And in 1963 with the Habitat Collection, it was time for furniture and furnishing to make their way into Kartell.

Anna and Giulio Castelli focused on design and technological research, understanding that plastic needed an identity it did not hold before its production, unlike wood or metal, for example. That is why their products needed to make a powerful impact, an effect that could only be achieved through constant research and improvement of the material.

Kartell chairs

The most moment in Kartell’s history came in 1999. Years of research paid off and Kartell became the first company to use polycarbonate in the production of furniture.

Their innovation has prompt the creation of the iconic La Marie Chair, a transparent piece of furniture with a minimal glossy aspect. La Marie chair was the pioneer project that led to other pieces of furniture, like the Louis Ghost chair, which became the most broadly sold chair in the world. Kartell became such a revelation for the furnishing universe, that famous designers like Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Ferrucio Laviani and Piero Lissoni, among many others, were attracted and challenged by working with this new material. They started collaborating with Anna and Giulio, adding even more value to the company.

Kartell, style Made in Italy

After a long life of achievements and innovations Anna and Giulio, at the time in their 70s, decided to pass the baton to their son in law Claudio Luti in 1988. Kartell began another era, following the same path of success and revolutionary visions.

Today Kartell means, more than ever, technological breakthroughs and constant improvement. It is clear that Anna and Giulio Castelli’s legacy could only be entrusted to Claudio Luti. Perhaps the perception about plastic is still controversial. But one thing is for sure: Kartell proved that plastic can achieve perfection, and its echo will be heard long into the future generations.

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by Claudia Ciclovan

Marco Pierre White

We live in an era where starred chefs have become real celebrities, praised and celebrated. On TV, in the now inevitable cooking programs, and increasingly popular on the web. Between one dish and another they won their public’s heart.

Their recipes and precious advised are thoroughly followed and replicated. Not only by the competitors chefs in their challenging programm, but also from very loyal follower who do not miss a single social post.

Marco Pierre White

It is ordinary, nowadays, to be flooded with tutorials and well-known cooking shows and formats. Marco Pierre White has been the pioneer of the chef-star-movement. He was the first chef-celebrity to cook on TV, as well as the énfant terrible of the scene.

He is now, one of the most famous British television chefs and is considered among the founders of modern cuisine.

Marco Pierre White while recording for a cooking show

Born in Leeds, he followed his father steps as professional chef and grew up eating his Italian mother delicacy. Those aspects influenced a lot his career, leading him to create a perfect mix between Italian and British cuisine. At sixteen, after leaving school, he moved to London where he began his real career as a chef, working for Albert and Michel Roux at Le Gavroche.

Marco Pierre White in the kitchen

He has kept training his skills with well-known chefs such as of Pierre Koffman, Raymond Blanc and Nico Ladenis. In 1987 he decided to open his own Harvey restaurant in Wandsworth Common, earning his first Michelin star. In this very restaurant Gordon Ramsay worked as apprentice.

The following year, Marco Pierre White won his second Michelin star. Happy and satisfied with this important milestone, he decided to open the Marco Pierre White restaurant at the former Hyde Park hotel, where he won the third star, then moved to the Oak room at le Méridien Piccadilly hotel.

Marco Pierre White

At the age of thirty-three, Marco Pierre White became the first British chef to achieve three stars, as well as being one of the youngest chefs who in such a short time managed to win this prestigious award. In 1999 he decided to retire from the kitchen while remaining active in the field of catering with essential projects of far-reaching scope.

Chef Marco Pierre White

Since then, we often see him on TV as presenter and judge of Hell’s Kitchen in some editions. He was an acclaimed guest at MasterChef Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and, in 2019, in Italy.

On Instagram is a star! After all, it could not be otherwise, thousands of followers engaged in every social movement. White is a true legend of world gastronomy, master of Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal, and still heads several restaurants in London and New York.

Marco Pierre White in the kitchen

He is undoubtedly a chef with a strong personality, original and irreverent. His career has been a lightning bolt that left his mark, a real landmark in the cuisine world.

Marco Pierre White cooking show

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by Stefania Abbruzzo

Raffaella Curiel enchants “Teatro alla Scala di Milano”


Raffaella Curier

Raffaella Curiel, Queen of Fashion, is the protagonist of La Scala Theatre Exhibition: «Nei palchi Della Scala – Storie Milanesi». The exhibition tells more than a century of Milan life and music through the stories of visitors to this historic theatre. It also exposed the clothes made by Italian designers.

First of all, I have to tell you something about this fantastic theatre. Teatro Alla Scala was founded, under the auspices of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, to replace the Royal Ducal Theatre, which was destroyed by fire on 26 February 1776 and had until then been the home of opera in Milan. Designed by the great neoclassical architect Giuseppe Piermarini, La Scala opened on 3 August 1778 with Antonio Salieri’s opera “L’Europa riconosciuta”.

Raffaella Curiel creation

But when you talk about Teatro Alla Scala you have to know also what Tosca is. Don’t worry, everything you need to know about Puccini’s Tosca is here. Tosca is a political thriller, set in Rome in June 1800 (during the Napoleonic wars and a time of great political unrest). The action takes place over less than 24 hours, making it an intense experience!

Scarpia has long lusted after Tosca, and when he suspects Cavaradossi of assisting an escaped political prisoner, seizes the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. He will manipulate Tosca into revealing the prisoner’s hiding place and Cavaradossi’s involvement and have her for himself. When Cavaradossi is captured, Scarpia offers Tosca a horrific bargain, she must give herself to Scarpia, or her lover is killed. What will she choose? Who will survive?

I was very happy when I discovered that the exhibition “Nei palchi della storia – Storie milanesi”, curated by Pier Luigi Pizzi, opened its doors to the public .

Teatro alla Scala, in Milan

The exhibition tells, more than a century of Milanese Theatre History, celebrating the stories of the regulars of the Teatro Alla Scala. The history of great Milan families is then retraced, from Trivulzio to Litta, from Belgiojoso to Visconti. On the first floor, in fact, the exhibition opens with a double photographic representation of the evening gown dedicated by Raffaella Curiel, of which her family has worn most of the guests since the 1950s.

Born in 1943 near Trieste, Raffaella Curiel had fashion in her blood. Following her mother’s footsteps, Raffaella Curiel trained in the family atelier as well as in the Pierre Balmain French school, and in 1965 presented her first pret-à-porter collection in New York for Bergdorf Goodman. The exhibition also involves the visitor with the faces of Eugenio Montale, Carla Fracci and Valentina Cortese, Wally and Arturo Toscanini, Anna Crespi, Vittoria Crespi Morbio, Nandi Ostali and Liliana Segre.

Raffaella Curiel creation

Now I wrote some personal thought. I am going to start saying that I love my job and that it brings me great honour to be around artists like Raffaella Curiel. We decided to do shooting and to set an interview in one of the most beautiful and historical places, Teatro La Scala, where I was lucky enough to be wearing one of the most beautiful and unique dresses Curiel ever made. The central piece was a sculpture made for Raffaella Curiel by Mario Rosello in the ’80s, the main reason being that the Curiel, which is a true artist and genius of Alta Moda in Italy and not only, was the first designer ever to be combining art and fashion.

I also had the pleasure to see the wall representing the most iconic ladies in the history wearing the greatest designers‘s piece, ladies like: Giovanna Lomazzi, Anna Majani, Eletta Polvani, Nandi Ostali, Anna Casati Stampa di Soncino, Coco Sepe Invernizzi, Raffaela Curiel, Adriana Besozzi, Gioia Marchi, Elizabeth Taylor, Valentina Cortese, Claire De Dierieux, Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan, Anna Cicogna, Ina Sotis, Valeria Moriconi, Enrica Invernizzi, Gigliola Curiel, Silvana Pampanini, Evelina Levi Broglio Shapira, Giovanna Bergonzoni Borletti Dell’Acqua, Marika Carniti Bollea, and my personal favorite one: Princess Grace of Monaco. The elegant ladies who adorn the walls of this room, all in evening dresses for the season-opening of December 7th, wore gown designed by great names of the ’50s, 60’s and ’70s, names such as Curiel, Valentino and Ungaro.

Raffaella Curiel exhibition

Pier Luigi Pizzi, the curator of the exhibition, called this wall a “Quarto stato delle dame“, which means “The fourth estate of the ladies” . In this magical place, Teatro alla Scala, there is also an exhibition of some of the most iconic dresses created and worn by names like: Gigliola Curiel, worn by Evelina Levi Broglio Shapira in 1965, the gown is made with velvet, pearls, canes and rhinestones. Sartoria Dragoni-Venezia, had three dresses exposed, all three worn by Nandi Ostali in 1957. The dress was made of silk satin and chiffon, embroidered with beads and canes. The second dress was worn in 1958 and it was made of macramé lace and cape in taffeta silk. The 3rd dress also worn in 1958, made of silk tulle with rhinestones. Yves Saint Laurent , worn by Lina Sotis in the 70’s. The dress was made of velours and silk crèpe.

Il quarto stato delle dame

Finally, I must say that I asked the designer Gigliola Curiel an opinion about how the dressing code is evolving when going to the theatre. She said: “You have to preserve traditions and going to a social event dressed like for a shopping day, as many people do today, it is not the best of Bon Ton… I find that elegance is an essential point; it is not a value to lose; the goal is to be elegant wearing a dress with attention to details, which becomes an important sign of respect for the work that will be seen. From the inspiring woman, this is the message to give to the new generations.

by Maria Zota
photo by Nick Zonna


Italy cannot be described in simple words. History, art, romance and exceptional gastronomy are just a few features of this world cultural heritage. Many have tried to reproduce the Italian cuisine, on all continents of the world, but they have only succeeded in placing shades of Italy on the dishes they have prepared.

Why? Because Italian cuisine does not just mean knowing the ingredients and strictly following the recipe. Italian cuisine means ingredients grown in the millennial soil, with the authentic aroma of eternal Italy. And what is the essence of all the dishes that fascinated the most refined connoisseurs, and carried them to every corner of this mythical country? None but olive oil. Yes, the centrepiece of every Italian table is the olive oil. But not just any olive oil, but the best of all: L’Olivetum.

Olivetum region

Apulia is one of the southern regions of Italy, famous for the longest coastline of the peninsula. History-rich, with beaches soaked by clear blue waters, this region has one more ace up its sleeve: Salento. In this rich region at the heel of the Italian boot, in the city of Lecce, there is the hometown of L’Olivetum, the most representative olive oil in Italy. If you did not know, some of the finest olive oils originate here, in Apulia. This region is home for 50 to 60 million olive trees and produces around 40% of Italy’s olive oil.

So there is no wonder why L’Olivetum was created by a team of agronomists and professionals who focused on selecting small and medium-size producers of the highest quality olive oil so that they can export their products in the farthest corners of the world.

Olive tree

This is not to say that L’Olivetum was designed for the international tables only. On the contrary. An already established brand in Italy, where it is the number one choice of awarded chefs or merely top quality lovers, L’Olivetum aims to go beyond the borders of Italy to prove that this Made in Italy product, can turn any dish into a success.

L'olivetum. Olive oil bottles

The real mastermind beyond L’Olivetum today is the Oil Sommelier, Cristiana Di Filippo. This skilful expert is there for every step of the production, to make sure that L’Olivetum rises to the highest standards, reassuring their clientele of the best quality from the agricultural production to direct distribution.

Cristiana di Filippo, oil sommelier

Cristiana goes on and describes some of the exceptional oils of L’Olivetum:

  • Fruttato Leggero” (light fruity) with delicate notes, ideal for fish dishes.
  • Fruttato Medio” (medium fruity) with vegetable and herbaceous scents, perfect for enhancing the taste of meat and vegetables in equal measure.
  • Biologico” (organic) with its accentuated aromatic notes that enhance the sweetest flavours.
  • “Fonte di Vitamina E” (source of E vitamin), an Apullian blend full of polyphenols, already known for their antioxidant properties, and that in 2019 was the flagship product of a company already firmly consolidated as Michelin stars winner.
Olive oil L'Olivetum

The company prides itself with fruitful collaborations with awarded Chefs who do not even find themselves having to choose what product to use. L’Olivetum is the logical choice, the guarantee of the continuity of their success.

One of the first to believe in the L’Olivetum vision was Ivan Scrimitore, Executive Chef of Fugu restaurant, promoter of fusion cuisine in Salento. L’Olivetum’s mission is ultimately to share with the international world a unique experience in terms of smell and taste while promoting Salento’s high-quality products.

Olive oil bottles, L'Olivetum

L’Olivetum is not only a renowned brand of excellence. It is becoming a leader in the trade of the best Apullian products, it is an investment in the territory and in its greatest strength, the people.

Enjoy even more @ L’Olivetum Extra Virgin Olive Oil
by Claudia Ciclovan


Ladies & Gentlemen… MV Superfast Agusta 800

MV Superfast Agusta 800

For true connoisseurs only. MV Agusta Superveloce 800, a retro-style sports bike that will also be offered in the Gold Series version.


The Schiranna-based company has presented the series version (after last year’s concept) of the MV Agusta Superveloce 800, a retro-style sports bike that takes most of the technology from the F3 800. Classic yet modern lines: the MV Agusta Superveloce 800 is inpired to the past company’s model and borrows most of its technology from the F3 800.

MV Agusta black

Front and rear frame in addition to the driving position (more comfortable than that of the F3) specific are among the technical elements characteristic of the MV Agusta Superveloce 800, along with the wheels available in both alloy and spoked.

MV Agusta red

Several carbon fibre components adorn the Gold Series instead of the thermoplastic materials used for the ‘standard’ version. The MV Agusta Superveloce 800 Gold Series version features an even more refined series of solutions, while the double racing exhaust brings the power to increase from 148 hp to 153 hp.

MV Superfast Agusta 800

The light clusters use LED technology. CNCmachined components specific to the Gold Series replace the ‘standard’ components. The heart and soul of the MV Agusta Superveloce 800 is the 798 cc three-cylinder engine with 148 hp of power (at 13,000 rpm) and 88 Nm of torque (at 10,600 rpm). 153 hp (at 13,250 rpm) if the dual racing exhaust is chosen. EAS 2.1 Up&Down, four-engine maps and 8-level Traction. Controls complete the bike’s features.

MV Superfast Agusta 800 black

Enjoy even more @ Motori Di Lusso
by Alessandro Colombo

Art World, Artist, Culture

Cornelia Hagmann, the new Frontier in Art

Cornelia Hagmann

When we talk about the art of the renowned Artist Cornelia Hagmann, it is evident that we are talking about concrete and complete art, made of great passion and dedication. The art of Cornelia Hagmann is the same art for which we fall in love at first sight; a living art, rich in emotions that transmits a significant serenity and inner peace.

Cornelia Hagmann art

To better understand all this, we need to take a step back and capture the essences of the artist’s past. Cornelia Hagmann was born in Austria. When she was young, she received painting lessons from the Austrian painter Luise Jehly. Art, in all its forms, is in her soul. She deals with theatre, fashion and entertainment at an international level, dedicating her free time to her true passion, which is art.

Art by Cornelia Hagmann

Her talent has its roots in the family, as the famous painter Babette Wagner was her grandmother. As she is a citizen of the world and living without borders, has allowed her to grow and mature artistically attending important artistic realities from Canada to Italy arriving in Switzerland where today the artist has found her perfect peace of mind and source of inspiration.

Cornelia Hagmann

Needless to mention the countless prestigious solo exhibitions that have been enormously successful. Her art ranges from 360 degrees, from canvas artworks to sculptures and conceptual expression on silk scarves. Everywhere Cornelia Hagmann’s art is welcomed thanks to the uniqueness that distinguishes it from this now banal artistic mass market that is overwhelming the art world.

Cornelia Hagmann

In these four questions that we have asked to the genius artist, it is enclosed the essence of everything that, in her opinion, represents the world of art, and undoubtedly no better than the artist herself can tell us.

Cornelia Hagmann art

Cornelia, the art world is part of your life. How can you define your art?

My art is part of my life. As a child, I have found my passion for designing pictures. I am also an art collector.

Cornelia Hagmann

Who inspires your soul when you create this extraordinary Artwork?

The inspiration for the artistic work I get in nature. I love to stay in nature and spiritually to connect with it. Nature is our teacher, and it is also, in a sense, our mirror. We should all be much more connected to nature in an excellent and protecting way. 

Cornelia Hagmann contemporary art

When we think about one word to describe the reat Artist Cornelia Hagmann, the first word is Eclectic…. Do you agree?

No, I cannot agree: I cannot describe my art as eclectic because I develop my imagery, and I extend my techniques. I take time for that. Through my artistic and creative work, nature speaks in a different language to us… The focus is on the details: leaves, flowers, branches, light and shadow etc. My artworks are created in the context of nature. This was already the most crucial topic in my artistic work as a teenager.

Cornelia Hagmann contemporary artist

Your Art is in constant evolution. Can you tell us your Future Projects?

As I mentioned, I let nature speak through my pictures in a different language. I will continue to focus on the small and inconspicuous details of nature in a creative and painterly way. This work is part of a future project in which I will found a foundation dedicated exclusively to scientific projects that protect flora and fauna. For more than 20 years, I have been thinking of realizing this idea. It will be ready soon. Unfortunately, too often we forget that we are part of nature and that our existence, our existences are not possible without an intact environment. This is not an issue for me just now because it can be read in all media. As 14 out of 15 kids, I grew up on my grandfather’s farm. My affinity with nature was already in my genes.

To be able to admire and appreciate the worlds of Cornelia, do not hesitate to visit her beautiful website.

Enjoy even more @ Cornelia Hagmann Websites
@ La Galleria
@ La Galleria Instagram
by Alexander Elisab

Jewels, Watches & Co

Mikimoto, the Historical Pearls with an Eternal Charm

Perle Mikimoto

The charm of gems goes through the centuries. They have always been the jewels, together with diamonds, which are the most loved by women. And every one of them own a classic string of pearls, in her jewellery box. Refined and elegant, pearls are the symbol of timeless beauty extracted from a shell; these jewels are ready to be worn without undergoing the usual cutting and cleaning treatments necessary for other gemstones.

Mikimoto pearls parure

Natural pearls grow in their sheel by chance, because a parasite or a foreign fragment slips into the cloak tissue of an oyster, generating the birth of the pearl without human intervention. Finding natural pearls is undoubtedly difficult. They are so rare that are found on one shell out of two thousand. For this reason, once placed on the market, they have a considerable price which is certainly not within everyone’s reach.

Pearl Mikimoto jewelry

This reason, at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, has contributed to an essential discovery by Japanese researchers. Cultured pearls, obtained through human intervention, are possible. Inserting a foreign body, called the nucleus, inside the oyster will lead to the same natural process that creates the natural pearl. Kokichi Mikimoto was the first to discover a specific technique to stimulate the production of a round pearl in the shellfish tissue.

Jewelry Pearl by Mikimoto

From this brilliant discovery, Mikimoto’s adventure began in 1983, opening his first jewellery shop. Nicknamed “The King of Pearls“, he dedicated his life to these precious stones and engraved his name in history thanks to the creation of the first cultured pearls in the world. Since then, the dream was to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls.

Earrings pearl jewelry by Mikimoto

Mikimoto represents the history of pearls with its distinctive style, developing the highest standards of quality and consistency, having dedicated for over a century to the study of the sea and oysters. Only 5% of the pearl harvest meets the strict quality controls of the brand, to distinguish them from all the others and therefore make them the most sold and sought after.

Pearl jewelry by Mikimoto

With white, black and grey pearl jewellery, Mikimoto became a global giant, crossing the borders of the East and landing first in Europe and then in America. Today, the brand is known and appreciated all over the world. For the buyers they acquire inestimable value. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with selected and carefully worked pearls, refined and elegant creations make the brand unique and superlative.

The idea of eternity that pearls carry has been made accessible by the brilliant and enterprising Mikimoto who remains immortal thanks to his cultured pearls.

Enjoy even more @ Mikimoto Pearls
by Stefania Abbruzzo

Femea Borse

It’s hard to find something not yet seen in the world of fashion and design. Something that surprises and amazes. Yet in front of the luxury bags of Femea Milano, you’ll be amazed. They are a tribute to Italy, a land of excellent craftsmanship. They are luxury à porter. Ladies bags, leather goods jewels on which to invest today to find a treasure tomorrow. They blend art and fashion, marble and leather, antique and design, never losing sight of the contemporary.

Femea Borse

The Femea Milano brand is the result of a collaboration between manager Luca Cantele and architect Fabiana Scrudato. A couple of creative talents united by a passion for beauty, with twenty years of experience in the world of luxury design and in the curriculum collaborations with some of the most famous brands worldwide such as Fendi, Trussardi, Bentley and Bugatti.

Femea Borse

Their first collection is called City Collection, and each bag reproduces, with 3D bas-reliefs made of marble powder, three important Italian cities: Rome, Milan and Venice. In detail, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Duomo and the Rialto Bridge. Three places famous and admired all over the world for their beauty and exclusivity.

Femea Borse

All bags, numbered, are produced with top quality leather and the sculptures, in powdered travertine marble, are made and hand-painted by master craftsmen. The compound used is the same that composes the marble, then worked with other secret components that allow for lightening the sculpture of the typical weight of the material. The light and shade effect of the paint is also done by hand.

Femea Borse

The typical imperfections of marble and derived from the entire manufacturing process make each bag unique and unrepeatable. “Experimenting with new forms, imagining outside the box, taking care of the finishing of the product, seeking excellence and preserving the artisan memory are fundamental elements for us and inspire us every day” declare Luca Cantele and Fabiana Scrudato.

Femea Borse

It took over two years of work and experimentation before we were ready to launch our first line on the market. We wanted everything to be perfect.” And so it is. The result is a collection of timeless “postcard” bags, which have already become the object of desire. Cosmopolitan, curious women that love to travel, always want to carry with her the elegance and savoir-faire of Made in Italy.

Femea Borse

Two colors: black and white. Nuances at the antipodes but both synonymous with class and refinement. One expresses hope for the future and evokes spirituality; the other is associated with mystery and depth. Three sizes are available:

  • Small, for a glamorous evening or a social event.
  • Medium, for the woman manager who works.
  • Large, for those who love large sizes and do not forget that a woman’s bag is her secret source of power.

And when you get tired of carrying your bags by hand, and you are afraid to lose them, paraphrasing Coco Chanel, (undisputed queen of style) there is the shoulder strap, included in the refined packaging. Couldn’t ask for more.

Femea Borse

Enjoy even more @ Femea Bags
by Rosa Rossetto

A Special Christmas at Villa Crespi by Cannavacciuolo

Villa Crespi Cannavacciuolo

Christmas and the following festivities represent a moment of family union, religious and non-religious traditions, relaxation and good food. Everyone is going to live those days according to the customs and habits that are most appropriate. But, if you really want to surprise your loved ones, the watchword is “Villa Crespi” by Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciolo.

Antonino Cannavacciuolo

The well-informed will be thinking, reading this article, a name a talent. Well you are just right! Antonino Cannavacciolo depicts the chef par excellence and television personality. He began his career in restaurants in Sorrento peninsula, and then worked in France and Strasbourg.

In 1992, together with his wife Cinzia Primatesta, he took over the management of the historic Moorish style residence of Villa Crespi, a few minutes from the village of Orta San Giulio, part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Since 2012, this elegant hotel and restaurant have been part of the Relais and Chateaux circuit.

Villa Crespi

As a starred chef, he can boast two Michelin Stars, one gained in 2003 and the other one in 2006, Cannavacciuolo has been able to build with his gastronomic art and his empathy as a character, thanks to the debut on TV in 2013 at “Hell’s Kitchens”.

Villa Crespi is an icon for hospitality, a temple of gastronomy and good taste. Refinement and attention to detail make this historic residence, which has always celebrated love, an exclusive location for a thousand and one nights where you can organize weddings, private ceremonies, unforgettable occasions.

Choosing to spend Christmas at Villa Crespi makes everything very magical, wrapped in a fabulous atmosphere, pampered by the exquisite courses of the chef, immersed in a charmed village on the shores of Lake of Orta, to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Villa Crespi by Antonino Cannavacciuolo

It is the ideal place to even toast to the new years. Suitable for the needs of young and old, equipped with every comfort, with the possibility to enjoy deep relaxation in the luxurious and equipped Spa. Open all year round, this structure is unique in the world for its style that combines the excellence of the territory, the natural beauty of Lago d’ Orta, the unique flavours of Chef Antonino and the perfect touch of Cinzia Primatesta.

Villa Crespi, Orta - Italy

Charming and imposing Villa Crespi is surrounded by a spectacular park of 1000 square meters, practically a natural set in which you can set different moments of an event, from the welcome cocktail, the cutting of the cake, is also directly connected to the Relais from the restaurant Veranda. In the garden it is possible to organize purely symbolic rites, while religious or civil ceremonies can be celebrated in the nearby medieval village.

Restaurant at Villa Crespi by Antonino Cannavacciuolo

The flagship is undoubtedly the starred restaurant of Cannavacciulo. 3 elegant rooms, with inlaid ceilings and a magical veranda overlooking the garden. Each room has its own style, but they are adjacent and communicating, with a total capacity of 120 seats.

Exclusice dishes by Antonino Cannavacciuolo

The cuisine of the star chef is creative and Mediterranean, a fusion of tradition and research based on the quality and refinement of products. The proposals skillfully combine the flavours of Campania, homeland of the Chef, with those of Piedmont, his adopted land. Pasta, cheese and meat from Piedmont meet fish from the Mediterranean, in dishes that will earn both your palate and your eye.

Dining at Villa Crespi by Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Relais has 14 rooms, 6 Classic and 8 Suite, immersed in an impressive atmosphere, guaranteed by the attention to detail with canopy beds and drapes. Besides, future brides can take advantage of the Wellness Suite, practically an ideal retreat where they can relax with a wellness path just before the big event.

The location offers comprehensive advice to make every private event memorable and exclusive. Event planner, Chef, Maître and Sommelier: a team of experts is available to build and customize the details, realizing the expectations. Villa Crespi in a pre-Christmas atmosphere is, therefore, the perfect gift! A complete package for those of you who love good food, culture and nature, to relax and toast with friends and family.

Enjoy even more @ Villa Crespi Christmas Package
by Stefania Abbruzzo

Watches, Watches & Co

Seamaster Diver 300M “James Bond” Limited Edition


As a tribute for the 50th anniversary to the movie 007 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, this extraordinary timepiece celebrating Omega’s favourite spy is limited to only 7,007 pieces and full of secrets to discover.



The 42 mm watch features a sturdy stainless steel case with a black rubber strap. As a symbol for 50th anniversary, 18K yellow gold is in use for the hands, hour-markers, the emblem of the Bond family at 12 o’clock and the plate with the Limited Edition number. The brushed black ceramic spiral dial is laser engraved with James Bond’s iconic gunmetal design, while the centre diameter is exactly 9 mm. But attention to other details too!


Limited to only 7,007 watches worldwide, each of these Omega timepieces has its own distinctive touch. On the side of the case, the number of each Limited Edition is engraved on a screwed in 18K yellow gold plate.

Innovation continues at the heart of the watch thanks to the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8800 calibre, which has enabled this timepiece to be certified to the highest industry standards in terms of precision, chronometric performance and resistance to magnetic fields of 15,000 gausses. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides.

Omega, James Bond watch

Each of these limited edition timepieces is sold in a personalised 007 style case. This also includes a travel case, a strap replacement tool and an additional stainless steel bracelet, allowing you to change the look of your watch at will.

Omega watch SEAMASTER DIVER 300M

007 has been wearing a Seamaster since 1995. Now you can follow his style. This Diver 300M model is more than a tribute. Its distinctive features have been achieved using Omega’s most advanced technologies and materials. Just the innovation you would expect from James Bond’s tribute.


Enjoy even more @ Omega
by Alexander Elisab

Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak Limited Edition

Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak

The British manufacturer launches the Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak Limited Edition, a limited series of 15 units of the Crewe sports car that pays tribute to the American climb time trial. The Crewe-based company pays homage to the vehicles that participated in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2019 with this limited edition car. Produced by the British supercar company, this model will be produced in 15 units and all with dedicated equipment.

Bentley Pikes Peak

Available in the exclusive Radium Green color, but also glossy black with contrasting green inserts. Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak Limited Edition bears the signature of the Mulliner division. It features 22″ Mulliner Driving Specification wheels with original equipment and Pirelli P Zero Color Edition tires, while rear wheels feature acid green brake calipers.

Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak

Carbon fiber body kits and glossy black elements complete the equipment of this special car, which is also available with the optional “100” logo in the center of the grille.

Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak interior

Once the door has been opened, leather and alcantara and beluga upholstery with green radium stitching and the “Pikes Peak” embroidery on the headrests stand out. You will be amazed by piano black and carbon fiber inserts, black and radium anodised loudspeaker covers and the design representing a section of the Pikes Peak route on the passenger side of the dashboard (one different for each of the 15 units).

Interior Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak

The Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak Limited Edition is driven by the 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12, capable of 635 hp and 900 Nm of torque, values that translate into a 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 333 km/h. 

Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak

Orders will be placed as early as this month.

Enjoy even more @ Motori Di Lusso
by Alessandro Colombo

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Clive Christian Imperial Parfume

Clive Christian Perfume

We can declare undoubtedly that the most prestigious parfume “Maison” is Clive Christian Perfume, from Great Britain. With a precise vision, Clive Christian has created the world’s most delicate perfumes.

The brand’s predecessor, the Crown Perfumery Company has been established in 1872. This “Maison” is the only perfume house ever received the permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on its beautiful cristal bottles. Each bottle of Clive Christian Perfume, from the past editions to this day, is unmistakable recognizable thanks to this royal symbol.

Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty is definitely the most luxurious perfume in the world. Nothing in the perfume world is comparable to this extraordinary and unique perfume. Clive Christian dedicate this 500 ml perfume oil to his very special customers.

Clive Christian

The bottle is considered an artwork, made in master glassblowers of Baccarat. The bottle is made in polished crystal with a precious 18-carat gold collar and five-carat white diamond. The limited edition bottle will be limited to just ten items. A private collector has taken seven of them, and the remaining three are part of Clive Christian’s unique collection.

Clive Christian’s fans consider this perfume the best of the best, and they call “the perfume of his heart”.

About Clive Christian

Clive Christian Perfume is an independent British perfume house with the vision and the ambition to create the finest perfumes in the world. Whether it is a gift for her, for him or even for you, the unique and diverse palette of fragrances from Clive Christian has all the skills to boost love this holiday season. Spoil your loved ones with scented luxury by giving them the perfect perfume. This year, we introduce limited edition luxurious gift sets for the holiday season and celebrates its iconic perfumes.

Clive Christian Perfume

Beautifully crafted fragrances that are purely perfume, with a concentration of 20-25%, with an immersive experience and complex characters which allow an evolution over their 8 -12 hours time span on the skin. The Clive Christian portfolio of perfumes spans from deep woody leathers to energetic citrus florals, irresistible chypres, intriguing spices, chic “fougeres” and heady florals.

Enjoy even more @ Clive Christian Parfume
by Jonathan Taylor

Experience, Gourmet

Il Palato Italiano: Italy, Out of Italy

Filippo Sinisgalli and Whoopi Goldberg

Il Palato Italiano is a top-notch food hunter with a vocation for customized foodie experiences. Led by Executive Chef Filippo Sinisgalli and his brigade of young talents, the adventure of this Italian family-run business has crossed the ocean to conquer America with its authentic Chef On Tour show. A powerful, life shaking 5 hour Chef@Home experience, to deeply appreciate the infinite flavours of Italian cuisine and its traditions while enjoying an exceptional team of hospitality masters.

Chef @ Home experience

A close-up picture of a dream becoming a project;
…Of a project becoming a company;
…Of a company and the preciousness of the human capital who made it.

Chef @Home

Firmly believing in something” is necessary to master a recipe of, most of the times, non-written ingredients. It may sound an oxymoron but this is the component of risk that makes the difference between entrepreneurs and the rest of the world. It is not a blind bet, it’s a kind of inner faith that you don’t study on ordinary university handbooks. Sometimes it’s even something that you’ll never learn. This is essentially what the people of Il Palato Italiano have in common; an extraordinary skilled team of professionals moved by the power of their personal commitment to make what for others may seem impossible possible.

Dish by Filippo Sinisgalli

Everything starts with a plan, like a rock star with their concert dates, and when the monthly agenda is firmly set and the course is charted the fun part begins. As a theatre director, Event Manager Mrs. Tiziana Sinisgalli gathers all the departments needed for the Chef On Tour Experience: artisans, fashion architects, Italian food & wine producers, tradition experts, sweet-memories collectors… each one with a fundamental role, a part to play when the curtains raise.

Chef @ Home Experience

The full senses of our food-lover audience will be involved and every detail is important to make them touch, breathe, taste and smell the authentic origins of our Italian roots right from the start: tailor-made tableware for those who have requested specific paper artists to enrich the Capodimonte porcelains; custom-made menu covers by Italian watercolour painters; precious glass napkin-holders by Venetian craftsmen, Florentine texture designers… and so on (…) A list that ends when the client’s imagination is satisfied”, says Tiziana while happily smiling at her General Manager and Experience Curator Nadia Bertani, being part of the company with her luxury hôtellerie background.

Chef On Tour show

The Hospitality Manager is Mr. Graziano Sartini, who is in charge of scouting the storytellers, those who will be strongly connected with the Chef and responsible for sharing their food knowledge and satisfying any curiosities around the table. In fact, as well as serving and explaining every course that will be created specifically for each Chef@Home Experience, their job is to add the right amount of voice-over to the recipe, gently accompanying every bite with the Italian family story behind the scene.


Il Palato Italiano brigade

Just imagine to lose yourself in the dark waters of Iseo Lake, learn about the bottle of wine you are tasting, or stroll into a chestnut forest to breath the aroma of the ham selected for you, or quickly travel to Modena just to add a single drop of the 100-year old vinegar from the barrique it is preserved in (…)”, continues Mrs. Bertani.

And then comes what every previous step is made for, Executive Chef Filippo Sinisgalli’s Magic.

Chef @ Home experience

Honestly, there is no particular secret to be unveiled about this gifted maestro, except for one: no hidden message lingers behind his flavours, you can always find the way he has designed to amuse your senses.

“Being creative doesn’t necessary mean to dream wild combinations and delegate the client the effort of internalizing them (…) stick to the roots, rediscover what has been forgotten and enhance the quality of raw products: all this has become my way to every palate. This is the preciousness of Italian food: simplicity in every bite.”

Il Palato Italiano brigade

The major challenge in the real world, where it is not enough to have an excellent captain, is to own a well-trained crew. Executive Chef Sinisgalli’s brigade is, today, a kitchen-hub where the selection of its members is made among professionals with a distinctive passion and a strong commitment. This makes room for a global sharing of experiences and new growing educational opportunities that turn a group into a family. And believe me… this is an Italian trademark: nothing brings together ideas, expertise and wild dreams better than a family around the table.

Who am I? A lucky observer for now, a narrator with a private view.

Il Palato Italiano organizers

I feel just like a camera operator coming closer and closer to the emotions that this incredible group of people is able to genuinely produce, glimpsing the moment when the guests close their eyes for a quick second, with a smile, a wink, a nod, a memory of those Italian summer flavours.


Flavours reminding them lemon tree groves or the sea-salty wind that blew on a Sunday morning at the street market, and that now quickly blows away through New York’s skyscrapers. My privileged angle makes these moments immortal, in an era of omniscient influencer and expensive, unavoidable social media experts, they remain the most valuable and true reason of your journey. Next stop, East Coast 2020 so… the Chef On Tour machine has just started its engines again and the first 10 dates are already sold out.

Enjoy even more @ Il Palato Italiano

Producer Federica Bertani
Art Director Francesco Piras

Courmayeur's Super G

Courmayeur’s Super G reopens with important news

At the most exclusive mountain club in the Italian Alps, Star Chef Andrea Berton is the Resident Chef. On 6th of December, the mantra that made Courmayeur’s Mountain Club famous got underway again:

“Eat. Sleep. Laugh. Après Ski. Repeat.”

The first big news is the collaboration with the starred chef Andrea Berton, owner of the homonymous restaurant in Milan, but also a great fan of mountains and music, the ingredients behind the recipe signed Super G.

Dishes by Andrea Berton chef

Eat: starry experiences with chef Andrea Berton

Chef Andrea Berton (1 Michelin star at Berton Milano restaurant and 1 Michelin star at Berton al Lago restaurant) takes care of the gastronomic offer of all the Super G outlets; cafeteria, fast food area and obviously the restaurant.

On track (rather than in the kitchen) a kitchen brigade is ready to give shape and form to the inspiration of the superb chef. The goal is to create dishes in tune with the spirit of the mountain and the Super G, bringing to the table a series of delicious and fun proposals.

Dishes by Andrea Berton chef

Some examples will be:

  • polenta, enriched with Grana Padano fondue and white Alba truffle;
  • the sumptuous shellfish lasagna;
  • pizzaiola cod with crispy bread;
  • two gourmet pizzas topped with dark cheese and white Alba truffle, or with tomato and Pata Negra, to be accompanied by champagne.
Pizza by Andrea Berton chef

There are also dishes on the menu for those looking for something lighter, such as crispy salads, soups and fresh vegetable creamy soup. Finally, after the success of the last season, (Star) dustdinner the chicest dinner on the slopes, is back. Chef Andrea Berton and his stars give life to special evenings, dedicated to good food, entertainment and music.

The restaurant is also open in the evening, both for hotel guests and for those who want to go up in the mountains (the cable car is open every day until 23.40).

A cashless experience

Within the Super G project, Mastercard experiments with some of the most advanced technologies for the catering and hotel industry, transforming the Mountain Club into a real laboratory for payments innovation.

Events at the beginning of the season

Super G calendar is full of events. Amongst the scheduled appointments, there are:

  • Live show by Il Pagante, trio from Milan that with its “White Week” show has shaked all Italian people.
  • On January the 2nd Merk&Kremont. They are DJs of Milan who have warmed up the audiences of the greatest clubs of Europe, as well as producer of Fabio Rovazzi’ and Benji& Fede’ hits (among others).
  • New Year’s Eve will have the dinner menu prepared by chef Andrea Berton including wines, midnight toast based on Veuve Clicquot, dedicated dancefloor. For those who simply want to toast, from 23.30 the dancefloor will be open with a big party.
Andrea Berton chef and his team

Ride: a universe around skiing

Outside there are three exclusive Open Air Spaces:

  • Ferrari Terrace where, in addition to the famous Italian bubbles, you can enjoy fish crudités in the fish bar overlooking the mountains;
  • Terrace Veuve Clicquot, the kingdom of aprèsski: beat & champagne at high altitude, to close the day in beauty on the slopes, with DJ sets that begin in the early afternoon and accompany guests until sunset;
  • Solarium MINI, where you can have a cocktail, enjoying sunshine, relaxation and great music. All this is possible thanks to the excellent collaboration between RDS and MINI, which will bring throughout Italy the unique atmosphere of the Super G. The music is accompanied by the voice of the host Paolo Piva, the weekend ambassador from the Famous Italian Radio Radio RDS.
Dishes by Andrea Berton chef

A new entry is also RoyalSunday, a new format by RoyalBliss for those who want to dance during Sunday lunch (during the whole season).

Sleep: in pole position on the slopes

One of the added values of the Super G is to guarantee its guests an extraordinary opportunity: to be the first to arrive on the slopes! Then, when the crowds arrive, you can return to the base for a lunch on the terrace, a relaxing massage or a stop at the solarium.

A true dream for every skier, which becomes reality thanks to the possibility of sleeping at the Super G.

Eight rooms are available, two of which are suites, with an elegant and functional design, real dream alcoves, all dedicated to famous people (such as Enzo Ferrari, Nikola Tesla, David Bowie, Coco Chanel, Banksy).

Dishes by Andrea Berton chef

Super G offers a very well equipped kids area too. This year is designed by Discovery, with its channels K2 and Frisbee. There is a series of on-demand services, starting with a wellness area with sauna, chaise longue, reaction shower and herbal tea room. This area is a unique space designed for a relaxing experience for couples, but also for recovery after a day of winter sports.

Super G: history and inventors

Result of a memorable experience in Canada in 2012, Super G – the Italian Mountain Club is a unique reality. Inside you will find a boutique hotel, a bar, a gourmet restaurant, a spa and a large terrace for après ski.

Inaugurated in 2013 at Plan Chécrouit, during the arrival of the ski facilities, Super G was born from an idea of Andrea Baccuini, entrepreneur and strategic consultant for several Italian companies, and Giacomo Sonzini, Managing Partner of CelticAsset Management. The winning formula? The same creators tell us about it:

“Generate good vibes to leave good memories.”

by Nadia ToppinoStorie di Cibo
photo by Giuseppe Geppo di Mauro

Porsche Macan GTS 2020

The German manufacturer presents Porsche Macan GTS 2020, a top range variant of the Zuffenhausen crossover designed to promise even more driving fun.

 Porsche Macan GTS 2020

The Zuffenhausen-based company introduce Porsche Macan GTS 2020, a top-of-the-range variant of the Teutonic crossover that is updated in terms of engine, chassis and equipment to promise more exceptional performance and more driving fun.

Porsche Macan

Below the bonnet of the this powerful car pulses a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 capable of developing 380 HP and 519 Nm of torque, values that, alongside a dual-clutch PDK automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive, translate into a 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds (4.5 seconds with the optional Sport Chrono package) and a top speed of 260 km/h.

 Porsche Macan GTS 2020

Specific PASM and electronic shock absorbers (in addition to a 15 mm lowered frame) complete Porsche Macan GTS 2020.

In addition, there is also external black inserts, dedicated skirts, darkened light clusters with Porsche Dynamic Light System technology.

The Plus version is available on request with the 20″ alloy Wheels. Optional Porsche Surface Coated Brake or Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake brakes and adaptive air suspension (allowing you to lower the trim by another 10 mm).

 Porsche Macan 2020

Sports seats (adjustable to eight positions) and containers, alcantara coverings and brushed aluminium inserts characterise this car’s interior. Optional BOSE audio system and wireless recharging of mobile devices. Of course, all ADAS are standard equipment.

Price? In Germany, prices starts from 77,880 Euros.

 Porsche Macan GTS 2020

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by Alessandro Colombo

Manuel Bianchi Managing Director and Head of Global Sales – Wealth-X

Key Findings from the Wealth-X World Ultra Wealth Report 2019

For well over a decade, the world’s wealthy population has experienced exceptional growth. This trend, combined with the increased globalization of goods and services, has created intense competition to capture the interest of individuals in the highest tiers of wealth. Analyzing the landscape of this highly valuable audience provides insight into where, when, and how to engage them most effectively. In late September, Wealth-X released the 7th edition of our annual World Ultra Wealth Report, providing an in-depth analysis of the world’s ultra high net worth (UHNW) population, an exclusive group of wealthy individuals located across the globe, each with $30m or more in net worth.

World Ultra Wealth Report

Amid world trade tensions, softening economic growth and reduced monetary stimulus, the report examines the development of the ultra wealthy sector in 2018, exploring the wealth drivers, regional trends and the distribution of wealth, and profiles the ultra wealthy population in terms of asset holdings, sources of wealth, industry focus, gender, interests and hobbies. We delve into our proprietary data assets to rank the leading countries and cities of the world in terms of their ultra wealthy populations. The report also presents our outlook for the ultra wealthy population and its combined net worth to 2023, looking in depth at prospects by wealth tier.


Stagnant Growth

The size of the global ultra high net worth (UHNW) was broadly stable in 2018, edging higher by 0.8% to 265,490 individuals. This marked a sharp slowdown from 2017’s double-digit growth and was a challenging year for investors and asset markets, characterized by rising world trade tensions, softening economic growth and reduced monetary stimulus. This was the first annual fall in three years and implied a modest drop in the average net worth of the UHNW class. Yet it is important to place this performance in context because it followed a period of dynamic wealth creation in 2017, when almost all asset markets recorded impressive gains. Despite the slight turnaround, the combined net worth of the ultra wealthy population in 2018 remained well above its level of two years earlier.

World Ultra Wealth Report

Major Wealth Drives 

Asset portfolios in Latin America and the Caribbean have had a roller-coaster ride in recent years. Substantial ultra wealth losses in 2016 were followed by vigorous double-digit average gains in 2017, but the region’s UHNW class endured another di cult year in 2018. Emerging-market turbulence, weak economic growth, volatile commodity markets, policy uncertainty and shifting political tides all took their toll, resulting in a 6% decline in the ultra wealthy population and a 7% drop in combined wealth.

Luxury Yacht

New governments with different policy directions entered o ce in the two largest economies, Brazil and Mexico, while Argentina suffered a mid-year currency slump that led to renewed intervention from the International Monetary Fund. Weakening Asian demand, the fallout from the US-China trade war, and uncertainty linked to NAFTA renegotiations weighed heavily on the region’s commodity exporters, with wealth holdings also under pressure from the depreciation of local currencies against the dollar (the Brazilian real fell by 12%) and declining equity markets. In this strained context, Mexico was a stand-out performer, recording gains in its ultra wealthy population and collective net worth, supported in part by the country’s deep integration with the expanding US economy.

Future Forecast

After hitting the ‘sweet spot’ for global wealth creation in 2017, wealth preservation became the primary focus for many UHNW individuals in 2018. The late-year slump in equity markets meant that investors entered 2019 with some trepidation against a backdrop of slowing global growth and rising tensions in world trade. Developments over the first half of the year largely justified this sense of caution, with volatile asset markets, a deepening US-China trade war, rising Brexit-related threats and weaker global demand bringing about another challenging environment for wealth generation.

by Manuel Bianchi
Managing Director and Head of Global Sales @ Wealth-X

Il Ballo del Doge

The Atelier Antonia Sautter is a dreamlike corner in the heart of Venice, a stone’s throw from Piazza San Marco. In thirty years of activity, Antonia has welcomed thousands of people, of different nationalities, culture, lifestyles and personalities into her Atelier, but all are equally astounded after having crossed the threshold. More than 1500 costumes made over the years by seamstresses have contributed to this enchantment, with precious materials, history, tradition and beauty in every detail.

Antonia Sautter

Antonia Sautter is known to the general public above all for being the hostess, as well as the creator and the creative soul behind the most famous Carnival gala in the world, Il Ballo del Doge.

Il ballo del Doge costumes

What is the inspiration behind your costumes and accessories?

Being born and raised in Venice, and keep working and working in this city, has stimulated my creativity. As a child, my mother made my costumes for the Venice Carnival by hand. I loved watching her skilled hands as she took a piece of fabric and created a whole world where imagination had no limits and where I was a queen. I think that’s when I started dreaming of becoming a costume designer. I realised then how important it was for me to make dreams come true with my own hands. Today, when I create my fashion and home décor collections, working precious fabrics in my tailoring atelier, I relive the immense happiness in seeing the dreams of my childhood take shape.

Il ballo del Doge entetainment

From an idea to the artistic direction: what happens in backstage?

Backstage is the place where all human feelings merge: from the most unbridled joy to nervousness, apprehension, expectation, hugs and a sense of cohesion. At these times, Il Ballo del Doge takes precedence over all other priorities and becomes our only shared life mission: to give shapes to every idea conceived and hatched months, even years, before. Sometimes I cultivate ideas that remain embryonic for a long time, until suddenly a completely unpredictable and random event occurs, which gives definite shape to the idea. When this happens, the resulting happiness is indescribable!

Antonia Sautter

Carnival Rhapsody – Provocation, Redemption, Miracle is the theme for the 2020 edition of Il Ballo del Doge. What does it mean to you?

In 1994, when I accepted the challenge of my first Il Ballo del Doge, I certainly didn’t imagine the path that would lead me to here, today, to the twenty-seventh edition. The motivation for me was to be able to identify those extraordinary experiences that life always presents to you, in which true success lies only in proving to yourself that you know how to grasp these opportunities.

Ballo del Doge show

Il Ballo del Doge 2020, for example, will be staged on Saturday 22 February and will be yet another new adventure, in an extraordinary new location, the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, a new set for an updated party, with shows, backdrops and settings that have never been seen before. Carnival Rhapsody, the title for this year, will tell the story of the Venice Carnival through the symbolism of the rhapsody, which in its musical meaning represents the freedom of interpretation of a theme, without fixed patterns, in which everyone will be able to interpret their role according to their own inspiration and observations. This raises the question: is this real life? Or is it just fantasy?

by Lucrezia Doria

Scisci Oil

The olive trees, without any doubts, are one of the most valuable gifts of nature to humanity. They have been cultivated since the 8th century BC for what will become an essential ingredient for the Mediterranean cuisine: the olive oil. Nowadays, the world is dominated by companies that do not consider the second place as an option. But the name Scisci has placed its mark on the renowned map of extra-virgin olive oil producers, distinguishing itself from its competitors through excellence.

Scisci Olive Oil

Scisci company was born from a family-run oil mill in 1918 in Monopoli (Bari), an area in Apulia dedicated to the production of extra-virgin olive oil, between the Adriatic Sea, the trulli of Alberobello and Itria Valley, dominated by its majestic centenary olive trees, UNESCO heritage. Today, Scisci company is the result of the passion handed down from four generations of millers to the siblings Franco, Filomeno, Domenico and Maria. With their dedication and love, they have been working tirelessly to refine the quality of oil production in order to create a genuinely original family brand.

Olive Oil procedures

The values that Scisci promotes are environmental sustainability and ethics all over the stages of the supply chain. A high-quality and excellent extra-virgin olive oil is obtained through a careful employment of perfection techniques. Cold extraction, factory cleaning, certified installations, traceability, and the high quality of the olives ensure the production of an unparalleled olive oil. It is from a tireless pursuit for product quality and the desire to come into play that “Grandi Oli” was born. The exclusive line, rich in aromas and refined flavours, was created to offer customised products for very exigent chefs and sophisticated consumers.

Olive Oil bottle

Scisci “Grandi Oli line includes inspired to the best monoculture of the Apulian territory, as well as the creation of unique blends. “Picholine“, “Peranzana Biologico” and “Don Pasquale” are only some of the delicacies that brought Scisci brand to win the most prestigious national and international awards: Gold at Biol 2018, Gold at Japan Olive Competition 2019, Gold at Evo New York Competition 2019, Leone d’Oro 2019.

Collection olives to make olive oil

The real masterpiece of “Grandi Oli” by Scisci remains “L’olio di Mia Figlia“. Born from a personal dedication of a father, Franco Scisci, to his daughter Paola Chiara, the elegant blend stood out in a competition among 17 countries and received the Best International Coupage – North Hemisphere 2019, the oil industry’s most prestigious award in the world. Franco Scisci reveals in an interview that the awards received in the last three years have reinforced the company’s principle to continue to enhance the quality.

Olive Oil bottles

The challenge for the coming years is to open up to distribution abroad. Becoming a world leader in the production of extra-virgin olive oil is possible thanks to the partnership with great names of Italian and international haute cuisine. For this purpose Scisci company is selecting, among the best chefs and restaurants, the ambassadors for EVOO Culture. An ambitious project that will:

  • train Gastronomy professionals,
  • organise events and special tasting,
  • offer an aware approach to the product,
  • guide the public through a sensorial experience of authenticity.

Scisci promotes a new Culture of Taste and serves excellences on the tables of true gourmet connoisseurs.

Teo Costa old wine bottle

We are in Roero, in the municipality of Castellinaldo d’Alba, a village nested on the suggestive Piedmont hilly landscape. This is where Teo Costa farm was born, a company famous all over the world for its wines, Roero classic DOC and DOCG wines, as well as a wide range of wines without sulphites (they are absolutely the first company to do it) and some Libera Natura wines, a project that goes way beyond organic.

Piedmont region

The company was founded at the end of the nineteenth century by the great-grandfather Antonio Costa, known all over the town with the biblical name Giobbe, thanks to his great tenacity and biblical patience. Costa farm has become a tangible and fascinating reality. An important structure that nowadays reaches 50 hectares of vineyards between Roero and Langa where more than 230.000 vines have been planted. The vine, carefully selected and planted, have today been moved to Roero and Langa: Castellinaldo and Castagnito, Treiso (in Barbaresco area) and Novello (in Barolo area).

Teo Costa prizes

All over the years many things have changed: we have had different generations passing by, each one with their own peculiarities, new productions have been added, first zootechnics and later black pigs breeding (the recovery of an ancient breed in order to reproduce the characteristics of the extinct Cavour Pig) and finally peaches cultivated in the vineyard. And the farm itself, which is the pride and joy of Roero, has gained visibility and prestige in different markets. After over a century, Costa family is at its fourth generation and they are still the owners of the company.

Piedmont region

Today, two brothers Marco and Roberto Costa (called Teo) run the company, assisted by the other members of the family: father Antonio and mother Mariuccia represent the wisdom and the rural experience, the new generation (Isabella, Viviana, Manuel Antonio) brings innovation and studies new markets.

The essential foundations of their success have never been questioned over the years. Rural humility, strong bond to the territory, respect of traditions that go arm in arm with innovation, and the willingness to take on new challenges. In 1995 the first match between art and wine was conceived with the creation of the label dedicated to the famous painter Antonio Ligabue. In 2007, after years of experimentations, the company patented the vinification technique without added sulphites.

Teo Costa from one generation to the other

After the first rosé spumante “SO2 free”, which obtained international recognitions and a gratifying review on the Financial Times (which included the Teo Costa sparkling wine “Madre natura Rosé” in its Top toasts list, describing it as “The combination of 100% Nebbiolo and 0 sulphites produces a very gentle, unusual, rose-scented Piemontese fizz that would make a most distinctive aperitif”), the selection of wines without sulphites has widen more and more.

In the past few years the company has set up the project “Libera natura” in collaboration with other farms in Castellinaldo. An agreement between producers to commit to drastic reduction of the chemical interventions in the cultivation of the vines and in the wine production, and to increase the natural fertility of the vineyards.

Teo Costa farm produces Alba territory typical wines. From Roero Arneis to Langhe Favorita, from Roero to Nebbiolo d’Alba, from Barbaresco to Barolo and Barbera d’Alba, with a special mention to “Castellinaldo” which contributes to the special value of the territory. The vineyards directly cultivated are exclusively favoured and they give birth to the wines marketed with the brand names Selezione Teo Costa, Giobbe and Ligabue.

Teo Costa wine barrique

The recognitions for these wines continue: after the mention on the Financial Times in 2013, many other awards have followed. The most recent are: at the world contest “The United Nation of Fine Wines” in Brussels 2019 Teo company won two important awards, “The silver Medal” for Castellinaldo 2017 Barbera d’Alba DOC and for Ligabue 2017 Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC.

Silver Medal Teo Costa wine

A Roero to taste, savouring nature, art and passion in Teo Costa’s wines!

Enjoy even more @ Teo Costa Wines
by Nadia ToppinoStorie di Cibo

Detox by Ilaria Pininfarina

Winter is here! With the arrival of the cold season, it is necessary to expel the toxins accumulated during the summer from organs like liver, kidneys, skin, intestines and lungs. A lack of physical activity and essential nutrients, junk food, energy drinks, fatigue, psychological stress, environmental pollution and drugs, lead to excessive exhaustion of our vital organs. That is why body cleanses have several multiple benefits.

Ilaria Chionetti

The Detox diet is an actual process called “clean philosophy” which means: remove, regenerate, and detoxify. Its final aim is boosting metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and restoring a state of well-being of our body, thus preventing the signs of ageing.

Red fruits and smoothie

This type of diet comes from the United States and is a correct lifestyle that you can adopt to cleanse the body by eating healthy foods with a detoxifying effect. The list of such foods includes seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, both vegetable and animal proteins, favouring those coming from fish, and excellent condiments like extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs, lemon, garlic and onion.

A piece of valuable advice is to drink plenty of water, at least two and a half litres a day. You can also help yourself with herbal teas, smoothies and centrifugal juices. Moreover, a glass of lemon water in the morning, while the stomach is still empty, is another excellent habit to get an alkaline body.

This diet is useful to detoxify the liver, drain excess fluids and improve the symptoms of intolerances and allergies. The foods to be avoided for a detoxing diet are animal proteins, such as red and white meats.

Consumption of the eggs should be limited too, and cold cuts should be totally avoided. Other food to exclude are:

  • refined cereals;
  • foods derived from non-whole grains;
  • products containing yeasts, dairy, animal derived seasoning and sauces, fried food, sweets;
  • carbonated drinks, alcohol and caffeine;
  • and also some kind of fruit, such as bananas, dates, grapes, figs, as they are too rich in sugar.

The principle of this detoxifying diet is a lifestyle change, to regain health and well-being, and avoid cellular damage.

Enjoy even more @ Naturopata Chionetti
by Ilaria Chionetti Pininfarina

Concorso d' Eleganza

“Concorso d’ Eleganza” is an event that will be held at Castello Dal Pozzo from 11 to 14 June 2020 and it stays for “elegance days”.

It is reserved for classic and modern luxury cars, and Maserati is its official leading partner. Here are all the details of The First Carbon Neutral Concours d’Elegance. The “Concorso d’ Eleganza”, which you can subscribe to from the following link I GO TRAVEL NETWORK, is an elegant and exclusive event scheduled from 11 to 14 June 2020 and which will link its image to worldly atmospheres and fascinating panoramas.

Castello dal Pozzo

It will be staged in the splendid setting of the 5 Star Hotel of Castello Dal Pozzo, located in Oleggio Castello, overlooking Lake Maggiore from a promontory with a breathtaking view.

Official partner of “Concorso d’ Eleganza” Elegance Days is Maserati.

Concorso d'Eleganza

A Unique Experience for an Event full of Glamour

The 5 Star Hotel of the Castello Dal Pozzo will act as a theatre for the entire event, hosting the participants in an enchanting setting that bears witness to the 1000 years of history that have passed through it. Overlooking one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, the Castello Dal Pozzo today consists of three structural units, different in style or period of construction: The Castle, the Palace and the Stables. It offers 45 luxurious rooms divided into Suites, Junior Suites and Deluxe.

Castello dal Pozzo dining room

The cars taking part in this exclusive and fascinating Concorso d’Eleganza will be parading through its gigantic and well-kept park, where Maserati is its leading official partner. Five classes are admitted and participants will be evaluated by a jury of experts in the field.

Maserati official sponsor Concorso d'Eleganza

From 11th to 14 June 2020, the shores of Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore and the Castello Dal Pozzo in Oleggio Castello will be filled with luxury and classic cars. They are offering a unique spectacle for any car enthusiast who will have the pleasure of joining a four-day event of beauty, style and charm. The overture of the event is scheduled for Thursday 11 June 2020, the day on which the cars will arrive at the Castello Dal Pozzo.

Concorso d'Eleganza

It will be on Friday, 12 June 2020 that the owners will give a show at the castle. In the early morning, the cars will be carefully assessed in the majestic setting of the park of the castle, wherein the afternoon they will be admired by the public who will have free access, from 15:00, to attend the parade of the Concorso d’Eleganza, which will culminate in an elegant evening.

Elegance Days will allow participants to experience at 360° the beauty of the territory in which they will go to dive thanks to a day of travel between two of the most beautiful lakes in Northern Italy: Maggiore and Orta. The caravan will also be an excellent show for the public!

Lago Maggiore

Not just a beauty contest

The appointment with all luxury and classic cars amateurs will be along the shores of Lakes Maggiore and Orta, and as well on the top of Mottarone at an altitude of 1,492 meters. The next day, Saturday, 13 June 2020, the cars will move on the road from the Castello Dal Pozzo towards Arona and then stop: in Stresa at mid-morning, at the Mottarone for lunch, in Omegna during the early afternoon and in Orta San Giulio in the evening during aperitif hours.

Concorso d'Eleganza

The day of Sunday, 14 June 2020 will allow the jury to complete its thorough assessments while participants can enjoy their free time in the hotel, sipping a good cocktail, relaxing in the vast spaces of the castle or, why not, take advantage of the pool. Immediately after lunch, the prize-giving ceremony will take place, a moment that will mark the culmination of a four-day event dedicated to passion for engines, luxury, the classic and the beautiful and elegant.
Full program and information are available at the I GO TRAVEL NETWORK.

For more information write to info@igotravelnetwork.com

Curiosity: Elegance Days will be the first Carbon Neutral Elegance Competition. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Treedom for the creation of a forest to compensate for the CO2 emitted during the event.

by Alessandro Colombo

Properties, Real Estate

Historical Villa in Switzerland

Historical villa in Switzerland

Historical villa of 7.5 rooms, built-in 1930 on a land of 708 square meters, completely renovated in 2000, with two outdoor terraces. The house in total has 202 square meters of living space approx. In addition to that, there are two outdoor terraces of 48 and 18 square meters approx.

The villa has a paved pedestrian entrance from which it is possible to access the ground floor. The atrium is equipped with a 4-door closet and includes the living area, a kitchen with exit to the large winter garden, and the ancillary rooms such as a guest toilet, pantry room, technical room and laundry room.

Historical Villa in Switzerland outside

1st floor: corridor with a built-in 4 doors wardrobe, one large bathroom with bathtub. Two double bedrooms on both sides of the house with both a large terrace, one with a view of the amazing Mount Brè.

2nd floor: corridor with a built-in wardrobe of 4 doors, one large bathroom with shower and two double bedrooms with two balconies in each room + an additional balcony in the corridor.

Historical Villa in Switzerland corridor

Flooring: in the living room there is dark wood parquet, in the places, there is light wood parquet, while in all the other rooms there are porcelain stoneware tiles. Double pane windows with wooden fixtures.

Historical Villa in Switzerland living room

Heating is distributed by an oil heating system. The property is in excellent condition and is immediately habitable.

Possibility to put a beautiful large swimming pool in the garden. Then there are two exits to the garden and the remaining surrounding land on which there are two buildings, currently used as a hobby room, one garage. One additional garage is located outside the property.

Historical Villa in Switzerland inside

Property on sale @ CHF 1,690.000
For Info or Enquires realestate@celebremagazine.world

Jewels, Watches & Co

Patek Philippe Nautilus: A Timeless Timepiece

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe is much more than a timepiece maker. It is the story of the watch, it has invented the wristwatch in 1868 for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary.

It’s a story that started in 1839 thanks to the will of Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek. A story that evolves and passes through patents and illustrious models to reach our days as one of the most successful brands in the world.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

The famous models that have followed one another over the years, each one more important (and beautiful) than the other, are countless. Undoubtedly the most notorious, symbolic for the company is the Nautilus. Unmistakable for the rounded octagonal shape of its bezel. Since 1976 Nautilus defines the concept of the elegant sports watch.

Nautilus by Patek Philippe

The perpetual calendar represented the most recent expression of this symbolic timepiece version (Ref. 5740 / 1G-001) and made its debut in society at Baselworld in 2018. For the first time in the history of this collection, Patek Philippe adds a considerable complication.

Nautilus by Patek Philippe details

Armed with an 18-carat white gold case, the Nautilus has an automatic perpetual calendar that takes into account the variable lengths of the months (as well as the February 29th every four years) thanks to an ultra-thin 240 Q self-winding caliber with a 22-carat gold mini-motor inserted in the movement.

Patek Philippe Geneve

Equipped with the thinnest calendar in the Patek Philippe collections, the Nautilus has a case that is waterproof up to 60 m and keeps the thickness reduced to 8.42 mm.

The architecture and the refined finishes of the movement – with smooth and polished bridges and the oscillating mass embellished with an engraved Calatrava cross – are visible through the case-back in transparent sapphire crystal, while the contrast between the surfaces emphasizes the style of the bezel. The dial shows the sunny blue of the 40th-anniversary models of 2016 and recalls the sea thanks to a case inspired by a porthole.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Integrated white gold strap resumes the alternation of the case and bezel details, with polished surfaces on the top and satin finish on the sides. A patented folding clasp ensures greater comfort.

After all, elegance is timeless.

Enjoy even more @ Patek Philippe
by Stefania Abbruzzo

Jewels, Watches & Co

Stephen Webster – The Genius Behind Soul Haunting Jewelry

Stephen Webster Jewelry

In the 21st century, there is an increasing tendency towards automation, and robots have already replaced many of the ancient trades. But one thing is certain: it is impossible to recreate human imagination and creativity artificially. One of the crafts that continues to amaze remains the mastery of jewelry, and Stephen Webster stands out with works of art that set extremely hard-to-reach standards.

Born in Gravesend-Kent in England in 1959, Stephen pursued his passion for jewelry, and at only 16, he attended a Silversmith and Jewelry course during his years at Medway College of Design in Kent. Later, he studied with Tony Shepherd, master of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, a prestigious company that dates to the twelfth century.

Jewelry by Stephen Webster

After completing his training with Tony Shepherd, Stephen went on working as a craftsman for prestigious design houses in Hatton Garden, London, thus putting his name on the map of the most acclaimed jewelers of our times. His career took him to Canada to design for an independent jeweler, and he relocated there for more than three years.

1989 marks the beginning of Stephen Webster LTD with over 200 sales points around the world.

University for the Creative Arts awarded Stephen in 2007 with an honorary Master of Arts degree, and in 2013 for his services to skills and training in the British jewelry industry, he was appointed Member of the Order o