Stefano Cigana: “The Bull Days? It’s the Lamborghini owners’ experience par excellence that comes from a child’s dream!” For three years now, Bull Days has become one of the most important events, felt and followed by Lamborghini owners and lovers of the Italian brand. Let’s find out more, with its creator Stefano Cigana, details, developments and characteristics of this exciting event that every year attracts people from all over the world.


Born in Veneto on 9 August 1977, Stefano Cigana attended the “Accademia delle Belle Arti” in Venice. He founded Venetia Communication in 1998 (when he was only 21 years old), an agency specializing in quality communication and the production of creative content, anticipating the time’s thanks to a vision very focused on the digital world and the affirmation of brand identity.


Passionate about engines and in particular about Lamborghini, since 2018 he has become the organizer of ‘Bull Days’, an event that dedicates attention to the universe of Lamborghini’s owners and that for years now has been attracting numerous cars from the House of the Bull – privately owned – from all over the world, creating amazement and spectacle for a heterogeneous public whenever the ‘big snake’ of ‘Lambo’ moves through streets, views and cities.


Now in its third edition, this format (for which the entries for the ‘fourth chapter’ which will take place in 2021 and which will see the return of the supercars made in Sant’Agata Bolognese to the enchanting Tuscan scenery after having passed through – and bewitched adults and children alike – during the summer of 2020 in the Principality of Monaco) has so far been able to keep the focus on itself thanks to a series of reconfirmed winning features, but also thanks to many new features and innovations that will gradually be implemented over time. Let’s discover more details and secrets of this fantastic event (which we would like to remind you, everyone is waiting in Tuscany in 2021) by talking about it with its creator.


Since 2018 you have been the organizer of a very nice event, the Bull Days. Would you like to explain what it is about? How was this project born and what aspirations does it have?

Bull Days is the appointment par excellence dedicated to Lamborghini owners. It began as an experimental meeting formula of the Lamborghini Club Italia, and in 3 years it has become the reference appointment for all European clubs. A success I had hoped for but did not imagine it would arrive in such a short time. Now I aspire, and it is already under development, to export the model to the U.S.A.“.


What does Lamborghini represent to you? And how does your passion for the House of the Bull come about?

I had just finished middle school, and it was a hot Saturday morning. I was on the embankment, watching my father cutting the grass on the riverbank. At a certain point, I saw a low, black silhouette rising on the side of the little church, in the centre of the village, slowly advancing along the white stone road. The sound of the engine took my stomach. Then this thing I had never seen before stopped, the door opened upwards, and a distinguished gentleman asked me: excuse me, boy, can you tell me which way is Caorle? I was petrified and, without saying a word, I showed him the direction. When he left, I read the plate on the back: Lamborghini Diablo, BO (Bologna). The Lamborghini represents for me the memory of my adolescence. It’s not for nothing that the first edition of Bull Days started at that exact spot. And 30 years later I celebrated the anniversary of the Diablo in Monte-Carlo. It seems to be an excellent goal achieved“.


Speaking of Lamborghini, I know you’re involved with the Racing Team. Would you also like to talk to us about this project?

I had the pleasure, during Bull Days, to get in touch with Mauro Casadei, driver and member of Squadra Corse. With him, I’m learning a lot about the worlds of the Super Trofeo and GT3 and absorbing the dynamics. For now, I’m limiting myself to learning humbly. Experiencing such a prestigious competition up close has given me a new awareness. Touching the adrenaline rising from the ground, the euphoria becoming almost solid, the noise of the engines turning into a symphony; all of this, trampling on the same asphalt as the Formula 1 and MotoGP champions, has convinced me of one thing: to make those who drive a Lamborghini only on the road feel the same way could become my new dream in the drawer“.


Who is the Lamborghini Super Trofeo aimed at? What do you think are the winning features of its format?

Automobili Lamborghini’s Racing Team department is the branch of the Sant’Agata Bolognese company dedicated to motorsport, which was created to provide maximum support to Automobili Lamborghini’s sports customers. This famous and exciting division designs and manufactures the cars that compete in the most prestigious GT Championships around the world. Passion, performance and innovation come together perfectly in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, the fastest single-make championship in the world, organized by the Racing Team.


Would you like to tell us something about Lamborghini road models? Which ones have you had the chance to try out and which have particularly fascinated you?

I have tried out practically all the historical and modern road models. The ones that fascinated me the most are the SV series, but to date they are biased, and for obvious reasons, the top for me is the Huracàn Performante Spyder“.


What does Italy represent for you and for Bull Days (counting, of course, the fact that Lamborghini is an Italian brand…)?

Italy is without a shadow of a doubt, the perfect country to build cultural and emotional paths in Bull Days that have no equal. There is much talk of the Renaissance in this particular historical period, and it is no coincidence that this year’s edition will start from Florence. Man as the measure of all things“.


I know you’re thinking of a, let’s call it, ‘track variant’ of Bull Days. Would you like to tell us about it? How should it develop and from when?

Bull Days cannot satisfy all Lamborghini owners in Europe or the world because of issues of physical management of the vehicles involved on public land. This, therefore, is the reason why we are thinking of a more racing version; also to contextualize the presence of customers’ cars in events such as the Lamborghini Super Trophy, to agglomerate more owners more easily, perhaps even creating some short routes around the circuits where the championship races will be held and which will lead to the racetracks to allow the participants of the Bull Days to live the experience from the track road”.


Do you see an increasingly international outlook for this beautiful event of yours, which was born in Italy but which has already attracted people to Monte-Carlo for the 2020 edition?

As I anticipated, I am already working on the U.S. A. edition, which will most likely be based on MIAMI. The number of Lamborghinis present in this part of the world is very high, and I think there could be an event that will mark a chapter in history, as has already happened for the Bull Days Montecarlo, which has now become the first and only event of 2020“.


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Edit by Alessandro Colombo