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Tuscany, the famous region in Italy, is undoubtedly an infinite source of culture, the object of the most beautiful romances, the dream destination of all the lovers of Italian gastronomy and wines with the aroma of ancient history. The vineyards, which seem to stretch over endless plains, produce some of the most famous wines in the world. But none compare to the star of this story: Sassicaia of Tenuta San Guido.


The brand Tenuta San Guido was founded by the Marquis Mario Incisa Della Rocchetta, a visionary whose genius placed Italian Tuscan wine among the favourites of connoisseurs from all over the world. The Marchese wanted to create a wine like the French Bordeaux. The French wine was by far the aristocracy’s most cherished wine, and he found that the Bolgheri area bared the same climate and land characteristics as Bordeaux in France.


Having in mind the Bordeaux as a point of reference, he experimented with a variety of grapes, so the period between 1921 and 1925 was dedicated to finding the perfect blend. It was in 1940, when he settled with his wife in Tenuta San Guido, that he picked the Cabernet flavour as the winning bouquet. And this is how Sassicaia started to take shape. But why the unusual name? Well, Sassicaia comes from the Italian word “sasso” which means rock. And the terrain of the vineyards in Tuscany, are just as rocky as the land of Bordeaux, the motherland of the wine that sparked Mario’s imagination at first.


But the Marquis’s wine was not designed for outside production yet. And that is because the conservative critics accustomed with lighter versions of the local wines were not enthusiastic about the innovative wine of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, especially since it needed more time to age and develop. So, from 1948 to 1967 Sassicaia was produced for private consumption and stayed confined to the Tenuta San Guido and its guests. In time, Mario Incisa noticed that the wine became better with ageing, and encouraged by relatives and friends he perfected his style and released the wine commercially in 1968.


From then on it is all history. Classified at first as a table wine (since Tuscan wines were not DOC and DOCG approved) a bottle of the 1972 Sassicaia won a blind-taste event against 30 other Bordeaux wines from all over the world. And that is how Sassicaia became internationally acclaimed. Few wines have such an intricate past. Sassicaia is the wine that revolutionized the conservative tastes of Italian wine connoisseurs and propelled the Made in Italy into the top of the best wines in the world. It was because of Sassicaia that the classification IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) was introduced, and the novelty was the focus on the region of the grapes, rather than the type of grapes.


David Beckham, The Obamas, Rihanna, LeBron James or Duran Duran, are a few of the many celebrities that prefer the Sassicaia wine. And when you think of the long journey of this great wine, you understand the privilege of tasting it, and its infinite value. Once again, the Made in Italy has been affirmed internationally, this time flowing deliciously from the Sassicaia bottles of the Marquis Mario Incisa Della Rocchetta.

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by Claudia Ciclovan

Car, Speed

Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020: New Year is “On the Way”


During the Ferrari World Finals at Mugello, Ferrari Company presented the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020, an evolution of the 488 GT3 that will compete in the main GT championships in the 2020 sports season.


Aerodynamics, ergonomics, safety and reliability are the main factors on which the attention of the Modenese technicians have focused in giving birth to the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020. The engineers’ aim was to provide the car with greater stability by redesigning the front panel. A new bumper now has a reduced front section in the area below the headlamps. This has allowed to house inside a pair of flicks that generate a more effective vertical load, performing a function of stabilization of the car, thanks to the intervention on the flow diverters of the splitter. The aerodynamic review has also involved other parts of the front of the 488 GT3, such as the slots above the wheel arch, which are enlarged compared to the current model; those positioned at the rear have been completely redesigned, together with the front part of the door, further tapered for better channelling of flows on the side.


The vehicle dynamics have also been optimised. The changes made concern the increase in wheelbase, which has now been made identical to that of the 488 GTE in order to optimise tyre use, reduce tyre degradation and facilitate the conversion from GT3 to GTE. The engineers’ work then focused on lightening the vehicle, which allows more ballast to be used to reach the minimum weight imposed by the Balance of Performance, thus lowering the centre of gravity.


The engine, a V8 twin-turbo engine with a 90-degree angle between the banks, has not been developed in terms of performance or component modifications, but benefits from a new control system that guarantees greater reliability and cleaner, more precise torque delivery; the electronics have also been improved and optimised in terms of vehicle controls (including ABS and Traction Control). On board the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020 makes its debut a new seat, developed jointly with Sabelt to equip both the GT3 and the GTE, which meets the new FIA safety standards and ensures not only greater rigidity and robustness, but also a weight saving of 2.4 kg. The belts have also been modified with the introduction of new belts and a new buckle.


Dedicated to endurance racing, the additional 24H/Endurance package has been specifically designed for customers who are interested in this type of competition. The basic equipment includes a front bumper with additional headlights, quick-fill couplings for engine oil and coolant, carbon clutch, GTE borrowed brake calibers and steel wheel nuts. Optional equipment includes coolant level sensors, fill completion indicator with warning light and 4500-lumen LED main headlamps per headlamp. The new components and improvements introduced with the 2020 version of the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO are also available as upgrade kits for existing cars.


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by Alessandro Colombo

Interior Design, Properties

Bugatti Home Collection: the luxury furniture signed by Bugatti



The Alsatian manufacturer launches the Bugatti Home Collection on the market, the luxury furniture designed to sign the interiors of a house with the Bugatti brand.


It pays homage to Bugatti’s 110-year history (as Chiron did) and is part of the marketing strategy that brings with it Stephan Winkelmann’s “fingerprints” that we talked about a few days ago. This is the Bugatti Home Collection, designed to furnish the homes of the owners of the cars produced by the Alsatian luxury manufacturer with a theme.



And inside the Bugatti Home Collection we find everything and more: from the sofa “Chiron” (with cushions branded with the logo of the Alsatian manufacturer) to the chair “Cobra” (proposed in limited edition and whose original design dates back to 1902 by Carlo Bugatti, father of Ettore Bugatti and who worked in interior design), with elements in carbon fiber and logo 110 Ans Bugatti, also passing through a long series of collateral accessories.



The latter include a bed, different types of armchairs, a coffee table (very modern style) and a reclining armchair type chaise longue. Essentially all the furniture that may be needed in a house that wants to convey in every corner the style and values of the brand Bugatti.


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by Alessandro Colombo

Art World, Culture

BRAFA 2020: The Exclusive Art Fair

Brafa Art Fair 2020

The 65th BRAFA, will take place from Sunday 26 January till 2 February 2020 at Tour & Taxis. There will be 133 galleries in all, the same number as last year, with some new names and several returning galleries.


True to its creed of eclecticism, quality and a mix of styles, Brafa 2020 will once again offer visitors a rich and varied line-up of some of the world’s best galleries, specialising in old, modern and contemporary art. Thanks to the vetting process, which is regarded as one of the strictest in the sector, the art fair will meet the high expectations of collectors and art lovers, enabling them to revisit the history of art, and its different periods and styles, on different continents. celebreMagazine is proud to announce to be Media Partner of this Extraordinary and Exclusive Art Fair.


The quality of an art fair is first and foremost defined by the quality of its exhibitors. In that sense, Brafa 2020 looks very promising, largely because the selection in the various segments at the art fair is both qualitative and strong. This means that visitors can expect to see works of only the highest quality, all the more so because the admission process for exhibits, that examines each work prior to the fair’s opening, is among the most rigorous in the sector. Brafa relies on a panel of 100 independent experts, checks by the Art Loss Register, and the services of a scientific laboratory specialising in the analysis of art objects, cultural and archaeological heritage, to perform various analyses onsite if the experts request this.


BRAFA’s Visitors have come to expect a different guest of honour every year. These have included international museums, foundations and artists, who have all added their own unique touch to the event. In 2020, the art fair is choosing an innovative approach, launching an unusual initiative on the occasion of the 65th BRAFA in the form of a charity sale of original segments of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Wall Brafa Art Fair 2020

These segments were already acquired in 2018, in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 2019. They were taken from the Hinterlandmauer, or the 68-km ‘inner wall’ that blocked off the border strip to East Berlin. The segments were dismantled by the armed forces of the former German Democratic Republic, or East Germany, during the demolition works following the fall of the Berlin Wall. They were subsequently acquired and re-used by a public works company that is based in a Berlin suburb. The segments, which are 3.8 m tall and 1.2 m wide, weighing 3.6 tons each, feature graffiti on both sides by anonymous street artists from different periods.


Compared with last year, Brafa will be welcoming eight new galleries, who will be exhibiting at the art fair for the first time, i.e., a relatively low turnover rate (6%), demonstrating the loyalty of its exhibitors:

– Antiquarium Ltd. (New York – archaeology);
– Paolo Antonacci (Rome – European paintings from the 18th and 19th C.);
– W. Apolloni Antichità (Rome – furniture, paintings and art objects from the 17th C.-19th C.); – Callisto Fine Arts (London – masterpieces of European sculptures and art objects);
– CLEARING (New York / Brussels – contemporary art);
– Nardi (Venice – jewellery);
– Rueb (Amsterdam – modern and contemporary art);
– Dalton Somaré (Milan – African and Hindu-Buddhist ancient art).

They will be joined by ten other galleries that are returning to the fair after one or more years of absence:

  • –  Bruil & Brandsma Works of Art (Amsterdam – antiquities and art objects from the 14th C.- 18th C.);
  • –  Galerie Jean-François Cazeau (Paris – modern paintings and sculptures);
  • –  Chamarande (Brussels – antique jewellery);
  • –  De Jonckheere (Geneva – old and modern masters);
  • –  Douwes Fine Art (Amsterdam – old masters);
  • –  Francis Janssens van der Maelen (Brussels – silverware);
  • –  Adrian Schlag (Brussels – tribal art);
  • –  Studio 2000 Art Gallery (Blaricum – Dutch paintings from the 20th Century);
  • –  Galerie Tanakaya (Paris – Japanese prints and antiquities);
  • –  M. F. Toninelli Art Moderne (Monaco – modern art).

8 Galleries from Switzerland
– Cortesi Gallery
(Lugano, CH / Milano IT / London UK ) – Modern and contemporary Art – Galerie von Vertes (Zurich) – Modern and contemporary Art
– Bailly Gallery (Geneva) – Modern and contemporary Art
– Galerie De Jonckheere (Geneva) – Old and modern Masters
– Galerie Grand-Rue Marie-Laure Rondeau (Geneva) Art from the 18th and 19th C.
– Opera Gallery (Geneva) – Modern and contemporary Art
– Galerie Schifferli (Geneva) – Art from the 20th C.
– Simon Studer Art Associés (Geneva) – Impressionist, modern and contemporary Art


Brafa, which covers twenty art disciplines ranging from archaeology to contemporary art, also strives to maintain an internal balance between each of these very diverse specialities, to ensure the art fair is as representative as possible. While the number of modern and contemporary artworks at this art fair, which has traditionally focused on ancient art, has definitely increased in recent years, ancient art is still very well represented and has a prominent presence at the fair. Just under half of the newcomers this year specialise in this category, including classical archaeology, old masters, furniture and artefacts. This reality is also indicative of the organisers’ intention to maintain a strong and competitive ancient art offering.


There is one major change compared with previous years. This year, the art fair will be open to the public from Sunday (26 January) till Sunday 2 February. The shorter duration should only have a limited impact on the number of visitors, of which Brafa had a record number last year (66,000 visitors, a new record, for the fifth consecutive year). Finally, 2020 is also an important anniversary for Brafa as this is the 65th year that the art fair is being organised. The anniversary will be celebrated with a unique and original event, to be announced soon by the organisers…

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Carrera y Carrera

The Spanish jewellery house Carrera y Carrera is a phantasmagorical world that in 134 years of its success story has shaped ultra precious jewellery conveyed by a glamorous dimension that feeds on memories and dreams.

Carrera y Carrera

The iconic-morphological construction of the design of the jewels is literally penetrated by the combinatorial experience that reserves unpredictable surprises of arabesque goldsmiths with complex esoteric symbols.

Carrera y Carrera

The aesthetic nomadism of Carrera design is the hallmark of sophisticated goldsmith solutions, such as the spectacular “Bestiario” and “Círculos” de Fuego capsule collections, high-end modular goldsmith’s fantasies that give life to twisted animal motif jewellery/fetish with dragon figures, eagle, snake, cheetah and crocodile, made by the skilled hands of highly specialized goldsmiths from the best Goldsmiths laboratories in the world, a craft excellence that in 2000 earned the brand the Medal of the Academy of Fine Arts in Russia.

Carrera y Carrera

The precious metals company has been widely internationalized since the late 1970s, opening branches in New York, Tokyo, Moscow and the United Arab Emirates, seducing the elite clientele of Celebrities.

Carrera y Carrera

The “Carrera y Carrera” luxury boutique in Madrid, with its windows in Calle Serrano, unravels an enchanted garden of dazzling goldsmith’s creations that dialogue and blend into numerous collections that range from the watch shaped like flower petals of the “Gardenias” line, based on floral references, to the “Mi musa” and “Peacock” collections,

Carrera y CarreraThe latter is signed by the symbolic peacock who boasts the magnificence of the set with necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet “Carnaval”, a composition that, in a waltz of sumptuous gems between diamonds, tsavoriti garnets, blue sapphires and iolite set in white gold, beautifully celebrate the beauty of a woman goddess, sophisticated and glamorous.

Carrera y CarreraIn the galvanized visionary talent signed Carrera y Carrera full of ancestral signs, you can pick up the echo of an archetypal language modulated by sculptor / goldsmith plants that dictate a “superfetation” of the concept of luxury of high iconic jewelry characterized by a dreamlike spirituality, primitive and a dreamy imagination of interfering emotions from the mythical flavor, impossible to avoid, because it captures the dreams of every woman.

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 by Anna Lorito

Wedding Luxury Awards: A Dream becomes Reality


Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

Two years after the great success of 2017, the magic of the Gala signed Weddings Luxury and Cira Lombardo returns, a special evening that will celebrate the ten years of activity of the magazine Weddings Luxury

For the New Edition 2019, on 14 November the Weddings Luxury Awards will be held in the heart of Naples, at the Mostra d’Oltremare, and once again will bring together all the excellence of Campania’s event organization and hospitality, for a unique event of its kind. During the evening, these talented professionals who over the years have given prestige to a growing sector, the organization will provide an award for the work done.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

Cira Lombardo is the true icon of Italian wedding planning. For suggestive weddings and the most beautiful parties in Italy, it is necessary to satisfy particular high-level needs. Cira is the successful businesswoman who has been able to transform her passion into a multifaceted job. The Event Creator is not only responsible for the management of all-round glamorous ceremonies but also juggles between television, social media, training courses and publishing.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

The theme of the event? “The Dream”

It’s easy to imagine why. Every special occasion, every wedding, every reception is a dream come true: at the Weddings Luxury Awards, guests will be the protagonists of that dream. They will experience the unrepeatable adventure of a journey to discover spectacular scenarios, performances, installations and twists and turns. To create this extraordinary event, the best expertise in the wedding sector in Campania will work side by side, under the guidance of Event Creator Cira Lombardo.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

We wanted to create something unique that would make you dream, but also reflect on the beauty and potential of our land, and we wanted to do it together”.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

So, the green light will be an explosion of flowers, tropical settings, enchanted gardens, giant hearts, sensory paths, rides and music. Room after room, story after story, each guest will walk through a dream world. Everything became possible thank to the dream of professionals who have made possible the realization of incredible events, the vision of hundreds of newlyweds who have experienced unrepeatable moments and the idea of Wedding Luxury and Cira Lombardo, which with this single party, finally becomes a reality.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner


Event Creator: Cira Lombardo.

Flower designers: L’Asso dei Fiori, Flover, Pichs Floral Design, Iris, Espedito Rusciano Flower Designer.

Food & Beverage: Sire Ricevimenti, Tenuta San Domenico, Savoy Beach Hotel, Mama casa in campagna, Drink Me, Lombardi Pasticceria, Lilia Ferraro Cakes&Events.

Entertainment: All Party, Puerta del Sol, Elisabeth, Raoul & Swing Orchestra, Forlenzo, Mirko Coppola, Elek3, Intrat, Swing Tonic, Casino Party feste ed eventi, Baracca dei buffoni, Tufano Fireworks, The blue gospel singers.

Photographers: Di Fiore Photographers, Pasquale Mallardo Reportage Photographer, Sabatino Maisto Photographer, Aragon Cover Photo, Morlotti Studio, Carmine Napolitano, Wedding Stories Fashion Studio, Ruggiero Battipaglia Fotografia.

Hair Style & Make Up: Ricci & Capricci by Marian, Francesco Riva, My Wedding Mirror.

Fittings & Services: Allestimenti Le Rose, G&G Party Service, AllestimentiD’ Errico, Staging Italia, Mediaintegrati, Fratelli Pizza S.r.l.

Car Hire: Gabo Global Service, Vega Luxury.

Media Partners: celebreMagazine, Imagine Paolo, Donna Tv, Mi sposo TV.

Special Thanks: Emò Italia, Papa Confetti & Cioccolato, Giada Curti Haute Couture, Azienda Agricola San Salvatore 1988, Eyder Design, DPL Candele, Napolitano Case, Lombardi Immobiliare.

Cira Lombardo Wedding Planner

On the occasion of the Weddings Luxury Awards, the organization will offer a donation to charity to the Association Vita21.

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Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge: The Luxury Black Power

Rolls Royce black

The British manufacturer presents the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge, a special edition of the British luxury SUV featuring distinctive aesthetics and a more powerful engine.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Black

The British luxury manufacturer presents the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge, a special edition of the British SUV that joins the other models of this particular series, namely Dawn, Wraith and Ghost, with new aesthetic content and an engine now more powerful.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Black by side


Featuring a dark look (as well as hand-polished paint), featuring black Spirit of Ecstasy badges, frames, side trims and exhaust systems, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge features 22″ two-tone silver and black rims with red brake callipers behind them.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Black dashboard

The black monochrome is broken by yellow inserts, which we also find inside a cabin dominated by black coverings, carbon fibre inserts, optional Forged Yellow leather, a starry sky and a whole series of distinctive details.

Rolls Royce details


The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge has an updated version of the 6.8-litre V12, now capable of developing 600 hp of power and 900 Nm of torque, which is also capable of sounding much better thanks to controlling to ensure more magnificent sound to the exhaust. The “Intuitive Throttle” option allows the eight-speed transmission to return more aggressive shifts.

Rolls Royce wheels

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by Alessandro Colombo

Car, Speed

Aston Martin AMB 001: Gaydon’s first bike

Aston Martin motorbike

The Aston Martin AMB 001 debuts in society at EICMA 2019, the first bike of the British manufacturer and that will built in a limited series of 100 units.
At EICMA 2019, the Gaydon-based company will be presenting the Aston Martin AMB 001, the English manufacturer’s first motorcycle is built in collaboration with Brough Superior and designed to explore new grounds for the historic British brand.

Aston Martin AMB 001

Designed to be produced in a limited edition of only 100 units, the Aston Martin AMB 001 finds its pulsating heart in a 180 hp turbocharged V-Twin engine. It stops the scale needle at 180 kg dry, thus ensuring a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1.

Aston Marting motorbike engine

This result is possible thanks to the carbon fibre frame, as well as by the use of titanium, aluminium and composite materials for many components of the bike, which from a technical point of view also shows a front fork with a double oscillating arm.

Aston Martin AMB 001


The model exhibited at EICMA 2019 of the Aston Martin AMB 001 is sell in Aston Martin Racing colour, i.e. in Sterling Green and Lime Essence, with wheels, forks and brakes in Matte Black and Oxford Tan leather saddle with hand stitching. It will be assembled at the Brough Superior plant in Tolos (France) and will on sale from the end of 2020 at about 108,000 euros.

Aston Martin Motorbike saddle

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by Alessandro Colombo

Gran Galà Arte Cinema and Impresa

Hotel Monaco and Grand Canal continue to hold the torch of the most prestigious, history-rich and luxurious establishment in Venice. To complete this idyllic scenery, the hotel welcomed in its midst one of the most expected events of the year: The Gran GalàArte Cinema and Impresa, organized by the Mazzoleni Foundation.

Gran GalàArte Cinema and Impresa

Mario Mazzoleni, patron of the foundation, chose the extravagant Sala del Ridotto, the most prominent space of the Monaco and Grand Canal hotel, to hold the fifth edition of this international event. Autumn in Venice never looked as glamorous as it did on the 12th of October 2019. When it comes to remarkable guests, this year’s edition made no exception.

Gran GalàArte VIP e ospiti

The guests

Gary Dourdan, famous for his role in the acclaimed Miami CSI Crime Scene Investigation series, went on stage to receive the Premio Fondazione Mazzoleni Award. Awarded were also the beautiful and dynamic Alba Paretti, but also singer Roberta Bonanno, along with many other personalities applauded by over 200 guests.

Gran GalàArte Gran GalàArte Cinema and Impresa premio

Awards and winners

The Artistic Committee of the Foundation has selected the most innovative entrepreneurs. This year, the Red Lions of San Marco went to Dario Austoni and Christian Raggi for the world of design and interior design. Gigliola Curiel and the Silv School of Bergamo were awarded for fashion, Claudio Almici for innovation in the animal food sector, Lorenzo Cerbone for construction and real estate area, Finella Di Prima for fine jewelry, Paola Donnini for journalism, Katia Brugnolo for an artistic project together with the Venetian Carnival, to Roberta De Paoli for contemporary art, and to Chiara Giovanelli for emerging talent of Music.

Gran GalàArte tavoli per invitati

The special prize went to Sister Rosalina Ravasio, founder of the Shalom Community of Brescia, who assisted more than three hundred boys, helping them out of addiction and abusive behaviour.

The fashion show, organized by the students of Silv School, turned out charming and lovely. A superb violinist, Florin Banda, amazed the audience with his songs while the Glamor Ballet of Rome offered the audience an astonishing performance.

Gran Gala show

Piazza San Marco in Venice, this unforgettable setting, has been the backdrop of this magnificent event. The philanthropist couple and founders of the Mazzoleni Foundation, Simona and Mario Mazzoleni, created an iconic event to thank and award the Made in Italy Excellence.

Gran GalàArte palco e ospiti

Gala Arte Cinema and Impresa means engaging in glamour, entertainment, class, and the emotion to see extraordinary people recognized for their talent.

by Claudia Ciclovan

Christoger Woll

When observing a painting by the contemporary artist Cristopher Wool, one cannot help but be fascinated by so much inspiration and originality. Wool is a worthy representative of modern art, an innovator who breaks with the patterns of the past, inventing a unique and particular way of painting.

Christofer Wool painting

Born in Chicago in 1955 and currently living and working in New York, he is one of the most highly regarded living abstract painters in the world. Over the years he has been able to put into practice a series of distinctive techniques, concerning the visual representation of language and colour through abstraction. For this reason, he is the best-known artist for his graphic paintings of black and white words.

Christofer Woll with his painting

The innovation lies in the fact that he has considered painting as a medium, deliberately detaching himself from historical conventions and using it as a critical tool. He is famous for his paintings of large black letters printed on white canvases. The painter began to create these paintings made of words around the ’80s and the inspiration as he tells us came from observing a graffito painted on a white truck.

Christofer Wool creation

In 1988 he presented with his colleague artist Robert Gobert at the 303 Gallery one of his first exhibitions, and a collaborative installation that included Apocalypse Now: a work that reproduces some words from the film Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola. Cristopher Wool’s way of painting based on silkscreen printing; in his abstract works, he brings together figures and disfigured figures, drawing and painting, spontaneous impulses and bright ideas.

Christofer Wool painting

Christofer Wool’s Exhibition

Wool’s irreverent and original canvases have been exhibited all over the world, in fact, there are many museums where they have made stops including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and the Kunsthalle Basel in Switzerland. In 2009 he exhibited at the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst am Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, and in 2012 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. From 25 October 2013 to 22 January 2014, a retrospective of Wool’s work was on display at the Guggenheim Museum in
New York City and the Art Institute of Chicago in spring 2014.

Besides, the paintings of Wool’s Word made between the late 80s and early 2000s are the most sought after pieces on the art market. Cristopher Wool is one of those artists who never cease to amaze, each of his works is unique and rare, as it can convey that irreverent and innate originality typical of what is in effect a genius of art.

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by Stefania Abbruzzo

Wally Power 118

Built-in 2002, the Wally Power 118 is a classic example of a luxury yacht that never ages. Brought to the forefront of cinema in 2005 with the film ‘The Island’, in which it has presented in the guise of ‘Renovatio’.

The luxury boat still amazes us today, thanks to its bold, neat and sharp forms (so iconic that the MV Agusta took inspiration for a limited series of Brutale). Wally Power 118 is almost like a stealth-fighter, rather than a sumptuous boat.

Wally Power 118 front

36 meters long, 9 meters wide and 95 tons strong, Wally Power is more like an FPB (Fast Patrol Boat) than a superyacht with all the comforts.

We all should remember that the yacht comes from a brand owned by the Ferretti Group, it has a lower section of the fairing in solid fiberglass, while the upper part (from the waterline up) is built with a composite of carbon fibre and glass: all to ensure lightness and stability.

Wally Power 118 interior design

This extraordinarily luxurious and extremely unique superyacht has three DDC TF50 gas turbines capable of developing 16,800 hp of power. Wally 118 flanked by two 370 hp Cummins diesel auxiliary engines designed to ensure manoeuvrability in confined spaces. The maximum speed is 65 knots, while the promised range (guaranteed by 22,000 litres of fuel tank) is 380 nautical miles.

Wally Power 118 yacht front

One thousand two hundred litres of freshwater provide on-board services in rooms designed to accommodate up to six guests plus as many crew members. Guests can enjoy a master-suite, two bedrooms with guest bathrooms and cabins for the staff, plus a kitchen that makes extensive use of aluminium surfaces.

Wally Power 118 - Yacht front

The external design conveys the joint signature of Wally, Luca Bassani and Lazzarini Pickering, as well as the style of the interiors. It also has a tender on-board and an inflatable boat to reach the shore in places where it is not possible to dock the yacht. Whether exclusive style and desire to show off are among your priorities this is still the yacht for you, even after many years!

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by Alessandro Colombo

Palazzo Margherita – The Essence of Italy Revealed

Palazzo Margherita

If you look closely at the boot-shape of Italy, you will notice a small gap between the tip and the heel. That spot is Basilicata, a heaven made of green lands and beautiful seashores. Well, you must know that the ancient Greeks were the first to notice this place, long before the Roman era, thus the region was part of the Hellenic Magna Graecia.

Palazzo Margherita by night

Closer to our times, in 1892, a famous Italian family, the Margherita Family, chose the small town of Bernalda in Matera (one of the two provinces that make up Basilicata), to build a beautiful place that today is just as impressive as it was on the day it was built: Palazzo Margherita. For a long time, the Palazzo belonged to the Margherita family, up until the 21st Century, when Palazzo Margherita enchanted with its history-rich uniqueness the iconic filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola who decided to buy the property in 2004. For Francis, the building is, in a way, a return to the roots, because Bernalda is the home town of his grandfather, Agostino Coppola, who often reminisced with nostalgia and affection the places of his childhood.

Palazzo Margherita breakfast room

When Francis bought the Palazzo Margherita, he intended to turn it into an opulent Italian boutique hotel, aiming to attract visitors, thus putting the spotlight on this still unexplored region. And so, he did. After getting the property, Francis completely renovated it with help from lauded French designer Jacques Grange. The coquette hotel is very intimate, designed more like a luxurious family retreat, featuring only nine suites.

Palazzo Margherita patio

Because Francis wished for the Palazzo to be a place where his children would always want to return, he asked them for ideas about its design. And it was brilliant. The suites are nothing alike. Although elegant and exquisitely designed, each one has their own style, one more beautiful than the other, different and part of the same concept at the same time. The main characteristic of the suites is space. The rooms are large with high ceilings, but in a way that does not overwhelm and creates the feeling of a home away from home, complete with everything you need.

Sofia's suite @ Palazzo Margherita

Luxurious comfort is the main feature Palazzo Margherita, from the floral wallpaper, the hammam and chroma-therapy bathrooms of the Sofia suite (Francis’s daughter), to the North African influences of the suite designed by Francis himself, as homage to his grandmother’s Tunisian roots.

Palazzo Margherita Sofia's suite

The spacious bathrooms take the same line of design, marble, coloured stoneware and glass, offering the opulent comfort feeling of the ancient emperor’s baths. The technology blends perfectly with the design concept of the Palazzo Margherita boutique hotel, the modern equipment syncing harmoniously with the 19th-century appearance of the iconic edifice. The dining experience in Palazzo Margherita is unique! Although the selection of bars is quite vast for a hotel of its size (Cinecitta Bar, Family Bar, Pool Bar), the Eat-in-Kitchen restaurant is what guests will remember about: originally designed as a family home, the hotel features a big kitchen where guests can enjoy a family-like dinner.

Palazzo Margherita dining room

The dishes cooked in the intimate atmosphere are typical from the Basilicata region (although the menus offer many other international recipes). And the gourmet addicted can even take part in organized courses in which the traditional techniques can be carried away at the end of the journey beyond the borders of Bernalda. Francis Ford Coppola is not only a legendary director but he is also endowed with a perfect artistic sense. His genius transformed the already iconic Palazzo Margherita building into an exclusive attraction where you can experience Italy like a genuine “Italiano Vero”!

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by Claudia Ciclovan

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Ferrari Roma: 620 HP pays Homage to the Dolce Vita

Ferrari Roma 620

It’s called Ferrari Roma, and it’s the new two-seater coupé of the Prancing Horse with which the Maranello-based company further expands its exclusive and very interesting price list.

Ferrari Roma 320, inside

Designed to homage to the Italian Dolce Vita, the Ferrari Roma is driven by a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 placed in the front-central position, capable of developing 620 hp and 760 Nm of torque, and flanked by an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It starts from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h in 9.3 seconds and exceeds 320 km/h top speed.

Ferrari Roma 620

With a dry weight of 1,472 kg, a length of 4,656 mm, a width of 1,974 mm, a height of 1,301 mm and a wheelbase of 2,670 mm, the Ferrari Roma has adaptive LED light clusters, flush door handles and a much sought-after dashboard with numerous digital elements inside.

Ferrari Roma 620, dashboard

The interior of the Ferrari Roma shows off a sporty and refined dashboard with many digital elements and innovative solutions.

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by Alessandro Colombo

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Chaise Longue: Le Corbusier’s Relaxing Machine

Chaise Longue

October 6th, 1887 marks the birth of one of the greatest architects to date: Charles-Édouard Jeanneret. Architect, painter, writer and urban planner. Known as Le Corbusier (the name he chose after an alteration of his grandfather’s name Lecorbésier) he will become the pioneer of modern architecture, managing to influence and inspire even the 21st-century art scene.

Le Courbusier in his office

Born in a family of artists (his mother was a musician and piano teacher, and his father a painter of watch dials), he left school when he was 13 because “schools were very mean in the past, they were no fun.” Instead he attended Arts Décoratifs at La Chaux-de-Fonds where he learned to engrave watch faces and enamelling, just like his father did. Here he met L’Eplattenier, a swiss painter and architect that created the Swiss version of Art Nouveau, and that would remain the only teacher for him, as he later stated. L’Eplattenier guided Le Corbusier through studies of art history, the naturalist aesthetics of art nouveau and drawing, and insisted that he learned architecture. He was the one that got him, his first commissions as an architect, working on local projects.

Le Courbusier Villa

Le Corbusier went on self-teaching himself architecture by reading books, visiting museums and sketching buildings on his trips through Europe. His travels played a crucial role in defining of his vision, allowing him to observe classic architecture and the way culture blends into it. He was one of the founders of Purism, a concept that favoured the representation of objects as pure forms with no details. He was also the promoter of affordable prefabricated housing, with open space and no obstructive support poles, so that the interior and exterior walls would be free from structural constraints.

The structure raised from the ground and placed on support pillars, with a roof garden terrace, horizontal ribbon windows and no ornaments on the façade, would come to define the modern architecture. Le Corbusier’s green roofs were meant to give back to nature the space occupied by the building, a concept that gained popularity in the 21st-century. In 2016, UNESCO named 17 architectural works of Le Corbusier as World Heritage. One of the most emblematic buildings he ever designed is the Villa Savoye in Poissy, France, a structure that embodies the whole 5 Points of Architecture as defined by Le Corbusier. A controversial and polemic character, Le Corbusier was invited to lecture in Rome in 1934, by the Italian fascist prime minister Benito Mussolini, and met with Alfred Einstein in 1964 at Princeton University.

Chaise Longue LC4 chair by Le Corbusier

But he established himself as a complex artist and his works have never benn limited to architecture. In 1928, along with Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, he designed the Chaise Longue LC4 chair, part of an avant-garde collection in Paris. The design was unique, unlike anything ever made before. The ergonomic shape followed the natural position of the body, and it is considered a landmark in the history of modern furniture. It would be only in 1965 that the chair became famous, thanks to Cassina, the renowned Italian manufacturer. The LC4 Chaise Longue, for the first-time, have had the human body at the center of the concept: making relaxation the main feature of the seemingly simple and ingenious design. Le Corbusier’s Relaxing Machine Chaise Longue will be since then regarded as a “relaxing machine”, one of the most notorious pieces of furniture designed by Le Corbusier.

Chaise Longue LC4 chair

People mostly reject change, as it is hard to come out of the comfort zone and set aside stereotypes. But that did not stop Le Corbusier. He stormed into the world with his out-of-the-box vision, becoming the Picasso of architecture and the emblem of modernity.

by Claudia Ciclovan

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Giuseppe Mandile Jewelry: Preciuos Sculptures

Giuseppe Mandile

Giuseppe Mandile jewellery are unique pieces of sophistication design and its style marks a refined totemic aesthetic. Giuseppe Mandile success story start in 1922 and is the result of many years between gold and silver craftmanship. Strong of its own cultural heritage, handed down from one generation to another, the brand is now lead by Giuseppe Mandile, eclectic artisan and designer.

Giuseppe Mandile working

Mandile, with hyperbolic virtuosity, in his laboratory of jewellery that still exists in Naples, in Via Tito Angelini 14, creates jewellery that resemble real sculptures. The unique textures and intricate patterns appeal to an attentive audience, who wants to feel unique, yet demanding the best quality possible. The rigorous craft and details perfection are amazing and actually tangible in his creation.

Giuseppe Mandile rings

His collections are a mix of mechanical constructions, asymmetries and abstract aerodynamic artifices that range from armor necklaces and cuff bracelets, to earrings and rings with baroque pearls and hard stones (carnelian, amethyst, green agate, natural quartz, coral and turquoise). 

Giuseppe Mandile creations

A creative projection of a symbolism that suggests permanence, duration and eternity, wandering a substrate of sublimation towards everything related to the body, to the evolution of the “eternal feminine“.

The new “Galaxìas” line has a perfectly symmetrical parure (necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet) with a dynamic tension construction system. Small inner cores mark it in an intersection with modular curves and orbital interlacings reflecting a centrifugal and centripetal force with a powerful visual impact.

Jewelry by Giuseppe Mandile

Dynamism and professionalism, in a virtuous circle, have allowed branding to grow, travelling in sync with the development of best practices. Quality certification and know-how: from the process and product innovation to the packaging details. The overall strategic management, together with international marketing communication, in line with the expansion of the business plan, confirm the fast path of the brand towards internationalization.

The archetypal power of Giuseppe Mandile’s jewellery represents a must that symbolizes and promises craftsmanship, beside quality.

Giuseppe Mandile new collection

It is inspired by a character and a particular ideal of beauty and preciousness, aimed at the dreamy woman who loves to be stylish . It feels like she is discovering a treasure and is eager to find more. A “totem” jewel that spread a contagious totalizing dimension in the name of a sparkling femininity that stresses the mission for exclusive elegance.

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by Anna Lorito

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