Summer 2020: Safari or Indiana Jones Style & Tropical or Jungle Style for the fashionable man. The days, many days, all the same, lived closed indoors because of this virulent pandemic, have made us lose contact with everyday life. The world has slowed down, and everything has stopped, keeping us as if suspended in a dreamlike world.

However, the lockdown has not prevented the fashion world from producing and distributing the collections for Summer 2020, collections that are already available in boutiques around the world and online. This summer’s fashion, as presented to us last year in the spectacular Fashion Shows of the various brands, transports us to a distant world: deserts with endless expanses of sand and impenetrable tropical forests inhabited by wild beasts.

To animate these evocative setting look that reproduces Outfits reminiscent of Indiana Jones and that also bring back to a glorious past, the Colonial Era. The typical garments of the time and become icons of style, such as the Sahara, the Hat, Short Trousers, etc., revisited and updated become the must-haves of Summer 2020.

Characterizing these styles, real protagonists of the summer season, are the timeless spotted print and large floral prints. Fil rouge of these styles is the “Colonial Color”, that particular shade of beige. It’s certainly a summer colour, very easy to match, but personally, I’ve never been enthusiastic about it: I find it “bumps” to many.

Obviously, a nice tan can help to remedy this inconvenience. A total look in Colonial colour turned out to be somewhat “anonymous”, banal. Apparently, this consideration is shared by others, since even the big Maisons, to break this monochromaticity, have proposed combinations with the other must-have styles of the summer: Tropical and Jungle.

These are some of the outfits proposed by Top Fashion Brand. Obviously, the combinations are countless and the looks that can be obtained, playing with our imagination and with the proposals of the various Maisons, are really many.

As we have seen, the Animalier is confirmed as a great protagonist of this season: for years now the timeless Leopard print is present in all collections, it is the must-have of every season. This feline paw, despite the initial perplexities, is now the most fashionable touch of any outfit and cannot miss in the wardrobe of styles of all ages. This year, however, the great designers have combined the perfect spot, the one in its classic natural colours, with the leopard print in the brightest and trendiest colours. Even the pastel colours are always current and fashionable, especially in summer, as well as White and Blue. White and blue seem to be the summer colours par excellence.

Outfits in pastel colours, as well as those in white or blue, undoubtedly represent a more sober and formal elegance. Splendid examples are the looks presented by Etro and Armani.

 by Flaviano Brutto